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Family: Tsyklon. Country: Ukraine. Status: Hardware. Library of Congress Designation: J-1. Department of Defence Designation: SL-16. Article Number: 11K77.

First stage also used as strap-ons for Energia heavy booster. Zenit 2 version proposed using Block D third stage. Launch pads at Baikonur; those at Plesetsk still not finished. Considered for launch from Australia / Cape York. Now Zenit will be launched by US-Russia-Ukrainian joint venture from a floating launch platform off of California. Launches: 32. Failures: 6. Success Rate: 81.25% pct. First Launch Date: 13 April 1985. Last Launch Date: 09 September 1998. LEO Payload: 13,740 kg. to: 200 km Orbit. Payload: 5,180 kg. to a: Gesynchronous transfer trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 770,000 kgf. Total Mass: 478,390 kg. Core Diameter: 3.9 m. Total Length: 60.0 m. Launch Price $: 45.00 million. in 1994 price dollars. References: 42 , 61 .

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