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#01-30 January 95  Sender:  HRSSRS - Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.sf.ca.us)
                   Subject: Free Journal  

#02-30 January 95  Sender:  "Eileen Starr, Valley City State University, ND" 
                   Subject: Estonia  

#03-30 January 95  Sender:  j_beer@mentor.unh.edu
                   Subject: Literary Exchange with USA High School  

#04-30 January 95  Sender:  Hahn Loeser & Parks (sanor@CLASS.ORG)
                   Subject: Rumania and the Internet  

#05-30 January 95  Sender:  jacobsk@ERE.UMontreal.CA (Ken JACOBS)
                   Subject: Query: Language courses before summer?  

#06-30 January 95  Sender:  JohnS426@aol.com
                   Subject: Russia - tours  

#07-30 January 95  Sender:  Frith Maier (frith@u.washington.edu)
                   Subject: Adventures in Russia & Central Asia  

#08-30 January 95  Sender:  "KS Enterprises International" (kse@dhm.com)
                   Subject: Telephone Calls from CIS, Baltics, and Eastern 

#09-30 January 95  Sender:  Dave Wells (wellsd@elwha.evergreen.edu) 
                   Subject: Teach Art History in Romania (fwd)  

#10-30 January 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: Agribusiness/Ag. Credit/Rural Finance Position 
                            in Russia  

#11-30 January 95  Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
                   Subject: Internet Resources Talk, Portland OR  

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Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  HRSSRS - Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.sf.ca.us)
Subject: Free Journal

We have just finished sending out copies of volume 7 of Russia and Her
Neighbors to those who requested it free.  If you have not received one, 
but have already contacted us to request a copy, please write us another
note.  We think we might have lost some requests.

Ethel Dunn, Exec. Secy.

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Sender:  "Eileen Starr, Valley City State University, ND" 
Subject: Estonia

My husband I plan to visit Estonia in July on an EarthWatch project.  We
are considering arriving via Helsinki if there is a ferry or other
transportation across the Gulf of Finland.  Does anyone have information
about this?  Also, we would be interested in visiting the other Baltic
countries.  One travel agent mentioned about hiring a car.  Has anyone
out there done this?  And, how does one find a driver and car that is
reliable?  We had inquired about taking the train, but were discouraged
from considering this.  Also, is there anything not in the usual guide
books that we should see?  Your assistance is appreciated.  Thanks.
EMail Starr@VM1.NoDak.edu.

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Sender:  j_beer@mentor.unh.edu
Subject: Literary Exchange with USA High School

My name is Josiah Beer, I teach in an American high school in Alstead, New
Hampshire and I have two areas of interests I would like help on.  First one 
of my classes publishes the school magazine and I would like to opne a 
section for international high school writing. We would welcome short stories
news features, creative pieces, biographical or autobiographical sketches,
poems, etc.  Submissions would have to be sent in English translation, however
it would be nice to see poetry also the native language. If you were 
interested we would reciprocate by sending material written by students in 
our high school.  My second interest is in locating English versions of 
Russian newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.  My students will be doing 
research papers using electronic resources and I would like to find 
databases for them which would present them with the Russian perspective on 
the news.  thanks.
Joe Beer
Fall Mountain Regional HS
Box 89
Alstead, NH 03602

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Sender:  Hahn Loeser & Parks (sanor@CLASS.ORG)
Subject: Rumania and the Internet

Hello all,

An attorney at the firm asked me if I knew how a client can
access the internet from Rumania, and, of course, I have no idea what to
tell him or which company to even call for help.

Any ideas?



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Sender:  jacobsk@ERE.UMontreal.CA (Ken JACOBS)
Subject: Query: Language courses before summer?

I would be grateful for any information about 4-6 week intensive Russian
courses in Russia  --preferably in Moscow-- during this late winter and/or
spring.  Academic credit is not an issue and the prospective student in
based in Belfast, N. Ireland.

Thanks in advance.  Ken Jacobs/Anthropologie/  jacobsk@ere.umontreal.ca 

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Sender:  JohnS426@aol.com
Subject: Russia - tours

Hi all Friends members

     This is the fourth year I have organized special historical
and other tours - seminars in Russia (and Ukraine) in cooperation
with the Russian Organization of Military Historians. The
lecturers - guides for the history tours are active and retired
military officers, faculty at higher military academies and
curators of military museums.
     Four history tours are planned for 1995.

1. General military history - July 8 - 28; from St. Petersburg to
Pskov, Novgorod, Moscow, Vladimir, Periyaslavl Zaleski, Suzdal,
Sergiev Possad, Kiev, Sevastopol, and Balaklava. A shorter tour
from 27 April to 10 May for the end of WWII commemoration
ceremonies is also offered.

2. Naval history - July 17 August 5 - on the eve of the 300th
anniversary of the founding of the Russian navy. (Another tour in
96 will also feature this commemoration). St. Petersburg -
Khronstadt area, Sevastopol, Balaklava, Moscow region. Included
is a joing seminar on naval history conducted by the Russian
Military History Institute. Tour will include discussions on
research problems with Russian archivists and curators.

3. Napoleonic 1812 campaign - August 28 - Sept 11. Tour begins at
Nieman and traces the French advance and retreat to Moscow, then
attends the reenactment of Borodino, visits Malyoslavets, and
continues to St. Petersburg to view Napoleonic sections of

4. World War II battlefields - 7 to 29 August; Detailed on the
ground study of the battlefields around St. Petersburg, Pskov,
Novgorod, Moscow, and Kursk.

     This year we are adding tours for those interested in
visiting Russian arts and crafts factories and studios. We will
visit the porcelain factories at St. Petersburg (Lomonosov) and
Gzhel, the lacquer box factories at Fedoskino and Mstyora, lace
and wooden carving factories and artists studios. The first tour
is 8 to 21 August.

     A special tour to attend Russian Easter services is planned
from 16 to 25 April and other tours to visit Russian religious
sites and meet clergy and laity can be arranged for later in the

     Anyone interested in participating please send email to John
Sloan, (johns426@aol.com) or phone 703 3219072.

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Sender:  Frith Maier (frith@u.washington.edu)
Subject: Adventures in Russia & Central Asia

If you're looking for a unique, active travel experience in Russia or
Central Asia, you should check out the programs offered by REI
Adventures.  REI has specialized for eight years in biking, hiking,
climbing and natural wonders trips in the former Soviet Union.  Many of
these programs are conducted in cooperation with national parks and
nature reserves and contribute directly to local conservation efforts.
One program this year, a habitat tour of the "Realms of the Snow
Leopard", led by prominent American and Russian snow leopard researchers,
helps establish links between Kyrgyz and Kazakh environmentalists and the
International Snow Leopard Trust, which is cosponsoring the trip.
For information about this and other programs from Lake Onega to
Kamchatka, call 1-800-622-2236 for a free travel catalog.  REI Adventures
can also be reached at (206) 395-8111, by FAX at (206) 395-4744 or on the
internet at reiadventure@igc.org

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Sender:  "KS Enterprises International" (kse@dhm.com)
Subject: Telephone Calls from CIS, Baltics, and Eastern Europe

KS Enterprises International - USA
Tel.: (310)828-9404; Fax: (310)453-3524; E-Mail: kse@dhm.com

At Last, Save Money While Making Telephone Calls out of Eastern Europe,
Baltics, and CIS to anywhere in the world.

To reputable individuals, organizations, and businesses we would like to
introduce a reliable and inexpensive way to make international telephone
calls and facsimile transmissions via telecommunications company based in 
the United States.

Below are the examples of the rates on the calls placed out of Lithuania,
using Lithuanian Telecommunications Co. "Lietuvos Telekomas" vs. US Co. to 
various countries ( bellow presented rates of the US Telecommunications 
Company's are good for calls placed from anywhere in Eastern Europe, Baltics, 
and CIS):

Country           Cost per Minute         Cost per Minute (including PVM)
                      Our Way              Lithuanian Telecommunications

                   in US Dollars        in Lithuanian Litas (US Dollars)

USA                    $0.95                     10.50 Lt ($2.63)
Argentina              $1.80                     13.69 Lt ($3.42)
Australia              $1.46                     10.50 Lt ($2.63)
Brazil                 $1.80                     12.40 Lt ($3.10)
Egypt                  $2.07                     14.16 Lt ($3.54)
India                  $2.04                     14.16 Lt ($3.54)
Israel                 $1.94                     12.40 Lt ($3.10)
Japan                  $1.50                     12.40 Lt ($3.10)
UAE                    $1.97                     12.40 Lt ($3.10)
Canada                 $1.27                     10.50 Lt ($2.63)
Saudi Arabia           $1.94                     12.40 Lt ($3.10)

Calls placed via US Co., after initial 30 seconds, are billed in 6 second
increments (big savings, especially on the calls placed for facsimile
transmissions), while calls placed via Lithuanian Telecommunications - billed
in 1 minute increments.

In order to use our telecommunications services, subscriber must have a
telephone unit which can be switched to TOUCH TONE dialing mode, and a major
credit card, such as American Express, VISA, and MasterCharge (MasterCard).

We can also assist in obtaining a VISA Gold debit cards issued by a US Bank.

Anyone, who wishes to subscribe to our services, please contact in Lithuania:

Firma "LINA" p.d. 2162
Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone/Fax (370-2)42-28-47

or in the US:

KS Enterprises International
Telephone: (310)828-9404
Fax: (310)453-3524
E-mail: kse@dhm.com

We also provide inexpensive international long distance telecommunications
services for the customers residing in the US (no sign up fees, no minimums,
no calling restrictions, and you don't even have to leave your current long
distance carrier).

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Sender:  Dave Wells (wellsd@elwha.evergreen.edu) 
Subject: Teach Art History in Romania (fwd)

I thought this might be of interest:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 15:45:02 -0500
)From: Civic Education Project (cep@MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU)
To: Multiple recipients of list TEACHART
Subject: Teach Art History in Romania

Art History Instructors
Cluj and Bucharest, Romania

In addition to its regular placements in the social sciences, Civic
Education Project has two Art History positions in Romania which will
be available for the 1995-96 academic year.  Both of these positions,
one at the Academy of Art in Bucharest and the other at the Academy
of Art in Cluj, are for instructors who approach art history from the
perspective of art's impact on society -- political, social,
economic, moral, etc.  The main focus of the courses this year is in
the area of 20th century art history, but both institutions are very
receptive to creative approaches.

If interested either of these positions please retrieve the general
information on CEP. Applications are due February 1st, however
extensions are possible if you are interested in these positions.

A longer description of CEP can be obtained automatically by sending
email to info@cep.polisci.yale.edu.  To find out how you can obtain
an application (including several online options) send email to
application@cep.polisci.yale.edu.  In both cases you will receive an
automated reply.  To speak to a human, contact me directly at

Chris Owen
Program Officer
Civic Education Project


Civic Education Project is an international not-for-profit
organization devoted to the strengthening of democracy in Eastern
Europe and the former Soviet Union through the revitalization of the
social sciences in universities and institutes of higher education.
Through its visiting professor program, CEP sends Western-trained
scholars to teach and advise at universities in Albania, Bosnia,
Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania,
Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.  Teaching assignments
are initially for one year, during which lecturers teach
university-level courses in economics, history, law, political
science, public administration, and sociology, and also work on
outreach and research. Lectures are conducted in English, and
transportation, housing, insurance, teaching materials and a living
stipend are provided to program participants.  Faculty and advanced
graduate students are encouraged to apply.  Write for a
brochure/application packet.  Applications are currently being
accepted for the 1995-96 program year.  An Equal Opportunity

For more information on the Civic Education Project and its activities,
please contact:

Civic Education Project
P.O. Box 205445 Yale Station
New Haven, CT  06520
Tel: (203) 781-0263
Fax: (203) 781-0265
E-mail: cep@minerva.cis.yale.edu
Automated info: info@cep.polisci.yale.edu

Civic Education Project       cep@minerva.cis.yale.edu
P.O. Box 5445 Yale Station    http://www.cis.yale.edu/~cep/cep.html
New Haven, CT  06520          ftp://capstan.cis.yale.edu/pub/civic-education/

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Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Agribusiness/Ag. Credit/Rural Finance Position in Russia

CARANA  Corporation, a U.S.-based international  management  con-
sulting  firm, is seeking experienced professionals to  serve  in
long-term  and short-term positions in Russia. The two  long-term
positions  are (1) Agribusiness/Agricultural Credit  Advisor  and
(2) Rural Finance Advisor.  Short-term positions are in the areas
of (1) Agribusiness Development and (2) Agricultural Credit.  The
position descritions and qualifications are presented below.

Interested  individuals  may contact Maribeth Murphy  or  Heather
Bellick,  CARANA Corporation, Arlington, VA. Tel: [703]  243-1700
Fax: [703] 243-0471

I. Agribusiness/Agricultural Credit Advisor

Job Description:

Under  the USAID-funded "Market-Oriented Farm  Support  Activity"
(MOFSA),  the  Agribusiness/Agricultural Credit Advisor  will  be
responsible  for:
a)  develop  strategy  to strengthen  emerging  agribusiness  and
    create new entities to provide input (supply side) and market
    services to farmers;
b)  identify  means of credit delivery mechanisms and sources;
c)  work  with  existing  institutions  to  develop  agricultural
    credit lines;
d)  develop training programs in various aspects of  agribusiness
    management and agricultural credit;
e)  manage short-term and long-term technical assistance for this
f)  provide  advisory services to government officials and  busi-
    ness  leaders on issues relating to agribusiness  development
    and agricultural credit.

Location: Russia

Duration of Assignment:  20 months, with possible extension of 1-
2 years


Minimum qualifications include:

1) Willingness to live in some part of Russia for 20 months.

2) 10+ years experience in agribusiness development and  agricul-
   tural credit in the US and overseas.

3) Demonstrated ability to design innovative strategies to devel-
   op agribusiness and agricultural credit programs for economies
   in transition.

4) MS degree in Business Management, Agricultural Economics, Food
   Technology,  Agribusiness,  MBA or  Masters  in  International

5) Work  experience  in centrally-planned  economies,  preferably

6) Experience in government privatization and divestiture programs.

7) Project management experience

8) Russian language skills

II. Rural Finance Advisor

Job Description:

Under  the same USAID-funded project, the Rural  Finance  Advisor
will  be responsible for:

a)  assessing/identifying  mechanisms to finance social  services
    (such  as schools, roads, hospitals, orphanages  etc.,)  cur-
    rently being provided (or not) by state-owned farms;
b)  determine  costs  and  design a  revenue-generation  plan  to
    finance these activities;
c)  devise  financial management systems to assist local  govern-
    ments  or private organizations in managing and  planning  of
    social services;
d)  assess training needs of newly-created entity in the area  of
    financial management and planning for social services;
e)  manage short-term and long-term technical assistance for this
f)  provide  advisory services to government officials and  busi-
    ness    leaders    on   issues    relating    to    financial
    management/planning of social services.

Location: Russia

Duration of Assignment:  20 months with possible extension of 1-2 years


Minimum qualifications include:

1) Willingness to live in some part of Russia for 20 months.

2) 10+  years experience working in small communities in  the  US
   and overseas in the area of municipal finance, public finance,
   public tax planning.

3) MS  degree  in Financial Management or  Public  Administration
   with concentration in public finance and/or planning.

4) Demonstrated ability to implement creative  revenue-generating
   techniques for social service delivery systems.

5) Work  experience  in centrally-planned  economies,  preferably

6) Russian language skills

7) Experience with private, voluntary organizations in  financing
   social services.

8) Project management experience.

SHORT-TERM POSITIONS (For expatriates or Russians)

Minimum 5 years of functional experience, 2+ years experience  in
agriculture/agribusiness,  a bachelor's degree in related  field,
overseas  work experience (preferably in a  developing  country).
Ideal  qualifications  are work experience  in  the  agricultural
sector in EE/NIS and Russian language skills.

I. Agribusiness Development Component
   (functional experience related to agribusiness)

   --market analysts
   --financial/business analysts
   --MIS specialists
   --agribusiness generalists or technical consultants

II. Agricultural Credit Component
   (functional experience related to Agribultural Credit)

   --agricultural  credit  specialist/advisors--with   experience
     setting up farmer cooperatives and credit unions
   --agricultural bankers
   --credit analysts
   --MIS specialists
   --business analysts
   --technicians with policy analysis and institutional strength-
     ening capability directly related to agriculture.

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Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
Subject: Internet Resources Talk, Portland OR

      .For Immediate Release:          For Further Information:

      December 27, 1994                           Michael Segal

East West Business Association, Portland, OR  Will Sponsor
              meeting on Business over the Internet

    With traditional communications links which are inadequate,
Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union have been at the
forefront in electronic mail and the  internet as resources for business.
With a particular eye on these markets,  EWBA will be sponsoring a
special presentation on doing business with these exciting tools
featuring three experts in the field of electronic networking, research
and marketing:

    Terry Brainerd Chadwick is the principal of InfoQuest, a leading
electronic research and information gathering firm.

    Janice Skreen is Director of Marketing at Europa, a Portland
Internet provider.  She will discuss Internet access options and E-mail.

    Jim Dufala is founder of RASIN (Russian American Student
Information Network)  which is bringing about personal and cultural
exchanges between Russians and Americans via electronic

    This month's meeting takes place February 1, 1995,  at 2 World
Trade Center, SW 1st and Salmon Street, in the Plaza room at 5:30.

    Admission is free to members of the EWBA, $4.00 for non-
members, $2.00 for students.  Memberships will be available.

    The East-West Business Association is a non-profit organization
which promotes business ties between the formerly Socialist countries
and the Northwest.  They hold a meeting on the First Wednesday of
each month.

** 011 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Petrus Palms (palbank@eskimo.com)
Subject: The failure of U.S. Foreign Aid Policy to Ukraine

This is the story of an American Vietnam Veteran and his one man crusade
to fund the economic reconstruction of the Ukraine with his $800 monthly
disability pension. It speaks for itself and raises the question. Why is
USAID providing $40 million dollar contracts to our nations largest
accounting firms, law firms and management consulting firms? Why is the
European Bank for Reconstruction buying $10 million dollars in consulting
services from similar firms each month? Why is this this verteran and
thousands of private American citizens unable to get any help from these
organizations in their grass roots pioneering efforts.  And, Why is this
Veteran being told by the Veterans Administration that if he doesn't
leave Ukraine and return to the U.S. he will lose his pension. What is it
that America really stands for and why doesn't it support its heros. This
is not an isolated case. In the past five years my experience in Russia
and the CIS shows that this is the rule rather than the exception. Why?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 17:44:36 MMT
)From: David R. Stickney (caaa@sovam.com)
To: palbank@eskimo.com
Subject: CaaCMore info on Caaa Ukraine

                                          Tuesday, January 17, 1995

The Center for American Aid And Assistance
David Stickney
257000 # 40 Ukraine, Cherkassy
Email Caaa@Sovam.com

Palms & Company, Inc. Investment Bankers
Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms
515 Lake Street South #103
Kirkland (Seattle), State of Washington 98033
United States of America
Email palbank@eskimo.com

Dear Dr. Piotr Johannevich van de Waal-Palms,

        First, I would like to thank you for efforts in educating the
business people of the NIS. Your unique insight to the problems these
countries are facing could be of great aid the economic reformers tasked with
the immense responsibilities of converting the Soviet machine into the free
market players they need to be.

        You asked for more information about our organization, I will try to
give you some background as to how we came about.

        I originally came to Ukraine with my Ukrainian wife, She had been
away from home for a year and we had planned to stay for 6 months. During my
trip I was to evaluate the computer market for Gateway 2000 and give them
information as to the possibilities of expanding their operation to this part
of Europe. During my time here I meet many other Americans that had come here
to carry out some kind of mission, some were of a business nature and others
of a non-profit nature such as humanitarian aid or to provide lectures,
generally things of this nature. As I saw more and more of this, and myself
became a more seasoned as to the realities of life here, I began to notice
that many of these people where not what they were said to be. I became
disgusted with touristic humanitarian aid and pirates of American educational
funding. I also saw many sincere people who for one reason or another lacked
the needed resources or information to complete their work efficiently. I
helped these people as I could giving them access to my office, computers,
equipment and contacts. In September after seeing perhaps the saddest case of
humanitarian aid  ( Shipments of American sugar to a town with a sugar
factory) I decided that I would do something about it. On November 1 1994 I
extended my plane tickets for 6 months, and made a plan of action. The first
step I was to make was the mass mailing of this letter;

        I am writing in the hope that you can help me with a problem I have.
I am an American who has been living in Cherkassy Ukraine for the last 6
months. I came to Ukraine with my wife who is Ukrainian to let her spend time
with her family. While I have been here I have seen a great need for many
things that simply are not available. Things like medicine, clothing in
childrens sizes, many forms of education (from STDs to Marketing), Quite
frankly do not even exist. In my time here I have seen many Americans come on
2 week visits to hand out condoms and talk about AIDS, or bring boxes of
Vicks cough drops during cholera epidemic. It is disgusting to see this
wasted effort, as when they come they tend not to know what is really needed
and have to spend half their time trying to figure out how to accomplish
their goals

        I have decided to take the matter in my own hands. First you must
know I am a private citizen, who only knows how to market, and has chosen to
use his skills in this arena to help people. The needs are great, and I am
only one person. I will establish an office for American aid and assistance
in the city of Cherkassy. It is my hope that by creating a centralized office
for American efforts to aid these people that the effectiveness of these
efforts will be increased dramatically. As I said I am a professional in
marketing computers NOT Humanitarian aid or Democratic reform, Womens Issues
or Education, I need your expertise and experience in these matters. I am
sending this letter to more than 270 organizations, with the knowledge that
the laws of averages will take effect and some of you will respond. I will
provide a stepping stone for you efforts in a region of Ukraine that is home
to about 1.5 million people, I will give your efforts a permanent location
and aid your organization with making the contacts that is needs to achieve
its goals. I ask for nothing but the opportunity to help.
End letter Nov. 94

        During the rest of November I began to allocate resources for what I
was preparing to do. I am very well connected in this community and had the
resource of 6 months of work to use. I arranged for almost every possible
situation. and by the time I started receiving responses we were very well

        Our initial mailing generated more than 40 responses, of which many
were interested in helping us with our plans. We work now with about 25
organizations from the World Organization of the Boy Scout Movement and World
Vision to CounterPart and Hands to Clinical Laboratories of Third World
Countries just to name a few. Our contacts have motivated our organization to
become a very multifaceted one.

        Staff consists of many dedicated and concerned individuals, We have
about a dozen volunteers that work on projects of their own interest, 3 full
time staffers and  one part time staffer. I pay staff so they can live, but
all of my staff approached me on a volunteer basis.
        Dr. Valery Kikot is my key assistant and handles our work with
business and educational reforms. He is also our press manager and works
closely with the media ( we get free air time over 2 TV stations and free
press over the local papers, in a single press release more than 80,000
people can learn about our activities in a day)
        Alexander Supriaga is our office staff in our Public office. His
responsibilities require him to speak with as many as 20 different
organizations from the region everyday. He is our coordinator of humanitarian
aid  and works closely with Counterpart in Kiev to arrange aid for Cherkassy
        Victor Prylipko is our information systems specialist, He manages our
computer network and handles our mailing. He works on the CompuServe, Unity,
Fidonet and Internet networks. He does this in addition to his
responsibilities at the Cherkassy Business Center, the home of our non-public
        Dima Maslenikov is our data entry clerk and all around helper. This
16 year old young man volunteered for weeks coming after school to work in
our office. He is key to the documentation of our activities and, with my
help is becoming a master of Excel.

We are doing things that will last for years ( today we arranged for some of
the final touches on an internet server for the region ) But unfortunately we
will not last for years. I am financing these efforts by donating my Veterans
pension check (a Sum of $758 monthly). This funding is the only funding we
have and really all we need to do much of what we are doing now, But this
funding will end in about 4 months. My friend wrote me a note saying he
received a call from the Veterans Affairs Administration, and they told him
that unless I returned to Iowa and received a check up they would cancel my
        I have done this visit once a year since my exposure to radiation and
my injuries from a semi-truck accident during my service in the Gulf war. The
VA hospital has not improved my condition and have told me that I will be
like this for the rest of my life. I see no need for me to travel 8000 miles
for them to tell me this again this year. Once again bureaucracy stands in
the way of someone who can do something good.
        We seem to be unable to receive any grants as grant giving
organizations  from the U.S. dont give grants to Americans in Ukraine, And
since I started this work in Ukraine I do not have any status in the U.S. .
         If all my work ends in a few months I will feel bittersweet, I will
have done much in the way of my work, but would have left much more

        I hope this gives you a better idea as to who we are and how we came
to be. I look forward to introducing thousands of Ukrainians to your work and
hope that many of them will benefit from their new knowledge of how economic
factors play a part in their lives and the many opportunities available to
this very rich but highly underutilized country


David R. Stickney
Center Coordinator & Founder

Attached: Our Project Information.

The Center for American Aid and Assistance, Cherkassy Ukraine
PO BOX #40 Cherkassy Ukraine 257000            CAAA@SOVAM.COM
Project description Operation Upload

     Real Time Economic Aid Through Private Business Trade

Situation: In 1991 Ukraine exported more than 20 billion dollars
to USSR republics, Today Ukraine exports about 5 billion. Why the
loss? Factories worked for the Supreme Soviet who handled all the
logistics of trade. With the collapse of the Soviet Union also
went most of Ukraines economic ties. Ukraine is a land of
opportunities, factories that can work but lack clients and
investors. Ukraine is also in dire need of many products that are
not produced in Ukraine and as such need to be imported.

Solution: Establish contacts. We think Operation Upload is a
revolutionary economic aid program. Using the laws of averages and
selective marketing to establish business where there once was
none. This program puts the Ukrainian businessmen and government
in direct contact with American organizations wanting to invest,
import or export.

Process: CAAA is documenting state resources and opportunities
through the Cabinet of Ministers State Innovation Fund, the
department of government tasked with converting stagnant resources
into free market ventures. These 25 men and their staff represent
every region of Ukraine and are participating with our efforts
100%. We will also be distributing the investment laws of Ukraine
in English as well as the journal for foreign investors interested
in Ukraine. We are also collecting 2 page text files from
Ukrainian businessmen with proposals to businessmen in America.

        The sum of this work will be distributed to interested
parties on a monthly basis, and worked cases by case for parties
who expressed interest in particular items. These opportunities
range from the export of artistic jewelry boxes handmade by 40
workers to a plastic factory which simply has no orders and
doesnt work. Contacts on both side will be documented and
         The program also solicits the help of individuals or
organizations who can distribute the files and participate in the
posting of information on networks in America. All services and
information are free and bear no restrictions on how the data is
used (go ahead and print a newspaper).
         The laws of averages say that the more times an opportunity
is presented the greater the odds are that it will be taken
advantage of. Selective marketing drives you to the market where
your prospect waits. These prospects are waiting on the networks
in the United States i.e.: CompuServe, AOL the Internet and more.
We have full time workers that will do nothing but transfer
information and work on E-mail.

Results: If just one factory starts to work the benefits will
ripple through the community, If one good order is made for boxes
40 people continue to work. Unlike Humanitarian aid which ends
when supplies run out, the effects of this project last for years
and effect the lives of many people.

I hope that you can help with this project, In fact I hope you can
make alot of money with this project. Our goal is to stimulate
trade and that happens when people make money. I personally feel
that putting people to work is the best way to aid a country. Here
a Doctor or Lawyer would love to work for $200 a month and all the
$40 a month blue collar jobs are full.
        The Center for American Aid and Assistance is a non-profit,
private American organization created to better Ukraine. I can
think of no better way to aid this country in the long run than by
putting technology to work to recreate contacts that were lost,
making Ukraine a country that can take care of its own needs. If
you feel like I and believe the existence of private business is
key to a stable civil society, join us in our work.

David Stickney
Project Upload Coordinator

To participate in this program please register with FULL information.
 *There is no cost at anytime or to any party for participation in
this project.*
This is REAL Economic AID from the private sector of America

Company or Organization
Explain your organizations activities?
What opportunities are you interested in?
Would you like to receive our archived files every month?
Would you like us to find Ukrainian Partners for your work?
Anything else we can do for you?
Will you help with posting information about our project?
Will you upload or distribute our monthly archive onto commercial
hosts in America?
Anything else you would like to write?

CAAA is a privately funded organization. We could use sponsors for
this project and others we are working on. If you would like to
sponsor some of the expense of this project such as our email
account or by placing adds on CompuServe or other networks, or you
would like more information on our other projects or what we can do
for your organization please contact us.

The Center for American Aid and Assistance
257000 PO BOX #40 Cherkassy Ukraine
PH (7) (0472) 47-00-75, 47-56-69 Fax 47-74-36
Telex 147013 OBZOR SU  E-mail CAAA@SOVAM.COM

Mission Statement

The Center for American Aid and assistance is a non-profit
volunteer organization created by necessity for such an organization
in this area. The center is located and serving the Cherkassy region
of Ukraine, but will be able to assist in all regions of Ukraine.
Our efforts are directed in to 2 main areas, business and technical
assistance, and humanitarian and social aid. Our goals are;

To provide aid and assistance to organizations wishing to
function within the Cherkassy region by establishing contacts and
acting as an organizer of their activities.

To create a center to help local businesses and industries with
trade contacts in America and methodology of existing in a free

To establish a bank of information and a network of contacts
that can assist the community on a case by case basis.

To define the needs of the community and act as a marketer of
these needs.

To maximize to effectiveness of visiting experts and aid
providers by arranging facilities and resources needed such as
access to office spaces, meeting halls, fax and electronic mail,
Xerox, translators, etc.

To ensure that aid sent to Ukraine is distributed and accounted
for in the manner in which it was provided.

To remain a highly flexible to the needs of our helping
organizations and the people and organizations we are trying to

To develop the non-profit sector of the community

Project Information

This is a brief overview of our current projects

Cherkassy Business Center,
        Our goal here is to create an American center for business in
an existing Ukrainian center for business. We hope to establish
business contacts with America, create joint ventures and aid
Ukrainian business men with the concepts and methods necessary to
market their products and services.

Operation Upload,
        We are uploading proposals from Ukrainian businessman via
computer networks i.e.: CompuServe etc. We are also working to
document stagnet resources such as factories with the Cabinate of
Minister's State Inovation Fund (the department of govenment tasked
with privatizing Ukrainian resources) We will also distribute the
investment laws of Ukriane in English, and the govenmental listing
of private and state businesses looking for investors. The center
also provides American businesmen with Ukrainian contacts. We will
be distributing Ukraine.zip, the sum of our work every month to
interested parties in the US. The center will also assist the
Ukrainian business person with the needed skills and communication
with their new contacts. All contacts are documented in databases
and given directly to concerned parties.We will install a center
hotline for information on all our projects and activly work with
the media. We are now conduting press releases for this operation
and have had very good luck with all contacts as we do not charge
any side for this marketing  We feel this will be a highly
beneficial as it provides real time assistance and training.

Junior Achievement,
        We will be establishing branches of this American organization
in the business schools in the area.

Kneshney Vaddeet (Book Drive),
        The goal is to replace the 30 year old communist books on
business and economics with one that actually teach the students
something that will be of help to them and their country.

Clothes for children and the poor,
        How can I explain a situation where a working family may save
for 4 months to buy a pair of shoes for their child. Or the fact
that you can not purchase a winter jacket in the size needed by a 3
year old no matter how much money you have.

Aid for Hospitals,
        Here is a major deficiency in this society, no medicines, no
advanced technical methods and poor equipment. here conjunctivitis
is treated with time and cancer patients simply die.

        These children could lead a better life. We have needs list
being compiled and will forward them to interested parties.

Foster Family program,
        A dream of one of our volunteers, to provide mothers and
fathers to those who would have never had one.

Free advisory for private business,
        One on one consultations with Ukrainian businessmen providing
them with ideas on theories, marketing, salesmanship.

Banking and Financial Institution resource pool
        Free market methodology and technology are what is needed to
improve these facets of business here. Visa seems a very long way
off right know, not to mention the methods they use in accounting.

        Malnutrition due to lack of vitamins seems to be an issue. In
the hospitals you can see babies with very large heads and weak
bones from a lack of vitamin B and multi-vitamins are not available
to the children and the elderly.

Exchange programs,
        The value of exchange programs of all types are of incredible
value, we would like to arrange these exchanges bypassing the
profiteers that seem to normally be involved. Our for goal is to
establish them for the schools first then for other types of
        School #1
        A very unusual school because they teach grades 1-10 in the
English language.
        The Polytechical Institute
        A technical training college where many of the students study
English as well as a specialty.
        The Pedagogical Institute
        The teacher training school for the region, specializing in
English as a second language.

The Computer Center, at the Cherkassy Polytechnic Institute,
        Our hope is to create a network of computers from donated
leftover parts of our society of ever upgrading users. Ideally it
would be a lab where users could work hands on with a network and
network operating systems, deal with connectivity and its many
facets, learn theory of databases, and work with advanced compilers
such as C, C++. I feel it would also be very helpful and educational
to connect this with access to the interment. Frankly nothing like
this has every been available to students.

 Our goal is to establish low or free cost email for the educational and
Civil  institutions, and to provide training for this. We can use
a an existing X.25 network to switch us to a host. We estimate that
with a basic server we could provide E-mail to 2-300 users. Utel
of Ukraine has said that they can provide ISDN lines as well as
a daily operator and the Eurasia sounds positive about a system.

Dental Aid,
        Dentistry is all but ignored, Novocain is all but non-existent
and methods are poor. We working on creating a modern dental center
with operatories for 2 or 3 dentist using donated American equipment
and supplies.

Used Eyeglasses,
        Thanks to Lions Club Intl, we will be distributing donated
eyeglasses to the needy.

American style clinical laboratory,
        Our goal is to create modern diagnostic laboratory in the
regional medical center and train the personnel. The equipment will
be donated and the trainers of the staff will be volunteer.

Environmental Awareness program,
                We wish to enlighten people here to the views of the rest
of the world about pollution, and environmental responsibility. We
would like to implement programs from Americans. So far we have
allocated time for a 3 minute music video from Greenpeace to be
played to an audience of 80,000 + every Saturday. Cost? An amazing
$1.25 a week.

Some of the capabilities of CAAA

  Translation,  English to Russian and Ukrainian or vice versa
  Book printing
  Desktop publishing
  Location of business contacts in Ukraine
  Assistance with governmental contacts
  Man in the field services
  Offices for visiting guest
  Sponsor family location for exchanges
  Meeting spaces
  Storage spaces
  Information collection
  Information dissemination
  Television program translation, production  and broadcasting
  Relief distribution and monitoring
  Project assistance
  Media contacts and allocation

This list is not meant to be all encompassing, we are very
flexible and can respond to just about any request.


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