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8K95 comparison
8K95 comparison
8K95 model comparison

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The RT-1 was an experimental solid propellant ballistic missile. A decree of 20 November 1959 authorised Korolev to begin development of the three stage rocket, which was to have a range of 800 to 2500 km and a lift-off mass of 35 tonnes. Soviet solid rocket motor technology of the time meant that each stage of the vehicle was composed of bundles of four 800 mm diameter solid rocket motors of varying lengths. The rocket was launched from a tube and arced over to a forty-five degree angle as soon as it cleared the launch tube. Air vanes provided steering for the second stage. First flight was on 28 April 1962. Work was completed at the end of 1965

RT-1 / RT-1A ICBMsRT-1 / RT-1A ICBMs - Subscale static test models of RT-1 and RT-1A solid fuel ballistic missiles developed by Korolev in 1960's

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to a: 2500 km range trajectory. Total Mass: 35,000 kg.

RT-1 Chronology

Solid rockets, OrevoSolid rockets, Orevo - Solid rockets at Orevo 4

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1959 Feb 20 -
1959 Jul 3 -
1961 Apr 4 -
1962 Apr 28 -
- 1965 December -


RT-1 launcherRT-1 launcher

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