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Program: ATS. Objective: Technology. Type: Comsat.

The Applications Technology Satellite was a project with the purpose of improving other satellites, specifically to enhance the ability of existing and future satellites to provide weather, and communications data and air/sea navigation aids. Three types of missions were planned for ATS: one satellite in a 10,000 km earth orbit to experiment with the gravity gradient stabilisation system; two satellites in synchronous (38,300 km) orbits for meteorological, communications and navigation investigation; and two satellites in synchronous orbits using the gravity gradient system to make engineering and technological studies. The ATS were barrel-shaped spacecraft weighing about 320 kg; those equipped for gravity gradient experiments carried 30 m booms that extended like a tight-rope walker's balancing pole to stabilise the spacecraft. The program was managed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Prime Contractor: Hughes Aircraft Company. Major Events: .

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