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Engine 11D68 detail
Engine 11D68 detail - Closeup view of the 11D68 Block D lunar crasher stage showing detiail of the BOZ orientation/ullage thrusters that control the stage during coast, restart, and maneuver.

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Gross Mass: 13,360 kg. Empty Mass: 1,800 kg. Thrust (vac): 8,500 kgf. Isp: 346 sec. Burn time: 470 sec. Propellants: Lox/Kerosene Diameter: 3.7 m. Span: 3.7 m. Length: 5.5 m. Country: Russia. No Engines: 1. RD-58 Status: Hardware. Other designations: 11S824; Block D; D-1-e.

Block D, article number 11S824. Without guidance unit (navigation commands come from payload). Originally designed as N1-L3 lunar expedition launch vehicle lunar orbit insertion/lunar crasher stage. Adapted for use with Proton UR-500K as a fourth stage for manned circumlunar flight. Further used to launch large Lavochkin bureau unmanned lunar/planetary spacecraft. Flown from 1967 to 1975.

Block D / 11D68Block D / 11D68 - Aft view of the Block D lunar crasher stage and its 11D68 engine. The Block D would have taken the LK lunar lander to near the surface of the moon. This stage remains in use today atop the Proton rocket.

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Block DBlock D

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