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Hobby is that what one delights in doing. My work is one thing I thoroughly enjoy. So it would be safe to say that the major part of what I call my hobbies is my work.

I am so much fond of music. The classical one. I always listen to it with pleasure.

And I love "Scorpions" too. Personally, I love shouting it out loud myself!

I love books. Used to be reading a lot formerly but there is an increasing lack of time for this now. Technical books - yes, but hardly anything besides those.

I love poesy. There was a time when I tried rhyming myself but it was all wimpy and depressive.

Love to have a good laugh. Not infrequently it is about someone. Sometimes it is wicked, I guess. And I feel remorse afterwards.


I love people. The way they are - not the way I should like them to be.

I love life - a God given gift. I love it despite all.

When asked what I like most, I used to answer,

Books and women.

Now I say,

Books, computers and women. ;-))
And computers are better than the latter two. ;-)))))
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Anton M. Borissov. Astrakhan. Russia.