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RT-2 in assembly
RT-2 in assembly - RT-2 in assembly hall

Credit: RKK Energia. 23,972 bytes. 348 x 239 pixels.

Family: Missile. Article Number: 8K98.

Development of the RT-2 ICBM was authorised by a decree of 4 April 1961 in parallel with the RT-1. Korolev completed the draft project in March 1963. The modular design had three stages, each with three nozzles. The first stage had a thrust of 88 tonnes; the second 33 tonnes; and the third 14 tonnes. Three missiles could be derived from these stages, using a common guidance system. The 8K96 IRBM used stages 2 and 3; it was not put into production. The 8K97 IRBM used stages 1 and 3; this went into service in 1968. The 8K98 ICBM used all three stages and was deployed in limited numbers for over twenty years.


Liftoff Thrust: 88,000 kgf.

RT-2 Chronology

1961 Apr 4 -
- 1963 March -


Detail of RT-2Detail of RT-2 - Detail of RT-2 interstage

Credit: RKK Energia. 21,132 bytes. 341 x 238 pixels.

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