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#01-24 January 95  New WWW server from Vice President Gore's National 
                   Performance Review (WWW pages)    


#01-24 January 95  Sender:  madon@cptsg2.univ-mrs.fr
                   Subject: looking for friends   

#02-24 January 95  Sender:  j_beer@mentor.unh.edu
                   Subject: High School Writing Exchange   

#03-24 January 95  Sender:  Gregg Opelka (Gregg.Opelka@uic.edu)
                   Subject: specialized Russian dictionaries     

#04-24 January 95  Sender:  Petrus Palms (palbank@eskimo.com)
                   Subject: Course in Miracles      

#05-24 January 95  Sender:  fl888@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Artur L. Adamov)
                   Subject: Re: Daily Digest for 95-01-18     

#06-24 January 95  Sender:  Larry Bogoslaw (lbogosla@weber.ucsd.edu)
                   Subject: Dates of Whitman translations     

#07-24 January 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: Jagiellonian University Faculty Development 
#08-24 January 95  Sender:  Eric Fenster (efenster@igc.apc.org)
                   Subject: Moscow: Almost last call!   

#09-24 January 95  Sender:  bandr@protei.nsk.su (Andrei E. Bakarev) 
                   Subject: sima-info   
#10-24 January 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                   Subject: Workshop for Developing Countries 
                            (forwarded message)
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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  An independent public Internet network has been established by Vice
   President Gore's National Performance Review located in Washington, 
   DC and operated by the National Science Foundation.  This server 
   has been established to catalyze continuous improvements in government 
   employee productivity and in the stewardship and accountability of 
   taxpayer resources by reaching across geopolitical boundaries to link
   financial management staff, educators and taxpayers worldwide.  This 
   link is available on the "Economics and Business" page or at the 
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Sender:  madon@cptsg2.univ-mrs.fr
Subject: looking for friends

  Hi friends,

I am a 26y frenchman, and I am  very interested in american and russian
people. Please somebody, from US, Russia or elsewhere, send mail.

Bye, Alex


** 002 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  j_beer@mentor.unh.edu
Subject: High School Writing Exchange

Hello.  This is Joe Beer, and English teacher in New Hampshire, USA. I have
two items I am looking for.  First, in 1 of my courses we put out the high
school magazine and I'd like to include a section of international writing
from other high schools kids around the world.  I would welcome poetry, short
stories, or nonficition pieces. The magazine comes out in March, April and \
late May. I would send copies of the magazine to interested contributor. If
anyone would like some of our writing as part of a writing exchange we would
be interested in doing that too.
My second need has to do with research.  I will soon be doing research papers
using electronic resources on any topic pertaining to Russia or Eastern Europe.
I would like to gain access to resources from that section of the world which
come in English versions.  It would allow my students to see the news from
something more than just the American point of view. Are there databases
available that offer English versions of noted Russia or Eastern European
newspapers, magazine, our journals?
Josiah Beer
Fall Mountain Regional High School
Box 89, Alstead, New Hampshire, USA

** 003 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  Gregg Opelka (Gregg.Opelka@uic.edu)
Subject: specialized Russian dictionaries

Can anyone steer me to where I can purchase the following specialized
technical dictionaries:
(1) Russian dictionary of plumbing terminology
(2) Russian dictionary of building/construction terminology

IBM format, preferably for Windows, and preferably (but not necessarily)
on CD-ROM?

Your help is most appreciated.
Thank you. -- Gregg O.

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      (_)                       (_)                        ' `
                                                           ` '                          
** 004 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  Petrus Palms (palbank@eskimo.com)
Subject: Course in Miracles

)From: Piotr Johannevich

Does anyone know if their is an existing study group in St. Petersburg,
Russia for "The Course in Miracles"? Please provide their e-mail address,
or fax, or telephone, and/or address if you would and Thank you very much

** 005 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  fl888@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Artur L. Adamov)
Subject: Re: Daily Digest for 95-01-18

Two people had problems with e-mail to William Mandels Essay
I can't find the e-mail address, but here there coordinats:

Highgate Road Social Science Research Station
           32 Highgate Road
            Berkeley, CA 94707
  PH (510)525-3248 - FAX (510)525-3313

I've already got Volume 7, 1994


** 006 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  Larry Bogoslaw (lbogosla@weber.ucsd.edu)
Subject: Dates of Whitman translations

Dear Friends & Partners,
I am writing a thesis on how Walt Whitman's poetry was translated
by six different Russian poets during the Twentieth Century.  Since a
historical perspective is an important dimension of my commentary,
I am attributing dates to specific translations under discussion
wherever possible.  Unfortunately, there are a few poems published
in one collection of Russian Whitman translations (publisher
"Khudozhestvennaya Literatura," Moscow, 1970) that I have not
found anywhere else.  The 1970 edition lists no information about
when its contents were first composed or published.  Does anyone
have ideas about how I can track down this information, including
reliable ways to contact the publisher? (I have found out that they
have no e-mail.)  Any leads on this fact-finding mission will be much

Larry Bogoslaw
University of Michigan

P.S. I am sending this note to more than one list, so I apologize in
advance for any unwelcome multiple appearances.

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Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Jagiellonian University Faculty Development Workshop

Dr.  Nelson  Lacey, of the University of Massachusetts,  has  in-
formed me of a program that may be of interest to members of  the
list.   I  have attached information about the  program  to  this
note.   Please feel free to contact Dr. Lacey for  more  informa-
tion. Apologies in advance for cross-posting.
Dear Colleagues:

I  am  pleased to announce that the  Jagiellonian  University  in
Krakow,  Poland will host the 1995 Faculty Development  Workshop.
The  theme  of the workshop this year is "The  Current  State  of
Management  Education in Central and Eastern Europe."  The  work-
shop will be held between July 2 and July 10, 1995 in Krakow.

I  am responsible for coordinating the workshop activities.   Our
number one task at this time is to put together a list of Univer-
sities  and  schools  throughout Central and  Eastern  Europe  to
receive  a call for nominations of faculty.   Interested  faculty
must  be fluent in English and must have taught courses in  busi-
ness  studies.   We are looking to invite up to  30  participants
this year.

The workshop is sponsored by the U.S. Consortium of Schools, made
up  of  faculty  from Boston College,  Columbia  University,  the
University of Hartford, and the University of Massachusetts.  All
direct costs of attending the workshop will be covered.

All  interested  readers should send a message to  me  with  your
name,  school, and appropriate contact person.  Letters  will  go
out by Jan. 31, 1995, so some please respond as soon as possible.


Nelson J. Lacey
Associate Professor of Finance
Coordinator of U.S. Consortium's activities
School of Management
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA  01003
E-Mail nlacey@gbfin.umass.edu
FAX 413 545 3858

** 008 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  Eric Fenster (efenster@igc.apc.org)
Subject: Moscow: Almost last call!

For anybody who missed it before...or is newly on the list:

This note concerns the Moscow travel course(s) for 1995 to study Russia's
political and economic conditions or the language. (The principal one is 27
May-27 June.)

1) The invitation remains open to all interested adults and I can send
details upon request.

3)For participants who are students and who wish academic credit, Eastern
Michigan University will offer four semester units. The additional cost for
tuition will be $200. This is low in 1995 because of budget savings unlikely
in 1996. (For students at many private American universities, this would
often mean that the travel course and the transferrable credits would cost
about the same as the credits alone at their home institution.)

4) A few people would like a beginning or intermediate Russian language
course. If there are enough others, I could try to organize one for 27 May-04
July, but I need decisions.

5) The question of a shorter course, 29 April-23 May including events and
contacts surrounding the 50th anniversary of the end of WW2, remains open,
but, again, decisions are required.

Thank you,
** 009 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  bandr@protei.nsk.su (Andrei E. Bakarev) 
Subject: sima-info

     The Siberian Informational Medical Association (SIMA) was founded
by Doctors Serge Vitjasev and Peter Larionov to take avantage  of  the
vast amount  of  information currently available on the Internet.  The
purpose of SIMA is to provide free access to the latest medical infor-
mation to local doctors,  Hospitals and Institutes doing research.  In
addition it will serve as an outlet for medical  researchers  here  to
share information concerning medical,  research and technological pro-
jects in development in Siberia.
     The need for such a center is great.  Novosibirsk is a capital of
Siberia with a population of 1.5 million.  For the  medical  community
one of  the  grestest obstacles to providing medical care has been the
difficulty in receiving the most  up  to  date  information  available
through journals and computer networks.  SIMA would be a major step in
solving this problem.  The goal is to monitor and catalogue  available
information, join  on-line  discussions  groups  and establish contact
between various medical research projects here with their counterparts
in the West.
     The organizing comittee of SIMA consists of 8 people working on a
volunteer basis.  With  very  limited resourses we have obtained the
equipment, a location for the Center and access  to  electronic  mail.
However, in order for the Center to operate effectively and achive the
full range of goals they have established it is necessary to seek  so-
urses of both finansial and information support.  If your organisation
funds or has information for such projects or, you know of organisati-
ons that do, SIMA woud appreciate hearing from you. In response to any
enquiry we will provide a full project proposal.  At this time  we
can be  contacted  through  our office at the following e-mail address:
SIMA@protei.nsk.su. Thank you for your time and concideration.
     Sincerely, SIMA.

** 010 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: Workshop for Developing Countries (forwarded message)

)Reply-to: amr@linus.isoc.org
)To: Internauts:;
)Subject: Workshop for Developing Countries
)Date: Mon, 09 Jan 1995 14:09:53 -0500
)From: Tony Rutkowski (amr@linus.isoc.org)
)             1995 Internet Society Workshop on Network Technology
)                         for Developing Countries
)                             Honolulu, Hawaii
)                             18-24 June 1995
)In conjunction with the INET'95 Conference, the Internet Society will
)again, as in 1993 and 1994, sponsor a Network Technology Workshop prior to
)the conference itself.  The workshop will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, on
)the Manoa Campus of the University of Hawaii, during 18-24 June 1995.  The
)focus of the workshop will be upon assisting countries that are either not
)yet connected to the Internet or are in the process of developing and
)enhancing an initial national Internet.
)Attendance at the workshop includes attendance at the Internet Society's
)annual conference, INET'95, which will be held in Honolulu during
)27-30 June 1995 following the workshop.
)This workshop is an outgrowth of and builds upon the experiences of two
)similar workshops, held at Stanford University, USA in August 1993, and
)at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic in June 1994,
)in conjunction with the INET'93 and '94 conferences.
)The goals of the workshop are:
)1. To train a critical mass of trainer/professionals in network
)infrastructure, transport, services, and management to be able to support
)an extension of meaningful Internet-related activities within the countries
)2. To identify and share individual and institutional contacts as well as
)information sources that will assist the process of national development,
)using international Internet connections.
)3. To build robust professional linkages between all participants in the
)programs so that the mentor-student and colleague-colleague relationships
)formed during the workshop and conferences will remain strong and of
)continuing usefulness well beyond the workshop and conference.
)4. To increase the level of cooperation among existing projects and
)activities for establishing data networks in developing countries.
)5. To train small groups of trainers from the same country or region who
)can and will replicate and extend such training in their own country or
)An intensive program of instruction is planned for each of four
)program tracks:
)1. DIAL-UP NETWORKING TECHNOLOGY - For network technicians and
)technical staff with some experience using personal computers
)(networking experience preferable but not required), focusing upon
)the establishment and operation of an initial Internet presence in a
)country and possibly initiating the deployment of a basic national
)network infrastructure in the country.  Topics will include dialup
)use of TCP/IP and UUCP under UNIX and DOS/Windows.
)2. TCP/IP NETWORKING TECHNOLOGY - For network technicians and technical
)staff, focusing upon the extension, management and operation of an initial
)national network infrastructure and its integration with the global
)Internet, based principally on dedicated line connection.
)3. NETWORK NAVIGATION AND SERVICES - For network information specialists and
)other user support staff, focusing upon how to use Internet
)connectivity to access network resources and information content and how to
)implement the network and client-server tool set for obtaining such access.
)Techniques for both TCP/IP and dial-up systems will be offered.
)4. NATIONAL NETWORK MANAGEMENT - For technical and administrative managers
)of national networks, focusing on current legal, economic, organizational,
)technical, and policy issues of national network establishment and management.
)All participants will engage in extensive hands-on training, either setting
)up a prototype network or using actual Internet resources or both, as
)appropriate, using facilities at the University of Hawaii.
)The workshop will be held at the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus, in
)Honolulu on the island of Oahu.  Participants will be housed in the Honolulu
)area, with transportation provided to the instructional facitilities at the
)University.  Convenient bus and taxi transportation will be available from
)the airport to workshop accommodations.
)Working language
)The working language of the workshop will be English.  A working knowledge
)of English will be required of each participant.  The instructional staff
)as a whole will have some degree of proficiency in languages other than
)Participants should plan to arrive in Honolulu on or before the afternoon
)of Saturday, 17 June, and leave after mid-day on Friday, 30 June.
)Workshop sessions will be held starting Sunday afternoon, 18 June, and
)all day on Monday, 19 June through Saturday, 24 June.  At the end of the
)workshop, participants will continue to be housed at the same accommodations,
)through the end of the INET'95 Conference.  Transportation from workshop
)housing to the Conference location will be via public transit, which also
)provides connection to most other locations of interest and is inexpensive,
)reliable and easy to use.
)INET'95 begins on Tuesday afternoon, 27 June and continues until mid-day on
)Friday, 30 June.
)The workshop is specifically directed toward the needs of people from
)technologically emerging countries who are playing or will play an
)important part in introducing and extending networking in their countries
)and regions. Attendees should be involved in planning to establish or in
)establishing the Internet's presence in their countries and regions, in
)institutionalizing its operation, and in assisting the country's schools
)and universities, governmental agencies, local firms, and residents in
)learning about and exploiting the range of services available through the
)Staff members of international and bilateral technical co-operation
)agencies, as well as professionals having substantial involvement in
)international technical assistance activities, are also eligible for
)Participants who have attended the INET'93 or INET'94 Developing
)Countries Workshop will be considered eligible to attend the 1995 workshop;
)however, these former participants must apply for a track other than the
)track(s) completed in 1993 and 1994 and be consistent with their
)responsibilities in a national or regional context, and a convincing
)argument for repeated attendance must accompany the application.
)Preference will be given to small teams of people from the same country or
)region who can demonstrate a plan for introducing part of all of the
)training program in their home countries or regions.
)It is the responsibility of participants to ascertain the visa requirements
)that apply to them and to obtain any appropriate visas needed to attend the
)workshop and the related conference. The Internet Society can assist
)applicants in this matter if needed by providing information regarding the
)goals and activities of the Society and its professional goals and
)Enrollment is limited to approximately 150 people. We encourage you to
)apply as early as possible.
)Application for admission
)To apply for admission to the workshop, please complete the attached
)form and return it as soon as possible.  In selecting workshop
)participants, first priority will be given to applications received
)on or before January 20, 1995. If you expect to attend the workshop
)as the result of being awarded a United Nations or similar fellowship
)awarded by a multilateral or bilateral aid agency, please inform us
)of the details in your application.
)Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the program and the
)amount of financial aid available for them by the end of February.
)Please note that in this context, the workshop activity includes
)attendance at the INET'95 Conference.  If you are admitted to the
)workshop, you should NOT register for the Conference; that will be
)done automatically for you.
)NOTE: Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit some form of
)electronic mail address (a reliable telex or FAX number is
)acceptable) in order to expedite notification of their acceptance as
)well as any further correspondence.
)Please be sure that all of the contact information you submit is
)legible and accurate, or we will not be able to contact with you.
)The cost of attending the workshop and associated events is US$2,500.
)This fee includes:
)- All tuition and fees for the workshop.
)- All lodging charges from Saturday, 17 June through Friday, 30 June.
)- All meal charges for the entire period of the workshop and the
)Conference, starting with dinner on Saturday evening, June 17th
)through lunch on Tuesday, 24 June, as well as breakfast during the
)INET'95 Conference.  Please note that meals starting with dinner on
)Tuesday, 27 June through dinner on Thursday, 29 June are included
)in the registration fee for the INET'95 Conference.)
)- Transportation from the workshop accommodations to and from the
)INET'95 conference venue.
)- Registration at the INET'95 Conference (27-30 June), including
)those meals and social events included in conference registration.
)Participants will be housed in the Honolulu area, close to the
)University of Hawaii Manoa campus with access via public transport to
)most other areas on the island of Oahu.
)Participants staying for INET'95 should plan to budget approximately
)US$100-150 for optional travel and entertainment from Sunday, 25 June
)through the morning of Tuesday, 27 June.
)Financial assistance to cover a part or all of each participant's
)overall expenditures is expected be available to deserving
)candidates. If you request financial aid for the workshop, please
)provide the financial information requested in the application for
)admission.  Financial aid will take the form of either pre-paid
)airline tickets for travel to and from Honolulu, partial or total
)coverage of the workshop fee, or both.
)The amount of aid expected to be available is expected to be limited.
)Please make all possible efforts to secure whatever funding is
)possible from sources known to you.  If you are requesting financial
)aid, please tell us why it is necessary, how you expect to fund part
)of your expenses, and what efforts you have made and are making to
)obtain additional aid.
)Recipients of financial aid will be expected to participate in both
)the entire workshop and the entire Conference as a condition for
)receiving such aid.
)Additional Information
)Specific questions regarding the workshop may be directed electronically to:
)        workshop-info@isoc.org
)or sent by mail or fax to the addresses at the bottom of the
)application form below.
)                       APPLICATION  FOR  ADMISSION
)A. Personal data
)FAMILY NAME ONLY: _______________________
)Full Name:   ____________________________________
)Home Address:   ____________________________________
)                ____________________________________
)City:  ____________________  State/Prov  ________  Postal Code  ___________
)Country:  _____________________
)Home Telephone:  _____________________
)Employer:   _____________________
)Designation/Title:   _____________________
)Business Address:   ____________________________________
)                    ____________________________________
) City:  ____________________  State/Prov  ________  Postal Code ___________
)     Country:  _____________________
)Business Telephone: ___________________
)Fax (if any): ___________________
)Telex (if any):  ___________________
)E-mail address (if any):  ___________________
)Nationality: __________________
)Age: ___________________
)Knowledge of English:  _________________
)Please indicate with an asterisk the most reliable addresses and
)telephone/fax numbers above which can be used to reach you.
)B. Course of Instruction
)Instructional track applied for (Please select one track; the four tracks
)will run concurrently):
)[     ]   Dial-up technology track
)[     ]   TCP/IP Technology track
)[     ]   Network services track
)[     ]   National Network Management track
)Please indicate any specific interests within this area:
)C. Training Team Involvement
)If you are applying as a member of a group of trainers, please
)indicate the names of the other individuals with whom you want your
)application to be considered.
)Please also provide a statement of institutional support for such
)activities, indicating the institution's plans for in-country or regional
)training activities to be held.  The statement of support should be
)submitted by an officer of the institution empowered to initiate and
)oversee these activities and to commit institutional resources for them.
)D. Description of Role in National Networking Activities
)Please provide in the format of your choice the following information
)about yourself:
)     1. A summary of your educational background.
)     2. A description of your current employer, your position, your duties
)     and responsibilities, and how they relate to current and future data
)     networking activities in your country.
)     3. A brief description of the computer systems and networks with
)     which you work, including:
)        a.  Operating system, including version.
)        b.  Networking software, including version.
)        c.  Number and type of modems and leased line termination equipment
)             (CSU's, etc)
)        d.  Number of MBytes per month transferred via long-distance and
)            international lines.
)     4. How your training and current work prepare and qualify you for the
)     track you wish to attend.
)     5. How you expect to implement the knowledge you gain through
)     attendance at the workshop and the INET '95 conference after you
)     return to your country.
)This information will be used to determine whether to admit you to
)the workshop.  Please be sure that it is sufficiently clear, well
)organized and adequate for this purpose.
)E. Financial Information
)If you are requesting financial aid from INET'95 for attending the
)workshop and conference, please also providea complete, structured
)itemized income and expenditure budgets for your travel and expenses
)in the following form.  The income budget should contain all sources
)of funds that are available to you for attending:
)     Expenditures
)     ------------
)        1. Workshop Fee        US$2,500
)        2. Airfare                $
)        TOTAL Expenses            $
)     Income
)     ------
)        1. Institution          US$
)        2. Government             $
)        3. International          $
)        4. Self                   $
)        5. Requested from ISOC    $
)        TOTAL Income Sources      $
)     NOTE: Total income MUST equal total expenses
)     --------------------------------------------
)If you are requesting assistance for air travel expense, include a good
)estimate of probable air fare costs next June between your place of
)residence and Honolulu, Hawaii, with supporting detail (airline, type of
)fare and city of departure), as well as the source of your estimate.
)Signature: ____________________________     Date: ______________
)Applications may be submitted electronically by sending electronic mail to:
)     workshop-apply@isoc.org)
)If you are not able to send your application by electronic mail, please
)return this application by fax or air mail to:
)Internet Society Network Technology Workshop
)c/o Institute for Global Communications
)1010 Doyle Street, Suite 9
)Menlo Park  CA  94025
)Voice:      +1.415.322.0342 or +1.415.322.6728
)Facsimile:  +1.415.322.0342 or +1.415.325.5834
)Please return your application by electronic mail if you are at all able to
)do so.


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