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Venture Star
Venture Star - Venture Star Launch Vehicle

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Family: Winged. Country: USA. Status: Development.

NASA-sponsored suborbital unmanned prototype for single stage to orbit winged spacecraft. Lockheed Martin vehicle will use linear aerospike engines, metallic insulation, other features similar to their Starclipper shuttle proposals of 1971.


to a: Instrumentation in 1.5 x 3 m bay to Mach 15. trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 185,900 kgf. Total Mass: 123,800 kg. Core Diameter: 20.7 m. Total Length: 20.4 m.

Venture StarVenture Star - Venture Star Launch Vehicle 3 View

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X-33 DouglasX-33 Douglas - McDonnell-Douglas X-33

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Credit: NASA. 20,182 bytes. 394 x 315 pixels.

X-33 ProposalX-33 Proposal

Credit: NASA. 9,637 bytes. 377 x 167 pixels.

X-33 DouglasX-33 Douglas - X-33 McDonnell Douglas proposal

Credit: NASA. 7,730 bytes. 383 x 267 pixels.

X-33 RockwellX-33 Rockwell - X-33 Rockwell proposal

Credit: NASA. 17,232 bytes. 380 x 273 pixels.

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