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Gross Mass: 83,560 kg. Empty Mass: 6,883 kg. Thrust (vac): 45,193 kgf. Isp: 335 sec. Burn time: 560 sec. Propellants: H2O2/Kerosene Diameter: 6.3 m. Span: 39.5 m. Length: 57.5 m. Country: USA. No Engines: 7. JP-5/H2O2 Status: Study, USAF, 1993. Comments: Winged, single stage to orbit launch vehicle using aerial refueling and lower performance, non-cryogenic propellants. Takes off from runway at 48,452 lbs gross weight; rendezvous with tanker to load 146,870 lbs oxidizer; then flies to orbit. .
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