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UR-500 Polyblock
UR-500 Polyblock - The original selected UR-500 'polyblock' configuration. This had the advantage of a much shorter vehicle than the conventional design, with a slight but acceptable weight penatly. The original vehicle would use four large fixed Glushko RD-253 motors surrounded by four smaller gimballed UR-200 motors. During development this was abandoned in favor of six Glushko motors, making for an even simpler and more compact vehicle.

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Family: UR. Country: Russia. Status: Design. Manufacturer's Designation: UR-500.

UR-500 design studies considered two variants of the first stage: polyblock and monoblock. The polyblock variant consisted of a centre large diameter oxidiser tank surrounded by several smaller diameter fuel tanks. This version could be assembled in a special rig with the lateral blocks being sequentially mounted on the centre. This had the advantage of easier installation of the upper stages and payload due to the smaller length of the first stage. This variant was studied in Filial 1 under the lead engineer E. T. Radchenko. In January 1962 this design was chosen as most advantageous, following studies that indicated improved wind loads and bending moment characteristics compared to the monoblock design. The polyblock design received patent number 36616 in 26 July 1966. Named on the patent were V N Chelomei, V N Bugayckiy, V A Birodov, G D Dermichev, N I Yegorov, V K Karrask, Yu P Kolesnikov, Ya B Nodelman, and E T Radchenko.

The design mass and engine performance figures for this version have been given; the calculated payload is 12,000 kg. This is coincidentally very close to the 12,200 kg payload mass given (incorrectly) at the time of the launch of the two-stage variant of the launch vehicle, Proton 1.


LEO Payload: 12,000 kg. to: 200 km Orbit. Liftoff Thrust: 827,990 kgf. Total Mass: 554,940 kg. Core Diameter: 4.1 m. Total Length: 43.0 m.


Universal RocketsUniversal Rockets - Chelomei's Universal Rocket Family. From left to right: UR-200. Original UR-500 configuration, composed of clustered UR-200's. Conventional UR-500 monoblock configuration. Selected UR-500 polyblock configuration. UR-500 two-stage configuration as flown. UR-500K configuration with Block D upper stage.

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