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Scud B 8K14
Scud B 8K14 -

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Family: Makeyev. Country: Russia. Status: Hardware. Other Designations: R-17. Department of Defence Designation: SS-1C. ASCC Reporting Name: Scud C. Article Number: 8K14. Manufacturer's Designation: 9K72 Elbrus.

The final refinement of the R-11 design, the R-17, was exported and became infamous around the world as the Scud-B. Perhaps the most famous ballistic missile of the post-war period due to its use in the Iran-Iraq 'War of the Cities' and the Gulf War. This was the definitive production version of what was essentially a storable-propellant rocket with the perforamnce of the V-2. The original design was by Makeyev but the missile itself was produced by the Votkinsk Machine Building Plant.

In 1958-1959 Makeyev designed and built the first mock-up of the new missile. But by then the decision was made to devote the bureau to sea-launched missiles, and in 1959 the program was transferred to Votkinsk Machine Building Plant. There design work continued with first launch in 1961 and acceptance into military service in 1964.


Liftoff Thrust: 8,290 kgf. Total Mass: 5,385 kg. Core Diameter: 1.0 m. Total Length: 9.0 m.

R-17 Chronology

- 1958 During the Year -
- 1961 During the Year -
- 1964 Duing the year -



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