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N1 MOK -

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Family: N. Country: Russia. Status: Study.

Ultimate derivative of N1. Single-stage-to-orbit vehicle based on N1 Block A. Propellants changed to LH2/LOX, 16 x modified NK-33 engines + 4 Liquid Air Cycle Engine Liquid Air/LH2 boosters. All figures estimated based on tank volume of Block A and delivery of 90,000 kg payload to 450 km / 97.5 degree MKBS orbit. Briefly described in RKK Energia official history and in some detail in Peter James'

book Soviet Conquest from Space!

Liftoff Thrust: 3,255,810 kgf. Total Mass: 1,200,000 kg. Core Diameter: 10.0 m. Total Length: 36.0 m.


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