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Navaho G-26 Launch
Navaho G-26 Launch - Navaho G-26 Launch RISE 1

Credit: Tom Johnson. 26,124 bytes. 305 x 388 pixels.

Family: Navaho. Country: USA. Status: Hardware. Department of Defence Designation: SM-64.

The Navaho G-26 was a test version of the operational Navaho G-38 which would have been the fullfillment of the A-9/A-10 concept. Navaho was cancelled due to the success of faster, unstoppable ballistic missiles. But the engines, missile frame manufacturing techniques, inertial and stellar navigation equipment, and telemetry/guidance techniques developed for Navaho established the technical basis for all subsequent US rocket developments. The engine developed for an earlier version of Navaho was used in the Redstone rocket; that developed for the G-26 booster was used in the Atlas A and Atlas B ballistic missiles. The Navaho program was cancelled on 13 July 1957, but the already-built G-26 test missiles were flown to the end of 1958.


Liftoff Thrust: 108,840 kgf. Total Mass: 71,881 kg. Core Diameter: 1.8 m. Total Length: 28.0 m. Development Cost $: 679.80 million. in 1956 average dollars. Flyaway Unit Cost $: 20.00 million. in 1985 unit dollars. Cost comments: Development cost is for all versions.

Navaho G-26 Chronology

Navaho G-38 EngineNavaho G-38 Engine - Navaho G-38 3 Engine Cluster

47,245 bytes. 306 x 436 pixels.

1946 Jan 11 -
1950 Mar 2 -
1952 Nov 19 -
1953 Aug 28 -
1953 Oct 14 -
1954 Nov 18 -
1954 Dec 7 -
1957 Jul 11 -
1957 Jul 13 -


Navaho G-26 Booster Navaho G-26 Booster - Navaho G-26 Booster Cutaway

Credit: Tom Johnson. 20,456 bytes. 650 x 211 pixels.

Navaho G-26 Missile Navaho G-26 Missile - Navaho G-26 Missile Cutaway

Credit: Tom Johnson. 42,175 bytes. 621 x 416 pixels.

Navaho G-26 CutawayNavaho G-26 Cutaway

71,387 bytes. 905 x 619 pixels.

Navaho G-26 CutawayNavaho G-26 Cutaway

18,452 bytes. 193 x 441 pixels.

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