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UR-100N ICBM - UR-100N ICBM Versions

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Family: UR. Country: Russia. Status: Hardware. Other Designations: RS-18. Department of Defence Designation: SS-19. ASCC Reporting Name: Stiletto. Article Number: 15A30. Manufacturer's Designation: UR-100N.

The UR-100N was designed as a replacement for the UR-100 at the end of its 10 year storage life. Although it could be installed in the same silos, it was 50% heavier. The competing design of Yangel, the MR-UR-100, was also put into production when the Soviet hierarchy deadlocked and could not pick one design over the other. The missile, 18.8 m in length and 2.5 m in diameter, was encapsulated in a 24.3 m long, 2.9 m diameter canister. The UR-100N could deliver six 375 kg / 750 kt MIRV's to a range of 9075 km with a CEP of 550 m. Missile system reliability was estimated to be 85%, and with a warhead reliability of 95% and force readiness of 90%, total system reliability was estimated as 75%.

The UR-100N was deployed from 1975. Accuracy problems associated with first stage oscillations only became apparent during tests of in-service missiles in 1979. Interim fixes were made, but the UR-100N was replaced before the end of its 10 year service life by the UR-100NU, beginning in 1979, with all UR-100N's retired by 1983. Surplus UR-100N's are marketed to the West as the 'Rokot' launch vehicle.


Liftoff Thrust: 157,970 kgf. Total Mass: 90,445 kg. Core Diameter: 2.5 m. Total Length: 20.0 m.



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Universal RocketsUniversal Rockets - Chelomei's Universal Rocket Family. From left to right: UR-200. Original UR-500 configuration, composed of clustered UR-200's. Conventional UR-500 monoblock configuration. Selected UR-500 polyblock configuration. UR-500 two-stage configuration as flown. UR-500K configuration with Block D upper stage.

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