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Family: R-7. Country: USSR. Status: Study.

Korolev studied this Multimodular Rocket (MR), based on stages already designed for the 8K74 and 8K77 (R-7 and R-9) missiles. The concept seems to have been promoted in competition with Chelomei's UR-200, for the launcher could be used for similar missions:

The three-stage version of the rocket would have a total mass of 101 tonnes, an empty mass of 10 tonnes, and first, second, and third stage thrusts of 140 tonnes, 45 tonnes, and 10 tonnes. An ICBM would be composed of just the first and second stages, and an IRBM from the first stage alone.

As was the case of the 8K74, work on the design was stopped in September 1961.


Liftoff Thrust: 140,000 kgf. Total Mass: 101,000 kg.

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