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Family: Saturn V. Country: USA. Status: Study 1967.

Boeing study, 1967-1968. Use of full length 260 inch solid rocket boosters with stretched Saturn IC stages presented problems, since the top of the motors came about half way up the liquid oxygen tank of the stage, making transmission of loads from the motors to the core vehicle complex and adding a great deal of weight to the S-IC. Boeing's solution was to retain the standard length Saturn IC, with the 260 inch motors ending half way up the S-IC/S-II interstage, but to provide additional propellant for the S-IC by putting propellant tanks above the 260 inch boosters. These would be drained first and jettisoned with the boosters. This added to the plumbing complexity but solved the loads problem.


LEO Payload: 362,700 kg. to: 185 km Orbit. at: 28.0 degrees. Liftoff Thrust: 16,505,060 kgf. Total Mass: 10,351,050 kg. Core Diameter: 10.1 m. Total Length: 86.0 m. Flyaway Unit Cost $: 446.60 million. in 1985 unit dollars.


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