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More about the Conference, Nitra & The Slovak Agricultural University
NITRA - NOVEMBER 8-11, 1998

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The opening session and reception on Sunday afternoon will be held in the Aula of the Slovak Agricultural University [pictured], with Rector Miroslav Zima presiding. All other sessions will be held at the Agroinstitut Nitra, adjacent to the SAU campus which has facilities ideal for a conference of our size. Agroinstituœt Nitra wil also be the official Conference Hotel. A new, well appointed Congress Hall will be used for plenary sessions; parallel sessions will be held in several adjacent meeting rooms well equipped for all kinds of projection, including videotape presentations. A permanently installed computer facility has 11 networked stations, each of which can be used for Internet access; 128KB connectivity through a satellite linkage will be available.

The Tuesday banquet will be organized at the Primate's Palace in downtown Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. Mr. Peter KRESANEK, the Lord-Mayor of Bratislava, will welcome conference delegates to this historic place. In the passage of the palace a plaque commemorates the signing of the so-called Bratislava Peace in 1805, between Napoleonic France and Hapsburg Austria after the battle at Slavkov. Independence of Switzerland and the Netherlands dates from this signing.

The Primate's Palace, the former Esztergom Archbishop's Palace, is a gem of classicist palace architecture in Bratislava. Today it is the residence of the Mayor of Bratislava. Sessions of the City Council take place regularly in its Mirror Hall. The famous collection of six large scale tapestries in the rooms on the first floor are real art gems belonging to the Gallery of the Capital of the Slovak Republic. Woven in 1632 in the village of Mortlake near London, the tapestries depict the ancient Greek epic of Leander's love for the priestess Hero. It is the only collection of tapestries depicting the legend in six pictures.

The cardinal's or archibishop's palace originates from 1454. It has been rebuilt many times, most recently in classical style completed in 1781. At the begining of 20th century the palace was sold to the municipality and was used as the City Hall until 1940. Now the rooms are used partly as gallery and for important visits and occasions. Two small puttos or children statues over the front gate are of Clemetia and Iustitia (Clemency-Kindness and Justice). They were transcribed onto the stationery of Empress Maria Theresia and used also by the Cardinal of Bratislava.

On Travel to Nitra

The city of Nitra is in the southwestern part of Slovakia about 80km east of Bratislava, the capital city. When you travel by train to Nitra from the West, you can continue from Bratislava to Nove Zamke and from there to Nitra. From the south (via Budapest) you can continue to Nove Zamke and there, change to a train to Nitra.

Vienna and Budapest are the nearest major international airports to Nitra. Special minivan transportation from Vienna International Airport can be arranged courtesy of the Slovak Agricultural University. Minivan pickups can be arranged from the Vienna airport, the Bratislava Bus Station, the Bratislava Airport or Bratislava Train Station for those requesting it well in advance of travel. Conference participants who desire Nitra travel assistance from Bratislava or Vienna must make specific arrangements through the AUDEM Business Office. Slovak Agricultural University minivans will be coordinated from Vienna Airport and/or sites in Bratislava at specific times based on exact travel arrival times of those who contact the AUDEM Business Office.

Additionally, from Vienna or Budapest Airport, travel to Nitra can be by rental car, by bus or by train. Train travel has been described above.

From Vienna by car, Nitra is a two to two-and-one-half hour drive from the Vienna International Airport going through the Austrian/Slovak border at Bratislava. Travel from Vienna airport is easy since the Vienna International Airport is on the eastern edge of Vienna and city traffic will not be a factor.

From Budapest by car is a bit longer since the Budapest airport is on the eastern edge of Budapest -- the side farthest from Nitra. The most direct route to Nitra involves crossing the city of Budapest and continuing about 50km west to the Hungarian/Slovak border crossing at Komarno, Slovakia. This drive requires about three hours (more or less depending on Budapest traffic and border crossing).

About the Slovak Agricultural University

The Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra is the principal local host. For half of this century, Slovak Agricultural University (SAU) in Nitra has been contributing to the growth of educational potential of regions, particularly those in rural Slovakia. In 50 years, approximately 30,000 students graduated from the university. SAU Nitra is the only academic institution in Slovakia providing higher education in agriculture and related sciences.

Today almost 7,000 students register annually for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and continuing education programs. The four faculties -- Agronomy, Horticulture and Landscape Engineering, Economics and Management and Agricultural Engineering -- employ about five hundred instructors including those on campus, off-campus, and visiting professors from foreign universities who teach foreign languages or lecture in selected disciplines in one of the world languages. trailers/mainaudem.trailer buttons/audem.main.buttons 28-August-1998