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Proton 8K82K/11S824
Proton 8K82K/11S824 - Proton 8K82K / 11S824 Block D launch vehicle - cutaway drawing showing arrangement of N2O4 oxidiser tanks (green) and UDMH fuel tanks (orange) in Proton, and Liquid oxygen (blue) and kerosene (pink) tanks in the Block D stage. The Soyuz 7K-L1 spacecraft was mounted directly above the Block D liquid oxygen tank. For the Soyuz circumlunar flights a launch escape tower was fitted that pulled the capsule away in an emergency.

Credit: © Mark Wade. 7,453 bytes. 60 x 469 pixels.

Family: UR. Country: Russia. Status: Hardware. Other Designations: Proton / Block D-2. Library of Congress Designation: D-1e. Department of Defence Designation: SL-12. Article Number: 8K82K. Manufacturer's Designation: UR-500K.

This four stage version of the Proton was a modification of the original Block D / 11S824 for launch of late 1980's Lavochkin OKB probes on missions to Mars. Guidance to the Block D stage must be supplied by spacecraft. Unknown differences with original 11S824.


Launches: 3. Failures: 1. Success Rate: 66.67% pct. First Launch Date: 07 July 1988. Last Launch Date: 16 November 1996. Payload: 6,220 kg. to a: transmartian trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 902,100 kgf. Total Mass: 710,710 kg. Core Diameter: 4.2 m. Total Length: 57.0 m. Launch Price $: 70.00 million. in 1994 price dollars.

Proton 8K82K / 11S824F Chronology

1988 Jul 7 - - 17:38 GMT. LV Configuration: Proton 8K82K s/n 356-02 / 11S824F s/n 2L. Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Complex: LC200L.
1988 Jul 12 - - 17:01 GMT. LV Configuration: Proton 8K82K s/n 356-01 / 11S824F s/n 1L. Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Complex: LC200P.
1996 Nov 16 - - 20:48 GMT. LV Configuration: Proton 8K82K s/n 392-02 / 11S824F . Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Complex: LC200L. FAILURE: No second Block D-2 ignition.


Proton sunriseProton sunrise

Credit: Lockheed Martin. 6,963 bytes. 181 x 273 pixels.

Proton with GranatProton with Granat - Proton with Granat payload

Credit: Lockheed Martin. 18,616 bytes. 356 x 446 pixels.

R-7 vs ProtonR-7 vs Proton - R-7 / Proton LVs Cutaway

Credit: © Mark Wade. 10,191 bytes. 287 x 720 pixels.

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