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YaKhR-2 exterior
YaKhR-2 exterior - YaKhR-2 Nuclear-powered Launch Vehicle

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Family: N. Country: Russia. Status: Development.

First large space launcher considered in the Soviet Union. It would have had the same layout as the R-7, but with six strap-ons increased in size by 50%. The core, igniting at altitude, used a nuclear thermal engine using ammonia as propellant. Dropped in favor of development of conventional chemical propulsion.


LEO Payload: 40,000 kg. to: 185 km Orbit. Liftoff Thrust: 1,266,770 kgf. Total Mass: 888,000 kg. Core Diameter: 3.3 m. Total Length: 44.0 m.


YaKhR-2YaKhR-2 - YaKhR-2 Nuclear-powered Launch Vehicle

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