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Gross Mass: 222,000 kg. Empty Mass: 18,000 kg. Thrust (vac): 450,000 kgf. Isp: 320 sec. Burn time: 142 sec. Propellants: Nitric acid/Kerosene Isp(sl): 300 sec. Diameter: 4.0 m. Span: 4.0 m. Length: 24.0 m. No Engines: 1. R-56 Blok A Status: Development 1961. Comments: Range 16,000 km. Payload 35,000 kg. Tsniimash has 1:10 structural simulation model. Three stage carrier rocket with consecutiveively divided first and paraell divided second stages. Work began in 1961. Chief designer Yangel. Source: Placard, TsNIIMASH.
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