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Lunex A-410 LV
Lunex A-410 LV - Provisional drawing of Lunex A-410 launch vehicle.

8,000 bytes. 104 x 484 pixels.

Family: Miscellany. Country: USA. Status: Study 1961. Other Designations: Space Launch System AB-825.

The AB-825 represented a medium launch vehicle of the USAF 1961 Space Launch System family. The AB-825 would have conducted earth orbit tests of partially-fuelled Lunex lunar lander stages, and also have boosted the Lunex manned glider on circumlunar test flights. It consisted of the 'A' stage, evidently somewhere in size between the Centaur and Saturn IV, the 'B' stage with a single J-2 engine, and some solid fuel booster motors.


LEO Payload: 39,460 kg. to: 560 km Orbit. at: 28.0 degrees. Payload: 10,890 kg. to a: translunar trajectory. Core Diameter: 7.6 m.

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