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Gross Mass: 19,327 kg. Empty Mass: 2,282 kg. Thrust (vac): 64,070 kgf. Isp: 278 sec. Burn time: 75 sec. Propellants: Solid Isp(sl): 273 sec. Diameter: 1.2 m. Span: 1.2 m. Length: 14.7 m. Country: USA. No Engines: 1. GEM 46 Status: Dev.

Nine 1168-mm (46 in.) diameter Alliant graphite epoxy motors (GEM LDXLs) (strap-on solid rocket motors [SSRMs]) augment the first-stage performance and are a direct evolution from the GEMs currently used on Delta II. Three ground-ignited SSRMs have thrust vector control (TVC) to increase control authority. Ordnance for motor ignition and separation systems is completely redundant. Solid-motor separation is accomplished using redundantly initiated ordnance thrusters that provide the radial thrust to separate the expended solid motors from the booster.

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