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Soyuz LV
Soyuz LV -

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Family: R-7. Country: Russia. Status: Hardware. Other Designations: Soyuz. Library of Congress Designation: A-2. Department of Defence Designation: SL-4. ASCC Reporting Name: Sapwood. Article Number: 11A511M.

The Kozlov filial of Korolev's OKB-1 was tasked with designing the Soyuz 7K-VI manned military spacecraft. In the first quarter of 1967 a substantially revised design was issued. The new spacecraft, with a crew of two, would have a total mass of 6.6 tonnes and could operate for a month in orbit. However the 11A511 launch vehicle could only put 6.3 tonnes into the 65 degree inclination design orbit. This would limit the crew to one. However the military objected to this. A second cosmonaut, without a spacesuit, but with life support systems and consumables would take another 400 kg of payload. In order to meet the military requirements, Kozlov designed a new variant of the Soyuz launch vehicle, the 11A511M Soyuz-M. The project as reformulated was approved by the central committee on 21 July 1967 by the Central Committee of the Communist Party, with first flight to be in 1968 and operations to begin in 1969. However by the end of the year Kozlov's version of the spacecraft and the project had been taken over by Mishin's main office of OKB-1. Development of the 11A511M continued for a time, perhaps to support planned solo flights of the Soyuz 7K-S military variant (cancelled in 1974). Eight of the 11A511M were built and eventually used to launch a few Zenit-4MT reconnaisance satellite missions from Plesetsk in the early (all other Zenit-4MT used the standard 11A511U). The differences compared to the 11A511U are not known, and what (if anything) differentiated these Zenit-4MT missions from others is also a mystery.


Launches: 8. Failures: 0. Success Rate: 100.00% pct. First Launch Date: 27 December 1971. Last Launch Date: 31 March 1976. LEO Payload: 6,600 kg. to: 300 km Orbit. at: 65.0 degrees.

Soyuz 11A511M Chronology

1967 Jul 21 -
1971 Dec 27 - - 14:09 GMT. Launch Site: Plesetsk .
1972 Jul 13 - - 14:38 GMT. Launch Site: Plesetsk .
1972 Dec 27 - - 10:33 GMT. Launch Site: Plesetsk .
1973 Jun 27 - - 12:00 GMT. Launch Site: Plesetsk .
1973 Dec 17 - - 12:00 GMT. Launch Site: Plesetsk .
1974 Jun 29 - - 12:57 GMT. Launch Site: Plesetsk .
1974 Nov 4 - - 10:48 GMT. Launch Site: Plesetsk .
1976 Mar 31 - - 12:57 GMT. Launch Site: Plesetsk .


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