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WHAT'S NEW . . .

#01-04 January 95  A helpful server for those traveling to Russia. 
                   (WWW pages)  


#01-04 January 95  Sender:  RCCROCKETT@life.uams.edu
                   Subject: for lena from robert   

#02-04 January 95  Sender:  ben.frank@his.com
                   Subject: PEDAGOGICAL INSTITUTE   

#03-04 January 95  Sender:  Ralph Kinnear (ralph@inihq.demon.co.uk)
                   Subject: ODA/KHF Social Development Adviser   

#04-04 January 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: Book Reviewers for Central Asia Survey     

#05-04 January 95  Sender:  BARNEYCBLACK@delphi.com
                   Subject: International Hydrofoil Society     

#06-04 January 95  Sender:  glasnews@eskimo.com
                   Subject: School from Russia need your help.. (forwarded)     

#07-04 January 95  Sender:  Dawn Mann (mannd@omri.cz) 
                   Subject: Welcome to OMRI-L     
#08-04 January 95  Sender:  Sarah Lum (Sarah_Lum@Brown.edu)
                   Subject: US-RUSSIAN TELECONFERENCING PROGRAM   

#09-04 January 95  Sender:  FISHER@utkvx.utk.edu
                   Subject: Belarus Internet Connection (fwd)

#10-04 January 95  Sender:  Dennis McConnell (mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU) 
                   Subject: Country Privatization Reports   
#11-04 January 95  Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
                   Subject: EDI Review from World Bank   

#12-04 January 95  Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
                   Subject: Project funding Sources, NIS
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WHAT'S NEW . . .

*  A helpful server for those traveling to Russia can be found at
   "http://www.seanet.com/RussianPage/RussianPage.html".  On this server 
   you can visit the Moscow Airport, check the Aeroflot flight schedules and 
   view their fleet.  There is also information from the Russian Consulate 
   on obtaining visas.  As an added bonus, there is a page that will take 
   you to other World Wide Web sites located in Russia.


Please continue to send your e-mail to friends@solar.rtd.utk.edu.

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Sender:  RCCROCKETT@life.uams.edu
Subject: for lena from robert

Lena, I have tried to ping your computer's address and it doesn't register.
it sounds like an smtp bug.  if you have full internet access, i can show
you an alternate way to send e-mail until your e-mail is back on line.  my
e-mail went down for about a week about two months ago and i had to use this
method.  i will refer to my notes on how to do it.  it will take you about
three days to get set up.  have you reported the e-mail situation to your
system administrator?  they might be unaware that there is a bug.  i would
like to communicate with you by snail mail in the meantime.  i'll send you
the info on how to send e-mail independent of your system.  my snail mail
address is:

robert crockett
25 oakwood road, apt. d3
little rock, ar  72202

drop me a line -- robert

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Sender:  ben.frank@his.com

My son is on an ACTR year's study grant at the Pedagogical Institute in Moscow.
Does anyone know of any e-mail address there. I would be most appreciative of
any information. Ben.Fran@His.Com

* #003 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Ralph Kinnear (ralph@inihq.demon.co.uk)
Subject: ODA/KHF Social Development Adviser

The UK Government's Overseas Development Adminiustration is looking for a
new Social Development Adviser for the UK's bilateral assistance programme,
the Know How Fund (starting as soon as possible). As I suspect a lot of
suitable and interested people are working in the field I am sending this
message to a number of lists (carefully selected to avoid too many
cross-posts, and I apologise for those I miss): if you are interesetd
please e-mail me on ralph@inihq.demon.co.uk and I will send a short (c.
3kB) description to you by return mail.

Ralph Kinnear

| Ralph KINNEAR         * Social Development Adviser (CIS & Central Europe)  |
|                     Overseas Development Administration, UK Know-How Fund  |
|         Foreign Office, Old Admiralty Bldg, 24 Whitehall, London SW1A 2AP  |
|                            Tel +44-(0)71 210 8478, Fax +44-(0)71 917 0197  |
|                                                                            |
| * GHK International Ltd                                                    |
|   London SE4 1QE,                         (100072.1520@compuserve.com)  or |
|                                                                            |                                           
|   Tel & Fax +44-(0)81 692 8145             (kinnearr@vax.lse.ac.uk) or     |
*------------------------------------------- (ralph@inihq.demon.co.uk)  -----*

* #004 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: Book Reviewers for Central Asia Survey

Dr.  Stephen Blank, Book Review Editor for Central  Asia  Survey,
has  asked me to broadcast a request for book reviewers  for  the
journal.   Perhaps  members of this list will  be  interested  in
serving  as reviewers for the journal in 1995. If you would  like
to volunteer your experience/expertise, simply contact Dr.  Blank
at the coordinates below.  If you have a particular new  publica-
tion  you  would like to review for the journal,  Dr.  Blank  has
indicated that he would be happy to obtain it for you, if  possi-
ble,  for review purposes. To express an interest, or to  request
additional information, please contact:

                        Dr. Stephen Blank
                National Security Affairs Analyst
                   Strategic Studies Institute
                      U.S. Army War College
                Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013-5050
                       Tel: [717] 245-4085
                       Fax: [717] 245-3820
* #005 **********************************************************************

Sender:  BARNEYCBLACK@delphi.com
Subject: International Hydrofoil Society

On behalf of the International Hydrofoil Society, I am soliciting
participation by interested people in Russia and the former Soviet
Republics.  Although hydrofoil boats and ships are used extensively
there, we currently have no direct Russian participation.  If you
know of an appropriate person to read this notice, please make the
effort to pass it on.
 Objectives of the society include...

To act as a voice for the world hydrofoil community.
To provide an international forum for interchange of information
and ideas related to hydrofoils and their application.
To promote educational activities related to hydrofoils.
To help establish and document practices, rules, and standards.
to promote hydrofoil related conferences, exhibits, lectures,
and educational aids.
To preserve an historical record of hydrofoil development and

Specifically, we are interested in receiving photographs or
articles for publication in the quarterly newsletter.

Also, we are currently soliciting papers for presentation at
the 25th anniversary of the society to be celebrated in June 1995.
The papers will be a mix of technical subjects, program management
ideas, first person historical accounts, etc.

Membership is the society costs $20 per year.  However, you need not
be a member to correspond with and contribute to the society.

Contact me for further information if interested:
Barney C. Black  (barneycblack@delphi.com)
4122 Taney Avenue
Alexandria VA 22304-2441
* #006 **********************************************************************

Sender:  glasnews@eskimo.com
Subject: School from Russia need your help..

Forwarded message:

)From: Alexander B.Semakov (rareinc@glas.apc.org)
Subj: Exchange programms etc: Did it possible for us?
Kirov (Vyatka), Russia                               19 Dec 1994

Dear Sirs:
   I beg your pardon for that my letter for you but circumstances
force me to act namely so.

My name is Alexander Semakov and I'm  work in the Kirov's School-
Gymnasium #28.
     But at first I must to say in brief about our school:
     Kirov's municipal school-gymnasium #28 - one out of largest
in Kirov town, regional  center.  Town  located  about  1000  km
(around  600  miles) on North-East from Moscow by Trans-Siberian

     Besides  general  for Russian's high schools (at us carries
it name - gymnasustical"), learning in the school subdivide into
three specialized flows:
     Humanistic, Chemical-Biological and Computer's Science.
     Selection of students in one or the other flow is realized,
as a rule, in 6-th classes,  and  farther  training's  programms
various flows considerably different.

     Learning in all flows is led teachers who have, in general,
higher qualification's categories and  worked  on  own  author's
methods and learning programms.
     On   learning's  quality  specialized  flows  approximately
equal, but for school on the  whole  by  basic,  for  all  that,
follows to consider flow COMPUTER'S SCIENCE.

    Today school have three computer's labs, two  of it-  on IBM
PS/2-30 and third, installed only 10 days back - with IBM PC/486
and  Local Net, that, generally speaking, practically unique for
provincial Russia.
     The  recent years activity of school-gymnasium more all was
gravitating namely to this direction, or, if be more exact -  to
her  logical continuation - to telecommunication, both local and
     Besides  membership in communication network GlasNet school
is only second on  all  territory  of  the  former  U.S.S.R.  in
present  by  official  participant  learning telecommunicational
network Global Learning Corporation (Dallas, TX, US)  with  name

     In  January  1994  our 6th grade students became winners of
International Competition for Computer's Christmas Cards.
     In  April  1994  they  became  victors of Russian network's
Games on "Junior Achievment" programm.
     Now     school     have     participates     into    Global
telecommunication's Project  organized  under  home  nursing  of
UNESCO:  "My  World  is  Your World" (Culture Meet Culture). The
results of that project will be round off in Aprile 1995.

     UNFORTUNATELY, that direction of activities is under threat
of cessation  now:  Expenses  on  trunklines  and  payments  for
internet  account name more than today's financial possibilities
of school.
     This seemingly as our sufficiently local problem, but cause
in that, our school is practically unique all over  the  Kirov's
region  active  participant of telecommunication's activity, and
among educational institutions - unequivocal  unique,  who  have
access  into Internet and supplying, on non-for-profit base, not
only methodical, informational and technical support,  but  also
actually  possibility  of  global communication with partners in
foreign countries, first of all - in the USA, for  teachers  and
students  out  of  Kirov's schools and lot of higher educational
institutions such as Kirov State Teacher's  Training  Institute,
Kirov  State  Medical  Institute  and  Volgo-Vyatic  Humanitstic
     And  so, stopping of network's activity of school-gymnasium
automatically leads in  cessation  similar  activity  around  10
educational institutions of town.

     This  also  sadly, such as kind of utopia become all dreams
about  creation  on  base   of   school-gymnasium   a   Regional
Information  and  Methodical  Center,  which was pondering by as
powerful,  equipped  computer's  technology  and  communication'
means,   apparatus   for   receive  satellite  broadcasting  and
publisher's system  sole  center  of  methodical  and  technical
support for regional's high and higher educational institutions.

     That  Project  was  in  its  time  passed  in Department of
Education of Kirov's Regional Government and we has approval and
promise  of support, but absence of free money into budget mean,
that realize of that Project becoming practically impossible.
     It's  becomes already obviously clearly now, that all these
elaborations can't to be realize in more or less near future.

     Hope  on  finances  out  of  Moscow was backslided, Kirov's
Industry is a sufficiently specific  (in  general  there  are  a
factories  of  Military-Industrial Complex), and its mean, that
hope on financial support of local businessman - there are also
no reasons whatsoever.

  Now we must to search new ways.

   And therefore, if you let me, alot of questions for you as for
organization, which remain last hope for us:

     *  Did  there  is  any possibility to receipt of purposeful
grant  any  US  Government's  or  charitable  organization,  who
interested  in  development  of contacts and support of learning
system from peripheral Russia?

     *  If answer on first question - "Yes", than - what sort of
registration's procedure as competitor for given grant?

     *  Did  it  possible for teachers and students from Kirov's
schools and higher  educational  institutions  participation  in
programms  international exchanges and fielworks, how follows to
give claims in case of, if this possibly, and  what  demands  to
potential candidates?

Thank in advance!

Truly yours,

Alexander B.Semakov
Postmaster and Co-ordinator of telecommunications Projects.
12-19-94 11:58pm

School-gymnasium #28,
Lenina St.,52, Kirov, Russia, 610004
Ph#: +7 (8332) 69 2443, 62 1867
Internet E-Mail:
      rareinc@glas.apc.org (preferable)
      vyatschool@glas.apc.org (sorry, but that account name is frozen now)

     P.S. I am very sorry for my wrong English, but my anxiety
for that affair more better than my shame for my terrible language...
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Sender:  Dawn Mann (mannd@omri.cz) 
Subject: Welcome to OMRI-L 

                                          DAILY DIGEST

The Open Media Research Institute is pleased to announce that its Daily Digest
will commence publication on Monday, 2 January 1995.

 Current subscribers to the RFE/RL Daily Report will automatically receive

New e-mail subscribers may enroll by sending an e-mail message to:
In the text of your message, type:
                    subscribe omri-l yourfirstname yourlastname

The DD will be prepared by OMRI specialists and will carry on the RFE/RL
Daily Report tradition of providing current news and information about
developments in the former Soviet Union and East-Central and Southeastern

We hope you find the OMRI Daily Digest useful. We solicit your comments and
suggestions concerning this publication. For information about receiving the
OMRI DD by fax, or for information about other OMRI publications, such as our
weekly journal of news and analysis, Transition,  please contact us by  fax at
(42/2) 426 396,  by phone at (42/2) 6114 2114, or by e-mail at

* #008 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Sarah Lum (Sarah_Lum@Brown.edu)



Two-way, real-time videoconferencing to Moscow, Russia is now available via
an international satellite link from Brown University. The aim of the link
is to facilitate state-of-the-art communications to academic, scientific,
and other non-profit groups at a fraction of the cost charged by commercial

Videoconferencing is a power communications medium whereby sites thousands
of miles apart can meet as clearly as if they were in the same room.  In
Russia, where the time and cost of frequent travel can limit many joint
efforts, videoconferencing makes possible regular and affordable
face-to-face communications.  Videoconferencing is also being used in an
increasing number of distance education and training projects.

)From videoconferencing sites worldwide, US-Moscow videoconferencing is as
easy as a telephone call.  Sites dial up to Brown and are patched directly
through satellite to our Moscow studio located at the Institute for Space
Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences. If you do not yet have
videoconferencing facilities, arrangements can be made from one of hundreds
of public videoconferencing rooms found throughout the US, Canada, Europe,
and Australia.

Currently "on-air"  six hours a week, the cost for US-Russian
Teleconferencing is $550 per hour, inclusive. We soon hope to move to a
full-time segment, however, which will reduce costs for all users.   To
this end, we are seeking to identify groups interested in  sharing  this
bandwidth on a regular basis.  If we move to a full-time segment, Brown's
link might also be used for Internet and other full-time data

For more information, contact the US-Russian Teleconferencing Program at Brown;
(401) 863-7304, or via Internet:  Sarah_Lum@Brown.edu.

* #009 **********************************************************************

Sender:  FISHER@utkvx.utk.edu
Subject: Belarus Internet Connection (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 17:40:32 +0200
)From: Sergei Kritsky (kritsky@ok.minsk.by)
To: Multiple recipients of list EC-L (EC-L@gsuvm1.bitnet)
Subject: Full Internet in Belarus

   UNIBEL: Network for Byelorussian Science and Education

                Full Internet in Belarus

                    December, 1994

Currently the UNIBEL Network joins the most advanced universities,
research institutes, government and public ogranizations
dealing with science and education. UNIBEL is a result of joint
efforts of these institutions and keeps tight contacts with
all organizations and persons interested in developing academic
and research networking in Belarus. UNIBEL is supported by
Ministry of Education and Science of Republic Belarus, State
Commitee of Science and Technology and Byelorussian Foundation
for Fundamental Research.

UNIBEL is involved in several projects intended to develop and
improve networking infrastructure in Belarus, such as:
- "Research and Development Computer Network of the Republic
   of Belarus";
- "Networking in Education: Ministry's Computer Network for
   Administrative Purposes";
- "Electronic Communications in High and Secondary Schools",

UNIBEL Network was registered in RIPE in December 1993
and IP numbers were assigned. UNIBEL is full national member

Since the begining of December the users of UNIBEL can be
provided with full Internet services. Dedicated 9.6 Kbps
line Minsk-Warsaw has been established and IP-connection
has been put into operation due to great assistance of
Polish Academic and Research Network NASK.

Additionaly UNIBEL has an access to Internet through
EUnet/Relcom network (Moscow) and UARNET (Lvov, Ukraine)
via dial-up lines.

Dedicated line to Moscow (FREEnet) was ordered and PTT licence
was obtained. In future a satellite station will be installed
with assistance of Poland (NASK) and CEENet. This satellite
connection will replace the dedicated line Minsk-Warsaw.

Correspondence to:

        Andrey Ivanov  ivanov@ok.minsk.by

        Sergei Kritsky  kritsky@ok.minsk.by

        phone/fax: +7 (0172) 20 61 34

* #010 **********************************************************************

Sender:  Dennis McConnell (mac@MAINE.MAINE.EDU) 
Subject: Country Privatization Reports

I  have just received some very interesting publications  on  the
topic of privatization, published by the Central & Eastern  Euro-
pean  Privatization  Network [CEEPN].   CEEPN,  headquartered  in
Ljubljana,  Slovenia,  conducts an annual  privatization  meeting
with  representatives  from all Central and East  European  coun-
tries.  Papers at the meeting are subsequently published in  book
form  [soft-cover].  The papers provide an unusually good,  coun-
try-specific  assessment of privatization  efforts/activities  in
each country.

I  have  received the editions for 1991, 1992, and 1993.   As  an
example  of the coverage, the 1993 edition  covers  privatization
topics and developments in the following countries:

          Albania                  Macedonia
          Belarus                  Moldova
          Bulgaria                 Poland
          Croatia                  Romania
          Czech Republic           Russia
          Estonia                  Slovakia
          Germany                  Slovenia
          Hungary                  Ukraine
          Latvia                   Uzbekistan

If  you  would  like to acquire the publications  in  the  Annual
Conference Series, here are the specifics:

Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe 1991  $20 U.S.
Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe 1992  $20 U.S.
Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe 1993  $30 U.S.

Contact coordinates for CEEPN:

Central & Eastern European Privatization Network
Dunajska 104
P.O. Box 18
61109 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: [386-61] 1683-396  Fax: [386-61] 346-660

Since  prices may change, it may be useful to dispatch a  fax  to
CEEPN to confirm price and availability.

Let me close with a disclaimer.  I am not a member of CEEPN,  nor
will  I benefit in any way from the sales of CEEPN  publications.
I  am,  however, an enthusiastic fan of the work they  have  pro-
duced, and feel that the publications will be interesting/helpful
to subscribers interested in privatization and transformation.

* DR. DENNIS MCCONNELL                * TEL: +1.207.581.1988 *
* UNIVERSITY OF MAINE                 *                      *
* ORONO, MAINE 04469-5723 U.S.A.      * MAC@MAINE.MAINE.EDU  *

* #011 **********************************************************************

Sender:  mac@maine.maine.edu (Dennis McConnell)
Subject: EDI Review from World Bank

New Year's Greetings to members of the list.  While scanning  new
lists during the holidays, I noted the new electronic publication
of the Economic Development Institute [EDI], which is  affiliated
with the World Bank. Appended to this note is a brief description
of  the  publication, EDI Review, and  subscription  information,
both  provided  by the staff at EDI.  When subscribing,  you  may
also  want to send the message - INFORMATION EDIREVIEW -  to  the
listserver,  to  receive a compact set of  commands.  Information

Welcome to the EDI REVIEW

The  EDI REVIEW is the electronic version of the quarterly  news-
letter  published by the Economic Development Institute (EDI)  of
the  World Bank. The EDI was established in 1955 to help  promote
economic  development through courses and seminars for  officials
from developing countries. The objective of the EDI REVIEW is  to
disseminate  information about EDI, its training activities,  and
other items of relevance, to former EDI participants and training
professionals throughout the developing world.

When you subscribe to this service, you will receive four messag-
es per year, in January, April, July, and October, announcing the
publication  of the EDI Review. Each announcement will  list  the
contents of each issue: three or four articles, a curriculum  for
a  course  or  seminar in a specific  sector,  new  publications,
upcoming courses and seminars , and EDI staff changes.

To subscribe to EDIREVIEW:

1.   Create a mail message

2.   Next to TO, type:


3.   In the body of the text, type:

     Subscribe EDIREVIEW First Name (space) Last Name


     Subscribe EDIREVIEW John Doe

Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you!
Questions about EDIREVIEW should be sent to Edit Pena
at EDINEWS@worldbank.org.

* #012 **********************************************************************

Sender:  ac737@lafn.org (Michael Segal)
Subject: Project funding Sources, NIS

================= Begin forwarded message ================
I have rarely had such a concise detailed information sheet cross my
buffer.  I hope it turns some ideas into reality.  Michael Segal.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

)From: Jim Cashel (jcashel@eurasia.org)
Subject: Sources for Funding in NIS


The PVO/NIS Project realizes there are a lot of worthy projects still 
unfunded.  Therefore, we would like to present a partial list of alternative 
funding sources. It is important to keep in mind that such data is meant to
serve as a point of departure for your own research and is evolving and always
subject to change.

The sources of funding for activities in the NIS are many and varied.  Unless
you know where to look and precisely what you are looking for it can be
confusing.  In fact, in an ever-changing NIS environment, it is hard to
know where funding is with any precision.  There are many PVOs looking to
tap into funds in the sectors of health, the private sector, democratic 
reform, exchanges and training, and women's health. INTERACTION, an 
association of U.S. PVOs, is seeking to coordinate and concentrate funding 
priorities for the NGO community in these sectors.  The following provides 
an overview of some of these groups, their activities, and where available 
the $ amount of grants they may be distributing.



    The Eurasia Foundation
    1527 New Hampshire, NW
    Washington, DC 20036
    (202) 234-7370 phone
    (202) 234-7377 fax
    NIS Role: Economic and democratic reform. Funding: $16 million per year,
    $100,000-$125,000 grants to American organizations/ $1,000-$25,000 NIS

    The National Endowment for Democracy
    1101 15th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20005
    (202) 293-9072 phone
    (202) 223-6042 fax
    NIS Role: Strengthen free/democratic institutions through U.S. private


    John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    Public Information Office
    5520 N. Magnolia Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60640-1307
    (312) 728-6996 phone
    (312) 728-6886 fax
    NIS Role: Support scientific and intellectual communities. Funding: $9
    million, 3 years, initiated in 1992; research, work grants, some grants 
    to Russian organizations
    Pew Charitable Trusts
    2005 Market Street
    Suite 1700
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    (215) 575-9050 phone
    NIS Role: Improve quality of life; educational, advocacy, and research

    Soros Foundation
    888 7th Avenue, Ste 1901
    New York, NY 10106
    (212) 757-2323 phone
    (212) 974-0367 fax
    NIS Role: Improve quality of life; work in media, government, legal
    environment, and education

    The Ford Foundation
    320 E. 43rd Street
    New York, NY 10017
    (212) 573-5000 phone
    (212) 599-4584 fax
    NIS Role: Contribute to well-being of the public with funding for
    women's issues

    Rockefeller Foundation
    1133 Ave. of the Americas
    New York, NY 10036
    (212) 869-8500 phone
    NIS Role: Confront causes of human suffering; past grants for both 
    environmental research and conference/workshop attenders

    Civil Society Building

    Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
    1200 Mott
    Foundation Bldg.
    Flint, MI 48502-1851
    (313) 238-5651 phone
    NIS Role: Quality of life issues; areas of environment, institution
    building, political and economic reform

    Rockefeller Bros. Fund
    1290 Avenue of Americas
    New York, NY 10104
    (212) 373-4200 phone
    (212) 315-0996 fax
    NIS Role: Improve quality of life; promote global interdependence

    Small Business Development

    The Fund for Democracy and Development
    2033 M St., NW Ste. 506
    Washington, DC 20036
    NIS Role: Credit to small businesses and training to commercial banks;
    assist  defense related conversion

    Human Rights

    Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation
    218 East 18th Street
    New York, NY 10003
    (212) 475-1137 phone
    NIS Role: human rights through areas of democratic development, refugee


    Smith Richardson Foundation
    60 Jessup Street
    Westport, CT 06880
    (203) 222-6222 phone
    (203) 222-6282 fax
    NIS Role: Grants to influence public policy and international affairs

    John Merck Fund
    11 Beacon Street
    Suite 1230
    Boston, MA 02108
    (617) 723-2932 phone
    NIS Role: promote disarmament, support Helsinki watch. Funding: grants
    from $500 to $775,000


    ISAR (formerly the Institute for Soviet-American Relations)
    1601 Connecticut, NW Washington, DC 20009 (202) 387-3034 phone
    (202) 667-3291 fax
    NIS Role: Environmental protection. Funding: Sowing the Seeds of
    Democracy, $1 million: small discretionary grants; Joining Forces for 
    the Environment, $1 million: up to $75,000 per grant

    Women's Rights

    Global Fund for Women
    2480 Sand Hill Rd.,
    Suite 100
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    (415) 854-0420 phone
    (415) 854-8050 fax
    NIS Role: Women's Projects. Funding: $500 to $10,000 grants to NIS 

    Economy Building

    The World Bank Group
    Room H 2007
    1818 H Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20433
    (202) 473-8261 phone
    Attn: Mr. Westen
    NIS Role: Financial and tech. assistance; opportunities for U.S. companies

    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
    (44) 71-338-6569 phone
    (44) 71-338-6487 fax
    NIS Role: Democracy building; advice, loans, debt guarantees



    U.S. Dept. of Commerce
    International Trade Administration
    Special American Business Internship Training Program (SABIT)
    Room 3413
    Washington, DC 20230
    (202) 482-0073 phone
    (202) 482-2443 fax
    NIS Role: U.S. market development/business promotion; intern placement 
    in U.S.
    ALSO  Consortia of American Businesses in the NIS (CABNIS)
    200 Daingerfield Road
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    (703) 684-1080 phone
    (301) 652-0141 phone
    NIS Role: Foster U.S. commercial presence through business consortia
    Funding: $500,000 grants

    U.S. Small Business Administration
    Office of International Trade, Room 6114
    409 3rd Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20416
    800 827-5722 phone
    (202) 205-7064 fax
    NIS Role: Assistance to U.S. businesses to develop export markets

    Economy Building

    Overseas Private Investment Corporation
    1100 New York Ave. NW
    Washington, DC 20527 (202) 336-8799 phone
    800-424-6742 phone
    (202) 408-9589 fax
    NIS Role: Economic growth through U.S. private investment; loans,
    investment insurance/  services, project development

    Export Import Bank
    ExImbank of the US
    811 Vermont Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20571
    (202) 535-9664 phone
    (202) 566-7524 fax (Insurance)
    (202) 566-8208 phone
    (202) 566-7524 fax (Guarantees and loans)
    NIS Role: Insurance and loans to banks and enterprises to promote U.S.

    U.S. Trade and Development Agency
    SA-16, Rm. 309
    Washington, DC 20523 (703) 875-4357 phone
    (703) 875-4009 fax
    NIS Role: Grants for U.S. exports which promote major development projects
    Sectors: oil and gas, transportation, defense conversion, health, power
    plants and distribution systems, electronics

    Civil Society/ Democracy/ Media Relations

    U.S. Information Agency
    USIA, Rm. 751
    301 4th Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20547
    (202) 619-5057 phone
    (202) 619-5958 fax
    NIS Role: Democratic reform via exchanges, internships, training
    activities, and information projects. Funding: FY '94 figures unavailable 
    at this time, however<, in FY '93 $97.35 million allotted of which 
    $40 million came from Freedom Support Act

    National Endowment for the Arts, International Activities Office
    1100 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Rm 528
    Washington, DC 20506
    (202) 682-5422 phone
    (202) 682-5602 fax
    NIS Role: Promote U.S. artists and art groups through international 

    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
    Rm 4079 SUSDA/FAS/EC
    Washington, DC 20250
    (202) 720-4274 phone
    (202) 690-0727 fax
    NIS Role: Commercial export and food aid programs through loan
    guarantees, some monetization programs, etc; promote agriculture

    U.S. Dept. of Defense
    (202) 783-3238 (CBD for contracts announcements)
    NIS Role: nuclear dis- mantlement; aid to demobilized soldiers/ families,
    housing, defense conversion, job retraining. Funding: $979 million (FY '93

    U.S. Agency for International Development
    A.I.D./NIS Task Force
    320 21st Street NW
    Washington, DC 20523
    (202) 647-9950 phone
    NIS Role: React to political/ econ. change in developing democracies.
    Funding: $2.5 billion total of which $704 million FY '94 and $1.8 
    billion FY '93 (supplemental)


    Office of Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance (A.I.D.)

    Don Eller (202) 736-6481
    Alan Silva (202) 647-7614

    Office of Energy, Environment, and Technology (A.I.D.)

    Energy $254 million Contact: Edvard Markset (202) 736-4405

    Environment $73 million Contact: James Bever (202) 736-4407, Energy-
    Environment, Commodity Import Program $125 million

    Office of Economic Restructuring (A.I.D.)

    Economic Restructuring $50 million, Contact: Jane Barden (202)

    Housing $190 million
    Trade and Investment $365 million, Contact: Raghawendra Dwivdey (202)

    Office of Private Sector  Initiatives (A.I.D.)

    Private Sector $425 million Contact: Greg Huger (202) 736-4410

    Privatization $125 million Hans Shrader (202) 736-4806

    Enterprise Fund $250 million, Contact: Jean Hacken (202) 736-4414

    Office of Democratic Initiatives, Health, and Human Resources(A.I.D.)
    Special Initiatives $151 million, Contacts: Regina Coleman, (202)
    647-5876 Bryant George (202)736-4264

    Health $109 million
    Women's Health Initiative $10 million, Contact: Lee Hougen (202)

    Democratic Reform $82 million, Contact: Kris Loken (202) 736-4267

    Exchanges and Training (A.I.D.) $225 million Contact: Thomas Chapman
    (202) 647-7751

    Food Systems (A.I.D.) $48 million Contact: Loretta Williams (202)


    For foundations contact: the Citizens Democracy Corps (CDC), (202)
    872-0933 or 1-800-394-1945; or The Foundation Center, (202) 331-1400
    (DC), (212) 620-4230 (NY)

    The BISNIS hot line for those interested in area business developments
    (202) 482-4655. Bids and contracts advertised in Commerce Business
    Daily (CBD) (202) 783-3238

    This information was compiled by Scott Altmann and Margot Mininni who
    drew on many resources, among them: The CDC Compendium, the Business
    Information Service for the NIS (BISNIS) of the U.S. Department of
    Commerce, USAID, and information sent to World Learning's NIS office.

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