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8K81 Model
8K81 Model -

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Family: UR. Country: Russia. Status: Hardware. Department of Defence Designation: SS-11. ASCC Reporting Name: Sego. Article Number: 8K84. Manufacturer's Designation: UR-100.

The UR-100 lightweight ICBM was deployed in larger numbers than any other in history. It was the smallest of the 10,000 km range ICBM's. It was the first Soviet ICBM with a 3 minute reaction time - from key turn to lift-off - a huge accomplishment for a liquid propellant launch vehicle. To make this reaction time possible the vehicle stayed fuelled throughout its service lifetime of 10 years. This was achieved by encapsulation of the missile in a container in which this missile stayed from production until launch. The missile, with a basic diameter of 1.6 meters and a length of 16.689 meters, was stored inside a sealed container with a diameter of 2 meters and a length of 20 meters. The missile was mounted on rails within the container and internal plumbing necessary for start-up of the missile was sealed within the container.

Terminal velocity at the end of second stage burn was only 7.12 km/sec so it was never adapted for space launches. The missile was produced in three optional configurations (not modifications - only the payload was changed to convert from one configuration to another):

The guidance system was designed to work with any of these configurations and the vehicle could be converted from one configuration to another within 24 hours. However for use as an ABM the launch complex need some additional equipment. The rocket was normally painted white, and the light warhead version had a strict conic shape. The heavy warhead was longer, but with the same base diameter. First units of the type had radio-inertial guidance with a radio-command correction system. Later, when the military had confidence that the pure inertial guidance was precise enough, the radio was removed.

Orevo has a complete sectioned missile. Total mass, sea level thrust accurate; Isp, empty mass and burn time estimated.


Liftoff Thrust: 80,030 kgf. Total Mass: 41,410 kg. Core Diameter: 2.0 m. Total Length: 20.0 m.


8K81 Missile8K81 Missile - 8K81 Missile with Tranporter

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8K84 back8K84 back

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UR-100 ICBMUR-100 ICBM - UR-100 ICBM Versions

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Missile silo modelMissile silo model - Missile silo test model

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UR-100 ICBMUR-100 ICBM - Model of Chelomei's UR-100 ICBM.

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