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Burya engine
Burya engine - Burya engine guidance vanes

Credit: Lavochkin. 5,318 bytes. 106 x 116 pixels.

Gross Mass: 27,000 kg. Empty Mass: 4,000 kg. Thrust (vac): 78,700 kgf. Isp: 250 sec. Burn time: 70 sec. Propellants: Nitric acid/Amine Isp(sl): 218 sec. Diameter: 1.5 m. Span: 5.2 m. Length: 18.9 m. Country: Russia. No Engines: 1. S2.1150 Status: Hardware. Comments: Booster for Burya missile. Two used to boost ramjet second stage to ignition conditions. Engines developed by Isayev from R-11 S2.253 engine. Early Buryas had S2.1100 engine. Masses estimated based on known total vehicle mass.
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