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YaRD ICBM - YaRD Nuclear-powered ICBM

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Family: N. Country: Russia. Status: Cancelled 1959.

Single-stage nuclear-powered ICBM designed by OKB-1. This variant used a Bondaryuk nuclear engine heating mixed alcohol and ammonia as a propellant. Perhaps coming under the heading of 'inadvisable rocket science', test launches would have been into an artificial reservoir in the target area to limit contamination by having the reactor crash into water at the end of its trajectory. While reentering nuclear reactors at the end of the ICBM trajectory may have been not considered on great consequence during global thermonuclear war, the consequences of missing the reservoir during peacetime tests were evidently too gruesome to consider. Further development of the engine was discontinued. Interestingly American spy Penkovskiy reported development of this rocket in 1962, but the story was not believed. Only in 1996 was the program revealed.


Payload: 2,600 kg. to a: 14,000 km trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 155,500 kgf. Total Mass: 96,000 kg. Core Diameter: 3.3 m. Total Length: 28.0 m.

YaRD ICBM OKB-670 Chronology

1958 Jun 30 -


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