Daily Digest for 95-01-18

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow (January 19) marks the 1 year anniversary of this Friends and
Partners effort.  We will send a special issue of the digest tomorrow
giving the history and some plans for the future.  We invite, as always,
your comments and suggestions.  Thanks!

                          Table of Contents

WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-18 January 95  St. Petersburg Press on "Friends and Partners"

#02-18 January 95  On-line air travel service

#03-18 January 95  "The King"

#04-18 January 95  International Science Foundation WWW Server

#05-18 January 95  OMRI WWW Server

#06-18 January 95  CHECHYNA Discussion List


#01-18 January 95  Sender:  gahaganj@itchy.mi.net (John Gahagan)
                   Subject: folk tales

#02-18 January 95  Sender:  JGALLER@delphi.com
                   Subject: Re: Digest for 95-01-09

#03-18 January 95  Sender:  Tym Rondomanski (71001.3452@compuserve.com)
                   Subject: Information Request

#04-18 January 95  Sender:  Don R (4al-anon@ccnet.com)
                   Subject: Al-Anon Address Change

#05-18 January 95  Sender:  DYBKAJ@HARPO.TNSTATE.EDU
                   Subject: Moscow State U (MGU) and Safety???

#06-18 January 95  Sender:  benshoof@solar.rtd.utk.edu (Tammy Benshoof)
                   Subject: F&P on 1/15/95 Edupage

#07-18 January 95  Sender:  Julie McCahan
                   Subject: Russia exchange opportunity

#08-18 January 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: Voting for Albanian Newsgroup

#09-18 January 95  Sender:  bdejong@ucs.indiana.edu (Brent De Jong)
                   Subject: Abstract Draft

#10-18 January 95  Sender:  kedzie@rand.org (Chris Kedzie)
                   Subject: Workshop for Developing Countries (forwarded

APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


WHAT'S NEW . . .

* We are pleased to announce our cooperative efforts now with the St.
  Petersburg Press in providing a mirror (duplicate) of their excellent World
  Wide Web Server on Friends and Partners.  Duplicating this server on our
  machine in Knoxville should provide much faster access to this English
  language version of the St. Petersburg, Russia newspaper.  If you have
  not seen this before, it is worth the visit and is one of the more
  interesting and attractive servers on the World Wide Web today.  It is
  available from the news page on Friends and Partners.  Our thanks to Robert
  Farrell of the SPB for making this possible and for working with us!

* From the travel page we have added a link to a free on-line service which
  allows Internet users to browse the on-line air travel guides and to
  purchase tickets.  This new link is a convenience that we
  hope many visitors to Friends and Partners might find useful.

* From the music page we have added a link to one of the more interesting
  servers on the network - Friends and Partners subscriber Andrea Berman has
  put together a very thorough and entertaining music server on Elvis

* From the funding and information exchange page we have added a hook to
  the International Science Foundation's server.  Also, from the
  telecommunications page we have added a link to the ISF telecommunications

* From the news page we have added a hook to RFE/RL's World Wide Web
  server.  In addition to the current RFE/RL daily news postings (now called
  the OMRI postings), you can find other material of interest from this new
  organization which replaces the former Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

* Thanks to Diane Midness (an F&P subscriber) who has made us aware
  of the CHECHYNA Discussion List.  This is a very active list and can be
  subscribed to by sending a message to:


  Once you are subscribed, you may join the discussion by sending messages



Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  gahaganj@itchy.mi.net (John Gahagan)
Subject: folk tales

I read many posts to this list but they seem so formal and official I'm not
sure if this is appropriate but here goes.

My wife and I visited Moscow and Saint Petersburg in the Summer of '93 and
had a wonderful time.  We brought home several toys and dolls and painted
eggs.  It appears that many of the images on the eggs and dolls refer to
characters in folk tales and maybe historical figures as well.  Our library
has only one book on Russian folk stories so I was wondering if anyone had
any sources or would have any stories they could tell.

I would be willing to trade Indian Glooscap legends from Maritime Canada.

John Gahagan       gahaganj@mi.net
Renforth, New Brunswick

** 002 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  JGALLER@delphi.com
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-01-09

Tried to reply to one of your listings, edunn@well.sf.ca.us, for Ethel Dunn
and got back illegal verb message.  Any thoughts about how I can reach
these folks?


** 003 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  Tym Rondomanski (71001.3452@compuserve.com)
Subject: Information Request

To All:

I am trying to obtain names and addresses of the rectors of top gas and oil
VUZes in the CIS so that they can be contacted about scholarships to be
sponsered by Sakhalin Energy.  I have no idea where to start this search, and
would appreciate any help.  Please email to:

Tym Rondomanski

** 004 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  Don R (4al-anon@ccnet.com)
Subject: Al-Anon Address Change

In order to attempt to reduce the confusion some have in the correct
spelling of Al-Anon, I have changed my address....

Old Addresses:    (4al-anon@ccnet.com)

New Addresses:    (odat@ccnet.com)

I hope this won't cause anyone any inconvenience.

A very grateful member of the worldwide fellowship of Al-Anon,

Don R.

** 005 ***********************************************************************

Subject: Moscow State U (MGU) and Safety???

I'm all set to be a visiting scholar at Moscow State U
this Summer, yet I have safety concerns, especially after
reading this:
_Chronicle of Higher Education_ Apr. 28, 1993 pp.A37-39

" 'It's become very unsafe in the dorms,' says Ann Gleason,
the resident director of a University of Wisconsin-Moscow
State exchange program. 'A lot of people are living there
illegally.  There's black-market activity--drugs, alcohol.
The local money changers are armed with pistols, gas guns,
Mace, knives, you name it.  They get into fights. People
get killed.'
"Indeed, there have been a half dozen murders in the
university's main building in the past year. In one recent
case, a student from Rwanda was thrown from a sixth-floor
window in a racial incident."
I grew up in Detroit, so I can handle myself pretty well
in a variety of situations : |   but this doesn't sound
like fun to me.   I would'nt  *have* to stay in a dorm,
but I don't know anyone in Moscow, nor have any
relatives (that I know of) there.
Has anybody stayed in the dorms recently?

** 006 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  benshoof@solar.rtd.utk.edu (Tammy Benshoof)
Subject: F&P on 1/15/95 Edupage

Friends and Partners was mentioned in the 1/15/95 edition of Edupage . . .

)The Friends and Partners Web provides information on Russian culture,
)science, telecommunications, tourism and travel, and a variety of other
)information resources related to post-Soviet life. To see for yourself,
)check out http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/home.html. You can also telnet
)to solar.rtd.utk.edu and log in as "friends." (Multilingual Computing, vol.
)5, issue 2, p.20)

)Edupage, a summary of news items on information technology, is provided
)three times each week as a service by Educom -- a Washington, D.C.-based
)consortium of leading colleges and universities seeking to transform
)education through the use of information technology.
)EDUPAGE is what you've just finished reading. To subscribe to Edupage: send
)a message to: listproc@educom.edu and in the BODY of the message type:
)subscribe edupage George Burns (assuming that your name is George Burns; if
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** 007 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  Julie McCahan (jlmccaha@ouray.Denver.Colorado.EDU)
Subject: Russia exchange opportunity

The Leningrad Regional Pedagogical Institute located in
Pushkin, a suburb of St. Petersburg Russia desires to
establish an exchange program with an American university/
college for the purpose of collaborating in the academic
pursuit of teaching foreign languages.  The Institute prepares
its students to become secondary teachers in Russia.  It
has 11 departments including the foreign language department
which has 180 students.

This summer, I had the opportunity to teach in the foreign
language department with two other American teachers.  We
were received with a gracious spirit by the faculty and
administration.  Their generosity and warm welcome made
our seven week stay a much treasured experience.

A letter written by the Institute's rector
(equivalent of college president) follows.
The letter outlines the proposed exchange program.

Proposed program from the Leningrad Regional Pedagogical Institute
Pushkin, Russia

The administration of Leningrad Regional Pedagogical Institute desires
to establish a mutuallh beneficial partnership with American Universities
and to make every possible effort to develop collaboration in academic
and research pursuit.
We are ready to discuss:

1.  Estblishing an Educational and Cultural exchange program for students
and teachers.

2.  Developing a framework for collaboration of international programs
aimed at improving methods of teaching foreign languages.

3.  Extending cultural contracts and developing international communication

4.  Exchanging information about new developments in academic and
research programs in higher education institutions.

The Institute was founded in 1993, it is located in Pushkin, a famous
suburb of St. Petersburg.  Located on campus is a new, well-equipped
dormitory and classroom building.  The Institute indluces 11 departments.
The Foreign Language department has 180 students.  The Institute has
the opportunity to host students from the USA, and if they desire, to
teach them the Russian language.

The Institute takes the responsibility for accomodations, food and
cultural programs which include:  visits to the Hermitage, The
Russian Musuem, Peter and Paul Fortress, and sightseeing of palaces
located in Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Petrodvorets (residences of the royal
family) as well as other historical and interesting sights.

V.N. Skvortsov

All inquiries should be sent to Julie McCahan.

        e-mail:  jlmccaha@ouray.denver.colorado.edu
** 008 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Voting for Albanian Newsgroup

The appended message may not be entirely appropriate for
the Friends list, but some of you may have an interest in
the Balkans as well - thus the message.  My apologies in
advance for other on the list.
I  have  today  noted a Call for Votes [CFV],  on  the  newsgroup
NEWS.ANNOUNCE.NEWGROUPS,  for  a  new newsgroup to  be  known  as
SOC.CULTURE.ALBANIAN.  I would like to encourage those of you  on
the list to vote YES on the issue.  If you would like more infor-
mation, I have appended this note with the information  presented
in the original CFV.  If you are, as I am, inclined to  encourage
the  availability of newsgroups which provide  information  about
previously-neglected geographic regions, you can vote to add  the
Albania list by simply doing the following:

1. Send mail to: VOTING@QUALCOMM.COM
2. In the MESSAGE: I vote YES on soc.culture.albanian

You can, of course, vote no. More complete information is provid-
ed  in  the appended announcement.  If you  have  any  questions,
please free to contact me.

All the best.
* Dr. Dennis McConnell                   * TEL: +1.207.581.1988 *
* Eastern European Enterprise Network    * FAX: +1.207.581.1956 *
* College of Business Administration     * TLX:  62955628       *
* University of Maine                    ************************
* Orono, Maine 04469-5723 U.S.A.         * MAC@MAINE.MAINE.EDU  *

                   FIRST CALL FOR VOTES [CFV]

soc.culture.albanian     Albania and Albanians around the world.


SOC.CULTURE.ALBANIAN  will  be a newsgroup dedicated to  the  ex-
change of information and discussion of issues on Albania and the
Albanian people in Albania and other areas in the Balkans  (Koso-
va, Macedonia, Montenegro) and Albanians living around the world.
Anyone  interested will be welcome to participate in  discussions
             -Albanian history and culture;
             -Albanian political and social issues;
             -Albanian concerns in the Balkan crisis;
             -Economic investment in Albania;
             -Travel Information;
             -and other topics.

The discussions will be held in Albanian and English.

This  newsgroup  would  be very helpful to the  large  number  of
Albanians  and other people interested in Albania. It would be  a
place  where news and information from Albania, Albanian  regions
in the former Yugoslavia, and from the Albanian diaspora could be
distributed. It would also be a place to discuss current problems
in  the Balkans and its implications on the Albanians.  Albanians
are the only Balkan nation that do not have a newsgroup of  their

Send MAIL to:   voting@qualcomm.com
Your mail MESSAGE should contain one of the following statements:
       I vote YES on soc.culture.albanian
       I vote NO on soc.culture.albanian

One  vote counted per person, no more than one per  account.  Ad-
dresses  and votes of all voters will be published in  the  final
voting results list.

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 26 January 1995.

This  vote  is  being conducted by a neutral  third  party.   For
voting  questions only contact RDIPPOLD@QUALCOMM.COM.

For questions about the proposed group contact:

              Besnik Pula (a30cc@cunyvm.cuny.edu).

** 009 ***********************************************************************

Sender:  bdejong@ucs.indiana.edu (Brent De Jong)
Subject: Abstract Draft

Dear Colleague:

   Please find enclosed a copy of a draft abstract describing a research
project that I am developing.  If this is interesting to you and you wish to
see the draft questionnaire, I would be happy to e-mail you a copy.  I am
eager to hear feedback concerning my efforts.
Thank You.


                                DRAFT ABSTRACT

     The main purpose of this study is to provide hard and comprehensive data
in an area fraught with ambiguity and half-truths.  Since the breakup of the
Soviet Union, Russia and her neighbours have begun the transformation
into free market economies.

     Unfortunately, these changes have been neither swift nor unproblematic.
In the void created by the elimination of the former Soviet regime, various
criminal elements have multiplied.  As a result, Western businesses have
become popular targets for extortion, kidnapping, robbery and other crimes.
This has created great concern among Western businesses interested in developing
operations in the Newly Independent States (NIS).

     There currently exists in the business community a great reluctance to
openly share information concerning criminal exploitation.  Business people
sometimes view themselves disdainfully for having "let security down",
and may choose not to report an incident to the authorities.  Some view local
NIS police departments as either being unconcerned with the difficulties facing
Western businesses or at best being ineffective in dealing with these
problems.  It is hoped that this anonymous forum will give business operators
a chance to comment freely regarding an extremely sensitive business area.

     A major objective of this study is to provide a broad-based statistical
sampling and comparison of Western business experiences with crime in the
NIS.  The interviewees for this study have been selected from a broad spectrum
of business sectors and vary greatly in international marketplace experience.
Respondents have been asked a variety of questions concerning their business