Digest for 95-01-19

Dear Friends, 

Exactly one year ago today, we made our first announcement on the Internet 
about "Friends and Partners".  We had no idea of what to expect from our 
initial postings to about 50 Usenet groups in Russia and in America.  We 
certainly did not know to expect the hundreds of listserve subscribers, the 
email messages, and the thousands of WWW accesses which almost immediately 
followed.  With a mixture of excitement, amazement, and a little bit of 
fear, we began to dig out of the email, work on improvements to the 
information base we were trying to develop, and to try our best to help 
support this growing community.  It has steadily grown to its current 
membership of 1,200 subscribers and, during the past few days, has seen the 
busiest activity yet on the WWW server - with an average of over 5,000 
information accesses per day.

If ever there was a "labor of love" this has been it!  Without doubt, it 
has been the most interesting, intense, rewarding year of our lives.  The 
new friendships made; the opportunities we have had to correspond and meet 
and work with so many wonderful people; the 100,000 miles traveled to 
places we had only dreamed of seeing; the new knowledge and insight gained 
- it is all a little overwhelming and something for which we are as amazed 
as we are grateful.

We wish to thank our bosses, Homer Fisher and V.K. Akimenko - who have 
been so supportive of what began as a hobby effort - a goodwill gesture by 
two friends - and that has grown into an important effort for our 
institutions.  And we wish to thank our colleagues and our staffs who have 
been so incredible in their dedication to this effort and their support of 
us.  We wish to offer special thanks to Drs. Evans Roth and Dave Hake who 
made possible our first meeting - in St.  Petersburg, Russia - and who have 
been such a source of inspiration to us with their own "labor of love" in 
Central and Eastern Europe.

We are SO appreciative to the sponsors of our work who have made possible 
the extension of our activities -- the International Science Foundation, 
Sun Microsystems, Inc. and, most recently, the North Atlantic Treaty 
Organization (NATO).

We offer special thanks to our families and friends who have been so 
patient and so supportive in this very busy, hectic year.  And we save our 
most grateful appreciation for our Friends and Partners community - those 
of you who have taken the time to write encouraging email or to offer your 
assistance; who have contributed information; who have helped others with 
the various inquiries posted in the digests.  

And we offer a most special thank you and congratulations to those of you 
who have taken on the work of maintaining an information server.  It was 
our hope when we began this effort that F&P would serve as a "home" for 
such efforts - and it has been so rewarding to see so many people "move in" 
and create such useful information resources.

Friends and Partners has truly become a home for us and, we hope, a 
helpful community for people interested in fostering new friendships and 
partnerships between people and organizations in our countries.

We are excited about this next year of working together and pledge our 
determined efforts to furthering the good work that we hope has begun in 
this first year.

Happy Birthday, Friends and Partners! Our very best wishes for our second 
year of work together,

-- Natasha Bulashova, Pushchino Russia
   Greg Cole, Knoxville, TN USA
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#01-19 January 95  Sender:  "Andrew Shipilov" (ASHIPILOV@roch_ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us)
                   Subject: ATTN MR.McConnell  

#02-19 January 95  Sender:  "Andrew Shipilov" (ASHIPILOV@roch_ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us)
                   Subject: Scholarships request

#03-19 January 95  Sender:  pburgess@levi.urova.fi (Burgess Philip)
                   Subject: Murmansk!

#04-19 January 95  Sender:  JGALLER@delphi.com
                   Subject: Re: Digest for 95-01-13

#05-19 January 95  Sender:  dufala@europa.com (Jim Dufala)
                   Subject: SISTER CITY WANTED  

#06-19 January 95  Sender:  dufala@europa.com (Jim Dufala)
                   Subject: SUBSCRIBE: "Russian Economic Model" 

#07-19 January 95  Sender:  beachnet@gate.net
                   Subject: ))) Russian PROGRAMMERS needed to work in US (((  

#08-19 January 95  Sender:  glasnews@eskimo.com (Alan Boyle)
                   Subject: Relcom.comp.newmedia newsgroup  

#09-19 January 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                   Subject: RFP to demonstrate the use of Internet technology 

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrew Shipilov" (ASHIPILOV@roch_ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us)
Subject: ATTN MR.McConnell

Dear Dennis
Thank you for your phone call .

I am really interested to talk to you but I can not neither call you
nor send you my E-mail, using your address mac@maine.maine.edu
Something is wrong with your server?
PLease try to reach me anytime during the weekend by phone or E-mail
me.  The possible problem with my address is that in ROCH_LTC2 the
"_" can be obtained by pressing "shift -".
Let's try to get in touch with each other.

Andrew V. Shipilov
Rochester Community College
Rochester MN, USA
phone/fax (507)252-5917

** 002 **********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrew Shipilov" (ASHIPILOV@roch_ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us)
Subject: Scholarships request

Dear friends,
Do you know, are there any scholarships for Russian students in
Business Administration in your colleges in the US?
The GPA of the student is 4.0.
Thank you for your answer.

Andrew V. Shipilov
Rochester Community College
Rochester MN, USA
phone/fax (507)252-5917

** 003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  pburgess@levi.urova.fi (Burgess Philip)
Subject: Murmansk!

I have the good fortune to be travelling from rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland
to Murmansk in two weeks time.  Have any friends out there any advice or
helpful suggestions as to trips to the capital of the Kola Peninsula?  Best

philip burgess

** 004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  JGALLER@delphi.com
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-01-13

Subject:  Chernobyl Television Programming

I am seeking information about Chernobyl Day television programming in
Ukraine.  I have been told that there is an annual day-long television
program to honor this date.  If anyone has seen this programming, I'd
appreciate hearing a description, including the type of content, the length
of the broadcast and who appears on camera.  I have also been told that
this broadcast is regional, rather than just for Ukraine.  I would like to
know if this is true as well.


Justin Galler

** 005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  dufala@europa.com (Jim Dufala)

RASIN (see posting of "The Russian Economic Model) is seeking a USA city to
be the sister (twin) city to the Russian city of Yoryevets. Cities with a
dairy industry are encouraged to respond.
Jim Dufala

** 006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  dufala@europa.com (Jim Dufala)
Subject: SUBSCRIBE: "Russian Economic Model"

Would like to invite those interested in reconstructing a Russian City, to
subscribe to the RASIN Listserv, brought to you on the "Friends &
Partner's" server. RASIN (Russian American Student Information Network), is
a nonprofit organization originating in Portland, Oregon and the Ivanovo
Oblast in Russia. The intent of RASIN is to reconstruct a Russian city for
the purpose of offering Russia a working economic model. The city of
Yoryevets, located 250 miles NE of Moscow, is the selected site. Projects
can be humanitarian (ie... Infant Care Center) or commercial (ie... Made In
USA Store). The entire project is educational, to teach Russians how to
build an economic and government base, for duplication throughout Russia.
All participants will be matched with Russian counterparts so to
incorporate cultural elements. The idea is not to create an American city
in Russia but rather bring Russia into the 21st century by creating an
environment with direction for prosperity. Business, professionals,
students and individuals are encouraged to participate. Would like to thank
Greg Cole, John Gerber and David Zlotchenko for all their efforts in
getting this Listserv on line.

To subscribe, email to: listproc@solar.rtd.utk.edu
Leave the SUBJECT line: blank
In the MESSAGE write: subscribe rasin (your name)

Please NOTE that ALL postings MUST refer to projects within the scope of
this "Model".

Jim Dufala

** 007 **********************************************************************

Sender:  beachnet@gate.net
Subject: ))) Russian PROGRAMMERS needed to work in US (((

Please forward the following to all you friends and contacts in the ex-USSR
who may be interested in working in the USA on contract basis.  Thank you!

======================  PROGRAMMERS NEEDED =================================

An American company is looking to hire on a contract RUSSIAN and former-

We need PROGRAMMERS to come and live and work in the USA, Florida for
periods of 12 months.  Program and develop software for IBM and our other
clients in the USA.

If you have the qualifications listed below, please send a message as soon
as possible to:

beachnet@gate.net (in English) or to
etoya@shadow.net  (in Russian, NO KOI8, please)

1.      Programmers for OS/2 - kernel debug, presentation manager, C and C++,
        System Object Module, Inter Process Communications.
2.      ORACLE
3.      RISC 6000
4.      Client Server
5.      Data Base Design and Management

All the details will be worked out for you to live and work in the USA for
periods of 12 months.

Thank you!

A. Pikus
Project Manager
IBM VOP Logica North America

** 008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  glasnews@eskimo.com (Alan Boyle)
Subject: Relcom.comp.newmedia newsgroup

Dear Networkers:
This is the call for votes from Relcom's Tatiana Savenkova regarding
a proposed newsgroup that will help expand the circle of discussion
about new media forms and society.  Please excuse the duplication
if you've already received this CFV directly from Tatiana.  And
please send in your vote of support for this innovative venture.
     Thanks and regards, Alan Boyle

)From: tis@kiae.su (Savenkova T.I.)
Date: Sun,  8 Jan 95 19:34:48 +0300 (GMT+3:00)
Subject: CFV: relcom.comp.newmedia
Status: RO

***********************English version********************************
                  Call for Votes (First of Two)
             unmoderated group - relcom.comp.newmedia

Votes must be received by 31 January 1995.

For voting questions only, contact Eugene Peskin
(eugene@rd.relcom.msk.su).  For questions about the
proposed group, contact Tatiana Savenkova (tis@kiae.su).

TOPICS (in brief)

The newsgroup relcom.comp.newmedia is proposed as a means
of discussing the use of global computer networks as
a new form of media.  It would bring together professionals
in the technical field who already use the global network,
as well as people working for more traditional mass media.

The discussion process should help participants better
understand how journalists at newspapers, broadcast stations
and other news outlets can work with the Net as they do with
other media. These journalists and other users of information
should be able to contribute ideas on how to make computer
networks a medium as easy to use as, say, television.
Technical specialists could discuss and develop better methods
for using the Net. The feedback generated by the newsgroup
would be particularly valuable in this process.

This newsgroup would be a forum for discussing other relevant
topics as well, such as intellectual property rights,
the financial and technical foundation for new media, and
the social implications of networking.

The distinguishing features of this group are its fundamental
bilingualism and accessibility for Russian participants on
a par with foreign participants. These were the conditions
under which the discussion of all these issues began at the
Russian-American conference "New Media for a New World," and
the new newsgroup is intended to serve as a continuation of
that conference.

Send MAIL to:  tis@kiae.su
Clip and send this message:

Your name:

I vote YES on relcom.comp.newmedia
I vote NO  on relcom.comp.newmedia

Select only one (YES or NO) from the previous two lines

Only one vote counted per ballot.  Votes received from
postmaster, root, uucp, etc., will be counted only if
no more votes come from the same domain.

Final results will be announced after the end of voting.

** 009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
Subject: RFP to demonstrate the use of Internet technology (fwd)

)From: Paul Losleben on Tue, Jan 10, 1995 7:58 PM
Subject: ACORN RFP

Dear Colleague...

Most of you are aware of the increasing interest in using Internet
technology to build infrastructure which will facilitate design
and manufacturing.  We have a unique (although somewhat modest)
opportunity to do something which will hopefully demonstrate what
is possible.

This message is to notify you that funds are actually available to
support some of the things we have been discussing for years.
Stanford, in collaboration with Enterprise Integration
Technologies (EIT), has received a government contract to act as
an agent in funding a set of projects which will demonstrate the
use of Internet technology to facilitate design and manufacturing.

We are especially looking for what might be called "extension
agents" who can help us make these funds go as far as possible.
Here are a few suggestions to give you a feeling for what you
might do.

1. If you are presently involved in a research project, how might
network services that are shared with research projects at other
institutions be used to help you work more efficiently?  Might you
use your experience to build a service that will scale nicely to
be used by other organizations?

2. Do you have an existing project which can be used to
demonstrate a set of network services that you would implement or
which you could work with others to implement?

3. If you are a company that would like to work with us by
providing your products or services to customers via the World
Wide Web, perhaps you could propose a way to share the cost of
implementing this new market channel.

4. If you are already involved in a project to implement
"Electronic Commerce" or other such network-based approach to
support the design and manufacture of new and useful products, how
might you use some modest additional funding to work with others
to build something larger, broader, or otherwise more useful

5. If you are a university professor teaching a project-oriented
course, you might consider how that course might benefit from
using the World Wide Web to demonstrate the use of network
services to acquire parts and services.  Perhaps you could share
information about course content, teaching approaches and
suppliers with other universities.

6. If you are presently involved in a regional activity to
stimulate commerce, perhaps you could propose a way to not only
work more efficiently within your region, but to address markets
outside your region via the World Wide Web.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BE CREATIVE.  We are looking for approaches
which offer high payoff, especially to demonstrate what is
possible in the near future.  Small, highly leveraged, proposals
are especially welcome in the belief that often a small amount of
money invested in a smart way can achieve things that get bogged
down in larger programs.

Please also note:

o If you are interested, please address all correspondence to
  (acorn-info@eit.com).  Do NOT respond directly to me.

o The submission deadline is January 31, 1995.  (Some of
  you may have seen an earlier version indicating an earlier
  deadline).  We apologize for any scheduling confusion
  this change may bring.

o Please remember that ACORN information may be found at its World-
  Wide-Web site, http://www.eit.com/projects/acorn/ .  We encourage
  you to monitor this site for new information.

o The evaluation committee suggests that one way to increase the
  leverage of your proposal is to coordinate proposed functionality,
  application area, business issues, and demonstrations with other
  proposers.  This could take the form of separate but reinforcing
  proposals or a combined proposal.

o Furthermore, although the RFP states an expectation of $50K-100K
  awards, proposals for less funding are entirely appropriate, and
  of course our ability to fund suitable proposals depends on the
  match between proposed amounts and available funds.

o We expect that awards made under this RFP cannot be used to purchase

I'm using several mailing lists to get the word out, so please
excuse me if you receive multiple copies.  Please also feel free
to forward this RFP to collegues who you feel would be interested.



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