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Horizon Final Base
Horizon Final Base
Project Horizon Lunar Outpost in as it would appear by late 1965

Credit: US Army. 10,141 bytes. 463 x 327 pixels.

Program: Horizon. Objective: Manned. Type: Lunar base.

HORIZON was a 1959 US Army study to establish a military lunar outpost. According to the project plan, by the end of 1964, a total of 40 SATURN vehicles would have been launched to assemble the necessary spacecraft and infrastructure in low earth orbit. Cargo delivery to the moon would begin in January 1965 with the first manned landing by two men in April 1965. The build-up and construction phase continued until the outpost would be manned by a task force of 12 men in November 1966.

Horizon CompartmentHorizon Compartment - Cross Section of Typical Project Horizon Lunar Outpost Compartment

Credit: US Army. 3,152 bytes. 423 x 215 pixels.

This build-up program required 61 SATURN I and 88 SATURN II launchings through November 1966. Some 490,000 pounds of useful cargo would be transported to the moon. During 1967, the first operational year of the lunar outpost, a total of 64 launchings were scheduled, resulting in an additional 266,000 pounds of cargo on the moon. The total cost of the eight and one-half year program presented in the study was estimated to be six billion dollars.

Horizon CampHorizon Camp - Overall View of Initial Project Horizon Lunar Construction Camp

Credit: US Army. 8,021 bytes. 546 x 363 pixels.

Soon after the Horizon study was completed, NASA was formed and assigned all space exploration tasks. The Von Braun team that led Horizon were transferred to NASA. The origins of the Apollo project can be seen in Horizon. The full Project Horizon project summary is at Project Horizon Report. Major Events: .

Horizon Launch SiteHorizon Launch Site - Project Horizon Terrestrial Launch Site

Credit: US Army. 11,129 bytes. 434 x 310 pixels.

Horizon R&DHorizon R&D - Project Horizon Organization for Research and Development

Credit: US Army. 8,471 bytes. 585 x 377 pixels.

Horizon Main BaseHorizon Main Base - Project Horizon Cross Section Through Main Facility

Credit: US Army. 5,447 bytes. 534 x 256 pixels.

Horizon SimulatorHorizon Simulator - Project Horizon View of Flight Simulator - a combined high-G and zero-G sled running down the side of a cliff!

Credit: US Army. 7,222 bytes. 297 x 390 pixels.

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