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Gross Mass: 90,000 kg. Empty Mass: 40,000 kg. Thrust (vac): 90,000 kgf. Isp: 1,550 sec. Burn time: 860 sec. Propellants: Air/Slush LH2 Isp(sl): 1,550 sec. Diameter: 13.0 m. Span: 14.0 m. Length: 60.0 m. Country: Russia. No Engines: 1. Scramjet Status: Study 1993. Other designations: EAP - Experimental Aerospace Plane.

Aerospaceplane to compete with American X-30. Single stage to orbit, scramjet air breather. Tupolev assigned to start work in 1993. Mockup built, and some subscale flights to Mach 6 on tactical missiles of scramjet model, but project now dormant due to lack of funds. Wing area 160 square meters, wing sweep 70 degrees. Two crew.

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