Welcome . . . backgrounds/blue.gray.gif /banners/banner1_audem.gif . . to The Alliance of Universities for Democracy -- for the broad purpose of international higher education reform, linking more than 100 universities in North America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Baltics and Balkans.

Look to the Future With Us

The Alliance is poised between the future and the past. With 10 years behind it -- years of substantial progress and accomplishments -- the organization, its members, leaders, and board of directors is embarking on a platform of ideas intended to extend the benefits of the organization and create a more active organization through online information sharing.

Join Us in Conceptualizing 21st Century Universities

At the 10th annual conference in Budapest, held in November, members were invited to join in sharing ideas, thoughts, and materials related to a set of ideals for universities of the near future. Information is available online about these goals. We invite you to share with us thoughts, materials, and links that are relevant to the 10 goals so that we may add them to this site to share with others.


The Alliance of Universities for Democracy is a consortium of institutions of higher learning formed to enhance the role of education in promoting democratic intitutions, economic development including technology transfer, decentralized decision making, human health, sustainable habitation of the earth, and common moral and social values.

There are six categories of Alliance affiliation: Member or Associate Member for Institutions of higher education: Supporting Member, Individual Member, Honorary Member and Cooperating Organizations. These are more fully described under Alliance Membership Categories

For more information about the Alliance and its collaborative projects, publications, and conference, contact:

Alliance of Universities for Democracy
Central and East European Center
Suite 9, Glocker Bldg.
1000 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4165 USA
VOICE: (423) 974-6110 FAX: (423) 974-6114


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