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Soyuz ASTP in Orbit
Soyuz ASTP in Orbit -

Credit: NASA. 18,624 bytes. 316 x 270 pixels.

Program: ASTP. Objective: Manned. Type: Spacecraft.

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. Meetings began in 1969 between Russian and American representatives on a joint manned space mission. Ambitious plans for use of Skylab or Salyut space stations were not approved. Instead it was decided to develop a universal docking system for space rescue. A working group was set up in October 1970 and in May 1972 the USA/USSR Agreement was signed with launch to take place in 1975. D Bushuev and G Lanin were the technical directors of the Soviet-designed EPAS docking system program. 1600 experiments were conducted in developing the system. Major Events: .

Soyuz ASTP BOSoyuz ASTP BO - Cutaway of Soyuz orbital module.

64,148 bytes. 525 x 632 pixels.

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