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Navaho G-38 Model
Navaho G-38 Model

Credit: Tom Johnson. 31,984 bytes. 567 x 313 pixels.

Family: Navaho. Country: USA. Status: Development. Department of Defence Designation: SM-64.

The Navaho G-38 was the ultimate development of the A-9/A-10 concept. At the time the Navaho program was cancelled (13 July 1957) the missiles were in fabrication with first flight test planned by the end of 1958. The engines developed for the G-38 booster were used with minor modification for all of the first generation of American orbital rockets - the Jupiter, Thor, Atlas, Titan 1, and Saturn I. They continue to use to this day in the Atlas II and Delta 3.

Navaho G-38 LandingNavaho G-38 Landing

Credit: Tom Johnson. 33,487 bytes. 405 x 321 pixels.


Liftoff Thrust: 183,670 kgf. Total Mass: 131,518 kg. Core Diameter: 2.4 m. Total Length: 65.0 m. Flyaway Unit Cost $: 24.00 million. in 1985 unit dollars.

Navaho G-38 Chronology

1957 Jul 13 -


Navaho G-38Navaho G-38 - Navaho G-38 160 pixel

Credit: © Mark Wade. 2,283 bytes. 107 x 429 pixels.

Navaho G-38 EngineNavaho G-38 Engine - Navaho G-38 Engine Detail

Credit: Bob Fortune. 38,798 bytes. 398 x 421 pixels.

Navaho G-38 EngineNavaho G-38 Engine - Navaho G-38 Engine Section

Credit: Tom Johnson. 33,404 bytes. 392 x 310 pixels.

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