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Buran Atop Mriya
Buran Atop Mriya
Buran atop its An-225 Mriya carrier, as displayed at the Paria Air show shortly after its spaceflight.

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Gross Mass: 600,000 kg. Empty Mass: 216,000 kg. Thrust (vac): 141,442 kgf. Isp: 9,000 sec. Burn time: 3,375 sec. Propellants: Air/Kerosene Isp(sl): 8,000 sec. Diameter: 18.1 m. Span: 88.4 m. Length: 84.0 m. Country: Ukraine. No Engines: 6. D-18T Status: Hardware. Comments: Antonov cargo aircraft swept wing. Release conditions: Piggy-back, 275,000 kg, 38.0 m length x 24.0 m wingspan, 900 kph at 9,500 m altitude. Effective velocity gain compared to vertical launch 270 m/s.

An-225 in flightAn-225 in flight

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