Digest for 95-01-13

Dear Friends,

An important new resource is announced in today's digest - the creation of
an electronic mail listserver by the Center for Civil Society
International.  In email posting #8 below, Richard UpJohn of CCSI
announces this list as "a new electronic mailing list of news and
resources, electronic and print, of interest to individuals and
organizations engaged in civil society institution-building projects in
the NIS (former USSR)."  This supplements their excellent WWW server
located from the home page of Friends and Partners (and directly from URL:
http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/ccsi/ccsihome.html).  Directions for joining the
new list are included in the email message below. 

Congratulations (and thanks) to Richard, Holt, and the other good folks of
the CCSI on their growing set of excellent and helpful information

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#01-13 January 95  Sender:  GershteinS@BELMONT.EDU (Sergey Gershtein)
                   Subject: Looking for a pal friend   

#02-13 January 95  Sender:  yxv2@po.CWRU.Edu (Yelena Vayner)
                   Subject: Re: Digest for 95-01-04   

#03-13 January 95  Sender:  glasnews@eskimo.com (Alan Boyle)
                   Subject: Russian newsgroup on new media     

#04-13 January 95  Sender:   Tanya Bodien (bodien@u.washington.edu)
                   Subject: Re: Digest for 95-01-09     

#05-13 January 95  Sender:  "Andrew Shipilov" 
                   Subject: Ukrainian College is Looking  for Partnerships     

#06-13 January 95  Sender:  srosenfeld@smtpgate.ssmc.noaa.gov
                   Subject: INFO-RUSS: NanoTechnology     

#07-13 January 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: Newsletter-Institute for the Study of 
                            Russian Education     

#08-13 January 95  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International 
                   Subject: CivilSoc: NEW NIS electronic mailing list    
#09-13 January 95  Sender:  Center for Civil Society International 
                   Subject: CCSI's November newsletter   

#10-13 January 95  Sender:  Martin Ryle (RYLE@urvax.urich.edu)
                   Subject: NEW: CET-ONLINE: CENT. EUR. TODAY NEWS 
                            SERVICE (forwarded message)   
#11-13 January 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: Eurasia Foundation Positions in Kiev, Moscow 
                            and Washington   

#12-13 January 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: Teaching Positions-American University in Bulgaria                         
APPENDIX:        LISTSERV address & basic procedures


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

** 001 *********************************************************************

Sender:  GershteinS@BELMONT.EDU (Sergey Gershtein)
Subject: Looking for a pal friend

Dear Friends,

I have a friend in Russia who is looking for somebody in America to
correspond by mail (he does not have access to email).  He wants to
practice his English and just have fun.  My friend's name is Dmitry Ryvkin,
he is a sophomore in the Urals State University. If anyone is interested,
please write directly to him:

        Dmitry Ryvkin
        Syromolotova-str, 16-191
        Ekaterinburg, 620092

** 002 *********************************************************************

Sender:  yxv2@po.CWRU.Edu (Yelena Vayner)
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-01-04

Dear friends,

I am an undergraduate student at Case Western Reserve University majoring
in economics. I have been looking for scholarships in this area for some
time but could not find any that would fit my status (I am sophomore).

I would appreciate any information regarding this kind of financial aid.


                                                  Yelena Vayner
** 003 *********************************************************************

Sender:  Tanya Bodien (bodien@u.washington.edu)
Subject: Re: Digest for 95-01-09

I don't know if you can help me or not, but I tried to send Ethel Dunn a
message that I was interested in the journal, but I got the message
returned.  Is there more to her address than what is writen there?

Tanya Bodien
University of Washington

On Mon, 9 Jan 1995, Greg Cole wrote:

) Digest for January 09, 1995
) Sender:  HRSSRS - Ethel Dunn (edunn@well.sf.ca.us)
) Subject: Free journal from Highgate Road Social Science Research Station
) Anyone who sends us a postal address will receive Volume 7 of Russia and Her
) Neighbors free. This is a one-time offer to promote a special issue: "The
) struggle to Survive: After the Soviet Collapse. More Letters to and Essays
) By William Mandel."

** 004 *********************************************************************

Sender:  glasnews@eskimo.com (Alan Boyle)
Subject: Russian newsgroup on new media

Dear Networkers:
    Relcom is considering the creation of a new newsgroup,
"relcom.comp.newmedia," which would be a forum for discussions about
the use of new media forms (such as e-mail, Usenet and the Web) to
distribute news and information globally.  The group's clientele would
include computer experts as well as journalists and, of course, anyone
else interested in the subject.
    Relcom is the largest computer network in the former Soviet Union,
and such a newsgroup would do much to widen the global discussion about
the future of online media.
    I am trying to help Relcom's Tatiana Savenkova get out the word about
the call for votes -- with a deadline of January 31.  The CFV (in
English and Russian KOI-7) is archived at ftp://eskimo.com/GlasNews/cfv.
It also has been posted to the newsgroup "relcom.talk." For further
information, you can contact Tatiana at tis@kiae.su.
    Please consider sending her your vote of support.
    This message is being posted to fsumedia, friends, online-news,
INTCAR-L and the newsgroups "alt.journalism" and "comp.infosystems."
Please excuse any duplication and feel free to forward this message as
    Thanks, Alan Boyle (Managing Editor, Glasnews ... glasnews@eskimo.com)

** 005 *********************************************************************

Sender:  "Andrew Shipilov" (ASHIPILOV@roch_ltc2.ro.cc.mn.us)
Subject: Ukrainian College is Looking  for Partnerships

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Crimean Institute of Environmental Protection and Resort Building is
looking for establishing the contacts with Colleges in the United

Our college is a four year institution that located in Simferopol
(CRIMEA, UKRAINE). We specialize in Economics and Management,
Environmental and Resort Building Studies, English and German
languages. We are the only College in the Crimea that provides
Russian Language orientation courses for International Students.

We have establish the system like Community College system in the US.
We have special two year high school program where we teach students
on the senior high level. The credits they earn are transferable to
our College.

We are very interested to establish partnership with two and four year
colleges in the US.  The main purpose of this is to increase mutual
understanding between our countries  and technology enrichment via
students and faculty exchange.

Crimea has been an international recreation territory for centuries
and during the exchange programs our guests will be able to visit
wonderful places and, as one German teacher did, bring back home
500(five hundred) photos after one week.

For more information please contact Andrew Shipilov--our American

Hope to hear from you soon.

)From Andrew Shipilov:
All your requests please send either to my E-mail address or to the
postal address:
Andrew V. Shipilov
2685 Oak Hills Dr. SW
Rochester MN 55902
I will be very happy to hear from you soon!
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!

Andrew V. Shipilov
Rochester Community College
Rochester MN, USA
phone/fax (507)252-5917

** 006 *********************************************************************

Sender:  srosenfeld@smtpgate.ssmc.noaa.gov
Subject: INFO-RUSS: NanoTechnology

Attention of the ex-Soviet scientists in the states of the ex-USSR or

USA Innovative Research Institution is seeking for cooperation in the area
of NANOTECHNOLOGY. Funding from the US government sources are expected to be
available. Interested individuals or organizations are invited to contact

Dr. Simon Rosenfeld
through e-mail: SROSENFELD@smtpgate.ssmc.noaa.gov,

through fax:
in USA (301)713-0119 Attn:S.Rosenfeld, M. Poindexter

or mail:
Dr. M. Poindexter,
NOAA/ERL/ARL, 1325 East-West HWY,
SSMC-3, rm 3151,
Silver Spring, MD

** 007 *********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Newsletter-Institute for the Study of Russian Education

Members of the list may be interested in the newsletter published
by  the  Institute for the Study of Russian Education  [ISRE]  at
Indiana University.

I  have  just received the most recent issue, which is  a  double
issue  -  Vol.  3, Nos. 1/2. The 42-page  issue  includes  edited
versions  of papers presented at a recent (June 1994)  conference
at  Columbia University on the theme - "Contemporary Central  and
East  European, Russian and Eurasian Education:  Common  Legacies
and the Struggle for Reform." Participants included Victor  Bolo-
tov, First Deputy Minister of Education, Russia; Evgenii Tkachen-
ko, Minister of Education, Russia; G.I. Khanin, Rector, Independ-
ent Siberian University, Novosibirsk, and many others (to whom  I
apologize  for  not including in this brief listing).  The  issue
also contains discussions of documents, and book reviews.

Professor Ben Eklof is the Editor, and Steven Duke is the  Manag-
ing Editor.  For further information, both can be reached via  e-

Subscriptions to the ISRE Newsletter are $10 (U.S.) annually  for
individuals  and  $20 for  institutions.  Subscriptions  requests
should be sent to:

          Institute for the Study of Russian Education
                    Smith Research Center 102
                       Indiana University
                      2805 East 10th Street
                Bloomington, IN 47405-2301 U.S.A.

Please  include  with  your subscription  request  the  following

1. Name and Title
2. Postal Address, including Institutional Affiliation
3. Telephone/Fax Numbers
4. E-Mail Address
5. Title of current research  or projects (optional, of course)

Footnote: ISRE currently has a limited number of copies of Educa-
tion in Russia Past and Present: An Introductory Study Guide  and
Select  Bibliography,  by James Muckle.  It is  my  understanding
that this 48-page guide includes an introduction to source  mate-
rials  and  a useful bibliography.  To order, when  sending  your
subscription  to ISRE Newsletter, indicate that you would like  a
copy  of the publication, and enclose a check for  $8.00  (U.S.),
payable to ISRE.

Please feel free to contact Ben Eklof or Steven Duke if you  have
any questions.

** 008 *********************************************************************

Sender:  Center for Civil Society International (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: CivilSoc: NEW NIS electronic mailing list

                 CCSI Announces CivilSoc Listserv

      Civil Society Resources for the NIS Available by E-Mail

Center for Civil Society International announces the start-up of
"CivilSoc," a new electronic mailing list of news and resources,
electronic and print, of interest to individuals and organizations
engaged in civil society institution-building projects in the NIS
(former USSR).  The electronic mailing list (or Listserv, as it is
commonly known) will be available, free of charge, to anyone with
access to e-mail.  It will consist of e-mail messages which are
delivered to everyone who signs up.  The list is made possible by
the Friends and Partners project, founded and operated by Greg
Cole of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Natasha Bulashova of Pushchino,

Because some subscribers based in the NIS must pay for all
incoming mail, we intend to keep postings concise: an average of
1-3 kilobytes, with a monthly volume of around 20-30 kilobytes.
If you have longer messages to submit to the Listserv, please do
so, but we may edit them for length.

We hope that CivilSoc will grow over time and reflect the
interests of many subscribers.  Initially it will consist of
announcements about projects and resources, print and electronic,
that we post.  But we encourage all participants, especially those
in the NIS, to submit their own material for posting.

Examples of items that CivilSoc will contain include:

  *  Books and resources available in print and electronically
  *  Civil society institution building projects in the NIS
  *  Curriculum available via e-mail, and other distance learning
  *  Grant Opportunities
  *  Lists of e-mail contacts
  *  Reviews of Internet mailing lists (Listservs)
  *  Job opportunities
  *  Brief profiles of 3rd sector organizations worth knowing

Reviews of electronic resources will include directions for
retrieving them, even by users who only have e-mail access.

Topics that CivilSoc will cover include:

  *  Agriculture
  *  Art
  *  American studies
  *  Business
  *  Civic education
  *  Consumer protection
  *  Criminal justice
  *  Disabilities
  *  Environment
  *  Health
  *  Law
  *  Media
  *  NGO organizational development
  *  Public administration
  *  Social welfare

A regular feature will be an electronic edition of CCSI's monthly
newsletter, "Civil Society ... East and West."

CivilSoc is an automated Listserv meaning you are responsible for
signing on to the list and taking yourself off.

To subscribe to Civilsoc, send a one-line e-mail message with the

      subscribe civilsoc firstname lastname

to the following address:


If you have any trouble you can contact CCSI at:

In order for you to get an idea of what we will be putting up on
the Listserv, we will mail you separately a sample posting from
the November 1994 issue of CCSI's newsletter.

** 009 *********************************************************************

Sender:  Center for Civil Society International (ccsi@u.washington.edu)
Subject: CCSI's November newsletter

CCSI will e-mail any of the following articles upon request.  They
can also be retrieved by e-mail using the URL which is listed for
each document.  Article #9 contains directions for how to do this.
For more information contact: ccsi@u.washington.edu

                        *  *  *  *  *  *  *

                  Civil Society ... East and West

                           November 1994

1  Civic Education Project Helps Restore Social Sciences in NIS

   A brief profile of the Civic Education Project, based at Yale
   University, which in 1995-96 will send 130 instructors to teach
   at 65 universities in 12 countries in Eastern Europe and the
   NIS. (3.2Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/csew/94-11/cep.html

2  Kozyrev's 3 Points

   Summary of remarks on U.S.-Russian non-governmental
   partnerships by Russian Foreign Minister Andrei V. Kozyrev at
   conference in September organized by World Learning. (2.2Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/csew/94-11/kozyrev.html

3  Study Finds Western Book Donation Programs Effective, but
   Needing Improvement

   Report of study based on 700 surveys of librarians, faculty
   members and university officials in Eastern Europe.  Includes
   key points from study's Executive Summary and recommendations.

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/csew/94-11/cep-book.html

4  Citizen Exchange Council (CEC) Expands ArtsLink Program

   Profile of exchange program which in the Fall of 1994 brought
   28 artists and arts managers from the NIS and Eastern Europe to
   the U.S. for 5-week residencies.  CEC will expand the program
   and send 30 American artists to the region in 1995. (2.6Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/csew/94-11/cec.html

5  American Friendship Library Project (AFLP) "Recycles" Medical,
   Professional Journals

   Description of AFLP, which has shipped 450,000 books and
   journals to the NIS and Eastern Europe since it was founded
   four years ago. (4Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/csew/94-11/am-libr.html


6  International Exchange and Training Activities of the U.S.
   Government--1993 Report

   Highlights of annual report prepared by the United States
   Information Agency to inform Congress and the public of the
   status of U.S. government-funded exchange activity. (3.7Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/csew/94-11/usia1993.html

7  Materials from the American Association for the Advancement of

   List of some of the 22 publications available from the AAAS
   Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law program. (2.7Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/csew/94-11/aaasbk.html

                             Net Talk

                           November 1994

8  CivilSoc Listserv - Civil Society Resources for the NIS
   Available by E-Mail

   Center for Civil Society International announces new electronic
   mailing list of news and resources, electronic and print, of
   interest to individuals and organizations engaged in civil
   society institution-building projects in the NIS. (3.9Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/nettalk/94-11/civilsoc.html

9  How to Retrieve Documents Using Just E-Mail

   Description of a very simple technique with which anyone with
   access to e-mail can retrieve almost any document on the
   Internet just be sending an e-mail message. (2.9Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/nettalk/94-11/emailurl.html

10 Law Lists

   Description of list of 400 law-related electronic mailing
   lists, discussion groups, electronic journals, newsletters or
   news digests. (2.5Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/nettalk/94-11/law-

Listserv Review

11 Environmental Cooperation Bulletin

   Review of monthly e-mail bulletin of environmental activities
   in the NIS and Eastern Europe produced by Kompass Resources
   International. (2.7Kb)

   URL: http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/~ccsi/nettalk/94-11/kompass.html

The URL for CCSI's Home Page is:

** 010 *********************************************************************

Sender:  Martin Ryle (RYLE@urvax.urich.edu)
Subject: NEW: CET-ONLINE: CENT. EUR. TODAY NEWS SERVICE (forwarded message)

X-Posted from H-RUSSIA listserver

CET-ONLINE on MAJORDOMO@EUNET.CZ   Central Europe Today News Service

   CET-ONLINE is a free daily English language news service produced by
   Central Europe Today and published by Cameron M. Hewes featuring
   political, economic and business news as well as feature stories
   that chronicle the living and working environment in Central Europe.
   Each daily issue is approximately 20-30K long, or 6-8 pages of text,
   and is formatted as setext for easy reading and archival with a setext
   browser.  CET-ONLINE is meant to be a concise and reliable source of
   information for those who are interested in the region for business,
   professional, academic, or personal reasons.  CET-ONLINE is NOT a
   discussion list.

   Archives of CET-ONLINE are kept on the EUNET.CZ computers.  To
   obtain a list of files available in the archive, send the command
   in the BODY of e-mail to (CET-ONLINE-REQUEST@EUNET.CZ)

   To subscribe to CET-ONLINE, send the command
   in the BODY of a message to (CET-ONLINE-REQUEST@EUNET.CZ)

   For more information about CET-ONLINE, an automatic response
   address has been set up at (CET-INFO@EUNET.CZ).

   Owner:  Cameron M. Hewes (HEWES@TRAVELLER.CZ)

   DISCLAIMER: NEW-LIST announcements are edited from information
   provided by the original submitter.  We do NOT verify the technical
   accuracy nor any claims made in the announcements nor do we
   necessarily agree with them.  We do not warranty or guarantee any
   services which might be announced - use at your own risk.  For more
   information send e-mail to LISTSERV@VM1.NoDak.EDU with the command
   GET NEW-LIST README  in the body.  mgh

** 011 *********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Eurasia Foundation Positions in Kiev, Moscow and Washington

The  appended position announcement from the  Eurasia  Foundation
may be of interest to the list.  For further information,  please
send  inquiries  to the contact provided at the end  of  the  an-
nouncement.   After reading the announcement, you will then  know
as  much  as I do about the positions. Of  course,  apologies  in
advance for excessive cross-post clutter on the receiving end.
The  Eurasia  Foundation, a privately managed,  nonprofit  grant-
making organization funded by USAID, seeks to fill the  following
three positions.

KIEV REGIONAL DIRECTOR.  Serves as the Eurasia Foundation  repre-
sentative,  decision maker, and spokesperson in Ukraine,  Belarus
and  Moldova.  Previous professional, managerial  and  analytical
experience  in the former Soviet Union, fluency in at  least  one
NIS language, and strong computer skills required. Salary negoti-
able. Must be U.S. citizen or legal resident

MOSCOW REGIONAL DIRECTOR . Same as above for Central and  Western
Russia. Must be U.S. citizen or legal resident.

evaluate project proposals, monitor grants.  Previous  experience
with projects in the NIS, excellent analytical skills,  knowledge
of  at  least one NIS language, and strong  computer  skills  re-
quired.   Salary in the 30s. Must be U.S. citizen or legal  resi-

Send resume and salary history to:
                        Personnel Manager
                     The Eurasia Foundation
             1527 New Hampshire Ave, NW, 3rd Floor,
                      Washington, DC 20036
               Email address: kcarley@eurasia.org.

** 012 *********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Teaching Positions-American University in Bulgaria

The  appended announcement of teaching positions at the  American
University in Bulgaria [AUBG] may be of interest to some  members
of  the  list.  Please feel free  to  contact  Professor  Richard
Reeves-Ellington  via  e-mail [RICHARD@NWS.AUBG.BG] at  AUBG  for
further  information.  If, for some reason,  you  cannot  contact
Richard, I would be happy to respond to, and forward, inquiries.
The American University in Bulgaria seeks to fill two  accounting
positions  (managerial  and finance). PhD is  preferred  but  MBA
graduates are welcome to apply; one Finance position  (corporate,
international and banking). PhD required; two strategy  positions
(PhD,  DBA required or equivalent work experience) For all  posi-
tions,  work  experience is a real plus. Prior  college  teaching
experience is required. Persons interested in a one-year contract
are  also  welcome  to apply. All positions  are  dependent  upon

Bulgaria (AUBG), located in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, started class-
es  in 1991, with the purpose of offering a 4-year  undergraduate
American Liberal Arts education in a Balkan setting. Its  general
mission  is to provide an intellectual atmosphere  that  provides
the learning needed for Balkan citizens and institutions to  join
the  mainstream  of western education, join the  emerging  global
economy,  and create a civil society - a society that is  steeped
in  the  rule  of law, universal human  rights,  and  traditional

Specifically,  AUBG  seeks  to graduate students  who  have  been
exposed  to the world in these broad terms. The chosen method  of
accomplishing these goals is a liberal arts education;  an educa-
tion  based  on traditional western concepts of liberal  arts  as
originating in the Renaissance - a tradition that provides criti-
cal thinking, knowledge to use critical thinking and professional
skills to use the knowledge. The faculty, through the development
and  execution  of  a distinctive curriculum  is  supporting  the
accomplishment of the overall vision and mission of the university.

The initial majors at AUBG (applied economics, business  adminis-
tration, computer science, English, history, journalism,  politi-
cal science, southeast European studies) were selected as import-
ant  in meeting the needs of the university's customers -   stud-
ents, balkan societies, and balkan social institutions. There are
three major components in the curriculum. Core classes,  designed
to provide basic writing, computer, and thinking skills.  General
education  courses  designed  to provide a wide  ranging  set  of
viewpoints and opinions, while professional education to  provide
a  potential  work forces, both within and outside  academe.  All
three  sets are to further the goals of a liberal arts  education
within the work places of the Balkans.

Within  the  curriculum, AUBG faculty is  assuring  a  continuing
broad education throughout the four years through cross-discipli-
nary activities - cross-disciplinary team teaching,  cross-disci-
plinary  course listings, and cross-institutional  teaching.  The
latter includes inviting professors and occupational  profession-
als to participate in the education of AUBG students and  sending
the students into the wider social environment to work and learn.

BUSINESS  CURRICULUM: The intent of the AUBG business  curriculum
is  to provide students with an ability to make profound  changes
in  any  environment in which they choose to work.  The  business
curriculum is based on two fundamental assumptions: business is a
social science - not a mathematical science; successful business-
es,  in the late 20th century, function as interdependent  reali-
ties.  Realities that integrate into the cultural norms,  ethics,
and  values  of  the local and regional cultures  in  which  they
operate  and  create new constellations from local  and  regional
groupings,  while maintaining a strong core id entity  for  them-
selves.  The business curriculum is designed from  these  assump-
tions.  Its  purpose is twofold: (1) provide  an  education  that
permits those graduating from it to have the knowledge and  skill
to lead the necessary changes from a command to a market-oriented
economy;  (2) assure graduates can lead themselves and others  in
integrating  their business education in a wider social  context.
Particularly,  the curriculum provides the basis for students  to
(1)  identify  key constituencies (customers) for whom  they  can
work and thereby extend western business concepts, education  and
training, (2) learn and use communications methodologies required
by  key  constituencies, and  (3) learn and use  appropriate  and
effective  techniques  and tools for measurement of  results  ob-
tained  in the class r oom and in the general  business  environ-
ment.  Its graduates should be able to work in global  companies,
Bulgarian companies, or be able to start up their own  enterpris-
es.  The  AUBG business curriculum  is designed  to  provide  the
basic business skills needed by a graduate, a broad understanding
of  the  social  context in which business takes  place  and  the
analytical skills needed to integrate the entire learning process
at AUBG.

There  is  a mix of business courses, core  course,  and  general
education courses throughout the four year education,  permitting
parallel learning of business skills and life skills. The general
education  categories  are designed to  provide  both  analytical
skills  and specific knowledge in fields other than business.  We
recommend  that business majors also take courses in Balkan  his-
tory,  to  assure a deeper understanding, of the  region  from  a
fresh  point  of view; Shakespeare literary analysis  to  gain  a
deeper  understanding of the human condition; an  anthropological
course  studying ethnicity and its role in the Balkans; a  public
speaking or theater course from the fine arts. To further broaden
the student's experience base, the business curriculum has  elec-
tive  courses  from other social  science  disciplines.

basis of the curriculum is to create a basic paradigm shift  from
a producer/consumer paradigm to a customer supplier paradigm.  It
is also designed to fit into a framework that will prepare  stud-
ents  for further graduate study in the US and for employment  in
global firms.

The  business curriculum to be innovative, at  the  undergraduate
level,  in three ways: (1) it is highly rigorous in  demanding  a
melding of theory, analysis, and action; (2) courses require that
students demonstrate their ability to work with on-going problems
and institutions located in Bulgaria; (3) learn to work to gether
in  ways  that develop leadership and  motivational  skills.  The
purpose  of  these innovations is to inculcate  in  students  the
ability  to understand change and ways to effect  change  through
the concept of constant improvement. The overall purpose of these
innovations  is  to  create a learning  organization  within  the
business  curriculum - an organization in which everyone is  both
teacher  and stud ent. Of the business electives, 73% are  taught
by  disciplines  other than the business faculty.  This  provides
assurance  for the development of a broad basis of  understanding
of business, business skills and their use in the business  arena
as well as in society as a whole.

Interested  parties please send a letter of interest,  curriculum
vitae,  and  three  letters of recommendation  to:  AUBG  Faculty
Recruitment Committee, AUBG Washington Office, 1750 K Street, NW,
Washington, D.C. 20006. Residents of Europe may send their  mate-
rials  to the Faculty Recruitment Committee, American  University
in  Bulgaria, 2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Please  include  E-Mail
address when possible.
* Dr. Dennis McConnell                * TEL: +1.207.581.1988 *
* Eastern European Enterprise Network * FAX: +1.207.581.1956 *
* College of Business Administration  * TLX:  62955628       *
* University of Maine                 ************************
* Orono, Maine 04469-5723 U.S.A.      * MAC@MAINE.MAINE.EDU  *


----------------------- END FRIENDS January 13, 1995 -------------------------


FRIENDS is a free service started by friends in Russia and the United
States. This Listserv is one element of that service.

To subscribe to FRIENDS (if someone has passed you a copy of this
announcement), just send an email message to:


consisting of *one line* of the following format:

SUBSCRIBE FRIENDS firstname lastname

and substitute your first and last names for 'firstname lastname'

To unsubscribe from FRIENDS, send the message UNSUBSCRIBE FRIENDS to:

To post a message to FRIENDS, send it to: friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

To visit the FRIENDS WWW server, use the following URL if you have
a World Wide Web browser:  http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/home.html

If you don't have a WWW browser, just telnet to solar.rtd.utk.edu
and enter 'friends' (in lower case and without the quotes) at the
login prompt.

For those who need it, the IP address of our computer is

Please address any comments, questions, or suggestions to your friendly

Natasha Bulashova, natasha@ibpm.serpukhov.su
Greg Cole, gcole@solar.rtd.utk.edu