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Proton 8K82K / 11S86
Proton 8K82K / 11S86 - Proton 8K82K / 11S86 Block DM launch vehicle - cutaway drawing showing arrangement of N2O4 oxidiser tanks (green) and UDMH fuel tanks (orange) in Proton, and Liquid oxygen (blue) and kerosene (pink) tanks in the Block DM stage. Block DM guidance package is housed in the light brown compartment above the LOX tank.

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Family: UR. Country: Russia. Status: Hardware. Other Designations: Proton / Block DM-5. Library of Congress Designation: D-1e. Department of Defence Designation: SL-12. Article Number: 8K82K. Manufacturer's Designation: UR-500K.

Version of Proton using Block DM-5 / 17S40 fourth stage. This stage has a new payload adapter for use with heavier paylods launched into sub-synchronous orbits. Used for launch of Arkon reconnaisance satellite. Equipped with Iridium payload dispenser, commercial version is designated Block DM2 and is used to launch multiple LM700 Iridium spacecraft.


Launches: 1. Failures: 0. Success Rate: 100.00% pct. First Launch Date: 06 June 1997. Last Launch Date: 06 June 1997. LEO Payload: 6,000 kg. to: 1,500 km Orbit. at: 63.0 degrees. Liftoff Thrust: 902,100 kgf. Total Mass: 708,410 kg. Core Diameter: 4.2 m. Total Length: 59.0 m. Launch Price $: 70.00 million. in 1994 price dollars.

Proton 8K82K / 17S40 Chronology

1997 Jun 6 - - 16:56 GMT. LV Configuration: Proton 8K82K s/n 380-01 / 17S40 . Launch Site: Baikonur . Launch Complex: LC200L.


R-7 vs ProtonR-7 vs Proton - R-7 / Proton LVs Cutaway

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Universal RocketsUniversal Rockets - Chelomei's Universal Rocket Family. From left to right: UR-200. Original UR-500 configuration, composed of clustered UR-200's. Conventional UR-500 monoblock configuration. Selected UR-500 polyblock configuration. UR-500 two-stage configuration as flown. UR-500K configuration with Block D upper stage.

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Proton with GranatProton with Granat - Proton with Granat payload

Credit: Lockheed Martin. 18,616 bytes. 356 x 446 pixels.

Proton IridiumProton Iridium - Proton Iridium payload preparation in former Buran payload facility.

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