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Family: Early Russian Ballistic Missiles. Country: Russia. Status: Hardware. Article Number: 8K61.

First Russian submarine-launched ballistic missile. Range 150 km with 967 kg warhead. Accuracy 1.5 km in range, 0.75 km lateral. Following protracted testing the design was accepted by the military in 1959 but never put into operational service.

SKB-385 was given complete responsibility for development of the sub-launched R-11FM in August 1955.

Tests of the R-11FM had begun in February 1955 at Kapustin Yar with three experimental launches of the missile from a standard R-11 launch stand. This was followed by launches from a special stand simulating a ship's motion, developed by A P Abramov. Finally a third test series was conducted from the Project 611 submarine B-57 from 16 September to 13 October 1955 in the White Sea. This demonstrated launches from a pitching surfaced vessel and a total range of 150 km. Following further trials the system was accepted for military surface in 1959, but never deployed on an operational vessel. However the project had cemented Makeyev's relationship with the Soviet Navy, which decided to make him their sole source for all future naval ballistic missiles.


Liftoff Thrust: 8,250 kgf. Total Mass: 4,473 kg. Core Diameter: 0.9 m. Total Length: 9.0 m.

R-11FM Chronology

1949 Dec 7 -
1954 Jan 26 -
1954 Feb 3 -
- 1955 February -
- 1955 August -
1955 Sep 16 -
1959 Feb 20 -


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