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#01-02 February 95  Sender:  Barbara Watson (barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu)
                    Subject: Working in Russia

#02-02 February 95  Sender:  Sergei (98295669@WSUVM1.CSC.WSU.EDU)
                    Subject: US-Russia partners

#03-02 February 95  Sender: "Walter J. Muzyczka" (Wally_Muzyczka@MBnet.MB.CA)
                    Subject: Chechnya - Information Needed

#04-02 February 95  Sender:  pasha@world.std.com (Pasha Roberts)
                    Subject: Organization and Grant information

#05-02 February 95  Sender:  pasha@world.std.com (Pasha Roberts)
                    Subject: Examples of software collaboration?

#06-02 February 95  Sender:  nourusof@crl.nmsu.edu (Nick Ourusoff)
                    Subject: Russian/English Dictionary; Russian Corpus

#07-02 February 95  Sender:  Ilya Shlyakhter (ilya_shl@MIT.EDU)
                    Subject: new mailing list

#08-02 February 95  Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
                    Subject: The most inexpensive way to call your friends

#09-02 February 95  Sender:  GGY92514@ibm3090.computer-centre.birmingham.ac.uk
                    Subject: Conference announcement

#10-02 February 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                    Subject: Slavic Review on Internet

#11-02 February 95  Sender:  NEUAAP@ttuhsc.edu
                    Subject: IEEE conference

#12-02 February 95  Sender:  "Vlasta Molak" (usr1789a@TSO.UC.EDU)
                    Subject: looking for FUNDING of trip to Moscow and Prague

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** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Barbara Watson (barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu)
Subject: Working in Russia

I would be interested in chatting, via e-mail, with anyone
from the U.S., Europe or Canada,  who has spent some
time working in Russia.  I am especially interested in
possible English teaching positions in Moscow.

Would appreciate any help or tips.

Barbara Watson (barbaraw@urpsd.ucla.edu)

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Sergei (98295669@WSUVM1.CSC.WSU.EDU)
Subject: US-Russia partners

To everyone  who is interested to in business relationships between Russia
and US. I'd like to know how can I contribute my expertise to this growing
business. After one year I finish my degree in International Business and
Marketing at Washington State University.      Sergei.

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender: "Walter J. Muzyczka" (Wally_Muzyczka@MBnet.MB.CA)
Subject: Chechnya - Information Needed


Can anyone direct me to archives of news infomation about the current
conflict in Chechnya. eg. ftp sites, WWW sites, etc.

I am also interested in geographical, historical  and general information
about Chechnya.

Thanks in advance,

Walter J. Muzyczka
Winnipeg, Canada

NOTE:  There is an extensive (and growing) collection of Chechnya
       news stories on the F&P WWW server.  This collection is available
       by selecting the following hypertext link on the "News" page.

       News items from various media sources pertaining to Russia's breakaway
       southern region Chechnya.

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  pasha@world.std.com (Pasha Roberts)
Subject: Organization and Grant information

In my Net travels, I recently ran across an excellent listing of NIS-related


It is over a megabyte long and very informative...  Hopefully some of them
will be of use to this community.  I am using it and anything else I can
find, looking for grants/ fellowships/ financial support as I prepare to
earn an MBA with a focus on FSU collaboration.  If any others have pointers
to share, please do so by list or private email.  Thank you, and happy
hunting...   Ni pukha ni pera!
(!-- Pasha Roberts -- pasha@world.std.com -- Boston, MA  USA )

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  pasha@world.std.com (Pasha Roberts)
Subject: Examples of software collaboration?

Hello - I am new to the list, and have been impressed with the wide scope of
participants' interests.  One of my interests is international software
collaboration, and I wonder if anyone has information or case studies of
such cases -- particularly involving US-CIS relations.  For example, I have
read that a Moscow company, ParaGraph International, developed the
handwriting software for the Apple Newton, and that the astronomical CD-ROM,
Redshift, was made by Maris, a Russian team that is part of Maxis.  But I
have had trouble finding further information about even these examples.  I
would greatly appreciate list members' pointers to web pages, printed
articles, individuals, or the like, to further my search...
  Thank you - Spasibo...
       - Pasha.
(!-- Pasha Roberts -- pasha@world.std.com -- Boston, MA  USA )

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  nourusof@crl.nmsu.edu (Nick Ourusoff)
Subject: Russian/English Dictionary; Russian Corpus

I am interested in acquiring both a machine-readable Russian non-fiction
corpus of several million words and a machine-readable Russian/English
dictionary that provides the partof speech for each entry to support
research in machine translation.  Does anyone have some suggestions as to
how to acquire either/both of the above? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Ilya Shlyakhter (ilya_shl@MIT.EDU)
Subject: new mailing list

A new mailing list has been set up for offers/requests to carry
mail, documents etc to/from Russia.  To subscribe send a one-line

     SUB OKAZIYA FirstName LastName


to send a message to the list send it to OKAZIYA@MITVMA.MIT.EDU

Ilya Shlyakhter

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mvs3@po.CWRU.Edu (Maxim V. Soloviev)
Subject: The most inexpensive way to call your friends overseas

   California based full service telecommunication company CYBERLINK
offers the most inexpensive rate to call from continental US and Canada
to Russia - $0.85 per minute  any time (flat rate). From Canada the
rate is 1.03 US$.  The access to their line is through 800 number or
you  can  be  hooked up completely; minimum length of a conversation
30 sec, billing interval 6 sec, no security deposit required. There
are no hidden charges: you pay only for your calls. They have customer
service  (through 800 number as well), so if you don't agree with the
bill or got wrong number you can sovle the problem with them.

   Since access to them can be made through 800 number there is no any
need to change your long-distance carrier. You can place each overseas
call through your long-distance carrier or through CYBERLINK up to you
every single time.

   CYBERLINK also has Callback Service. It allows you/your friends to
make calls from overseas to the US for $0.95/min. Calls from overseas
to other countries are also available.

   Full information via mail or e-mail available. If you would like
to get more info and printed application form, please send me your
postal address.

   The rates from the USA to the other countries are (per minute;
flat rate, i.e. the same 24 hours, 7 days a week):
        ex-USSR - $0.85;
        Albania - $0.85;
        Australia - $0.41;
        Denmark - $0.45;
        Poland - $0.85;
        Germany - $0.41;
        France - $0.45;
        Israel - $0.89;
        Sweeden - $0.41;
        United Kingdom - $0.35;
        All South America - $0.75... etc., etc.
        Maxim V. Soloviev, M.D.

        mvs3@po.cwru.edu                (216) 231-2857 - res.
                                        (216) 461-1770 - fax

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  GGY92514@ibm3090.computer-centre.birmingham.ac.uk
Subject: Conference announcement

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/Original message\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
Date:         Mon, 23 Jan 95 11:52:27 GMT
Subject:      Conference announcement
To:           russian-studies@UK.AC.MAILBASE

GEOGRAPHIES OF TRANSFORMATION: new perspectives on the former Soviet Union
and east and central Europe.
(School of Geography, University of Birmingham, Wednesday 24 May 1995)

A seminar, sponsored by the IBG's Political and Economic Geography Study
Groups, to present new research on the geographies of transformation in
east and central Europe and the fSU, by postgraduates and young researchers.

A seminar to encourage dialogue between thematic and post-Soviet geographers
by demonstrating and exploring the variety of theoretically informed critical
approaches and methodologies being employed in writing the geographies of
transformation: identity; nationality; minorities; local political movements;
gender; theorising the economic transformation; changing institutional forms.

The seminar will comprise three sessions addressing the following themes:
*  transforming economies
*  transforming politics and societies
*  transforming approaches

Papers will be approx. 20 mins long.  Invited discussants will develop themes
further at the end of each session and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses
of the ways the papers have sought to incorporate new approaches in writing
the geographies of transformation.

For more information please contact:


or Nick Lynn, School of Geography, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston,
Birmingham, B15 2TT (021) 414 5543,

To register for the seminar please send a cheque payable to "Geographies of
Transformation" for 5 pounds (unwaged) or 10 pounds (plus 6.50 lunch).


njl 23/1/95

** 010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Slavic Review on Internet

Slavic  Review,  the premier quarterly of Russian,  Eurasian  and
East European studies, published by the American Association  for
the Advancement of Slavic Studies and edited by Dr. Elliott Moss-
man  of  the University of Pennsylvania, is now a  more  powerful
teaching and research tool.

As of 30 January 1995, and upon publication of each new number of
Slavic  Review,  the articles from the preceding  issue  will  be
placed on the Internet utilizing  Gopher and World Wide. nets.

GOPHER ADDRESS: ccat.sas.upenn.edu

     /Select Electronic Publications and Resources
          /Select Slavic Review


     lynx http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/slavrev/slavrev.html

Those  with  Netscape  or Mosaic software can  view  the  graphic
components (e.g., maps and figures) of "Slavic Review" by access-
ing  the  WWW  through either program, using  the  address  above
without the 'lynx' preface. Please send comments, suggestions and
advice to users to us at:


** 011 **********************************************************************

Sender:  NEUAAP@ttuhsc.edu
Subject: IEEE conference

Attn: for those of you professionals in the area who might be

Announcement and Call for Papers
C    BBB  M M M  SS     9999 5555  !-------------------------------
C  C B  B M   M   SS       9    5  ! Sponsored by IEEE, SPIE and in
CCCC BBBB M   M SSSS    9999 5555  ! cooperation with Texas Tech U.

              Lubbock Plaza Hotel & Convention Center
                Lubbock, Texas, June 09-11, 1995

Organized by IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and
Biology Society, IEEE Computational Medicine Society, SPIE (The
International Society for Optical Engineering) and in cooperation
with Texas Tech University & Texas Tech University Health Sciences
Center this forum will be focused on recent cutting-edge developments
in engineering and sciences and their applications in medical field.
The objective of the conference is to bring together researchers,
educators, and engineeres from various disciplines including
traditional and emerging areas of Information and Expert Systems and
Signal Analysis for enhancement of existing medical technologies and
reduction of health-care cost.  Authors are invited to contribute
their work for presentation at the symposium in the form of one-page
abstracts typed single-space before January 31, 1995. The topics of
interest are broadly categorized into:

        Device Reliability and Safety;
        Signal-Image Analysis Algorithms, Software, and Hardware;
        Information Systems;
        Neural Networks and Expert Systems;
        Prosthetic Devices;
        Cardiovascular Technologies;
        Clinical Assessment and Risk Evaluation.

The abstracts will be processed as they come in, and decisions on
selection will be promptly communicated to the authors not later
than March 1, 1995. All abstracts and inquiries must be sent to the
address below:
Dr. Sunanda Mitra, General Chair,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, MS. 3102
Texas Tech University,
Lubbock, TX 79409-3102

Abstracts may be submitted by FAX by dialing to USA: (806)-742-1245.

P.S. Should you desire to e-mail your abstracts, you may send it
directly to me:
   _     Arthur Petrosian,Ph.D.| Phone:(806)743-2495, (806)797-4307
 _| ~-.  Assistant Professor   | Fax:  (806)743-1668, (806)743-1419
 \,* _}   3601 4th Street      | Page: (806)767-6927
   \(     Lubbock, Texas 79430 | E-mail: neuaap@ttuhsc.edu

** 012 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Vlasta Molak" (usr1789a@TSO.UC.EDU)
Subject: looking for FUNDING of trip to Moscow and Prague

Dear friends:

I have ben invited to participate at the Interweek Youth meeting in
Novosibirsk (May 10-15, 1995).  The conference is meant to teach Russian Youth
about imprtance of environmetnal preservation and sustainable development.
While my expenses from Moscow to Novosibirsk and back are covered by the
organizors, I am looking for funding of my trip to Moscow and a few other
European cities that I would like to visit at the same time.  If you know of
any funding source tht would provide $2-3 K to enable my 2-3 week trip and
work in Eastern Europe, let me know.

As the International coordinator  and former Secretary of the SRA,
Society for Risk Analysis, my interest is in promoting establishment of local
chapters of SRA around the world (and particularly in Eastern Europe and
developing countries), since I believe that developing local expertise in risk
analysis could be helpful in preventing environmental mismanagement in the
future and perhaps bring us closer to following sustainablility
principles (as defined in AGENDA 21, a blueprint for humanity agreed upon by
most countries of the world at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992)

My interest as a scientist and engineer is in evaluating and developing
methods that can help to look at environmental management and devise best
courses of action (starting with risk analysis of existing problems to
evaluation of proposed solution to devising policies that would ensure
sustainable development).  I am heavily involved in comparative risk analysis
project for State of Ohio (sponsored by Ohio EPA and US EPA), and also locally
in Environmental Priorities Project for Hamilto County.  I have presented at
the SRA meeting in Baltimore some results of performing comparative risk
analysis in Hamilton County (Cincinnati), and at the Annual  SRA Meeting
in December 1995 in Hawai
I will be teaching a course "Comparative Risk Analysis" (I am director of the
course and there will be several other experts in the field teaching)

My interest as President of GAIA UNLIMITED, Inc. is to work on solutions to
various environmental problems.  I have already established an office of my
company in Zagreb and now I am working on establishing offices in Prague,
Katovice, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.  Eventually, I plan to have
representatives all over the world.  These offices work applying new
principles of managment, where the workplac can be anywhere as long as we are
connected to Internet.  My Vice-president is located in Zagreb, but that does
not prevent him on working on some environmetnal projects in USA and vice
versa.  Thus, I am looking for local professionals (and Americans interested
in Eastern and Central Europe and developing countries), who can work as
consultants to GAIA UNLIMITED, on project-by-project basis and also for
individuals whose leadership qualities would enable them to represent GAIA
UNLIMITED, Inc. in their country and who are connected to Internet, which is
indispensible for functioning within GAIA UNLIMITED, Inc. framework.

I am attaching my short CV and a brochure of my company to give you an idea of
my work and plans.

With best regards,

Vlasta Molak

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