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Gross Mass: 5,385 kg. Empty Mass: 1,645 kg. Thrust (vac): 9,500 kgf. Isp: 251 sec. Burn time: 95 sec. Propellants: IRFNA/UDMH. Isp(sl): 219 sec. Diameter: 1.0 m. Span: 1.8 m. Length: 7.4 m. Country: Russia. No Engines: 1. S2.253 Status: Hardware. Other designations: 8K14, SS-1C Scud B, 9K72 Elbrus. Comments: First Russian storable fuel tactical missile. Original R-11 designed by Korolev OKB, subsequent developments by Makeyev OKB. Using calculations of Gerald Bull, stretched and clustered as basis of Iraqi ICBM/satellite launch vehicle.
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