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Martlet 3D
Martlet 3D -

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Family: Gun-launched. Country: Canada.

The Martlet 3D concept was intended to serve as a sub-orbital vehicle capable of lifting heavy payloads to satellite altitudes. The Martlet 3D was simply the first stage of the Martlet 4 vehicle ( Martlet 4A) with the two upper stages and the satellite payload being replaced with a single large payload.

All previous Martlet sub orbital vehicles were capable of carrying either light or medium payload masses and the addition of a sounding probe with a heavy payload capacity would have greatly increased the 16 inch gun systems versatility as well as the marketability of any future HARP-type service.

The theoretical performance of the Martlet 3D would have allowed payloads of up to 600 pounds(270 kg) to be launched to an altitude of about 700 NM (1300 km)and lighter payloads of 200 pounds (90 kg) to be lifted to an altitude of up to 1000 NM (1850 km).

The development of the Martlet 4 vehicle was never completed and the Martlet 4A stage (M4 first stage) was not available for use as the Martlet 3D conversion. The Martlet 3D vehicle never entered service.

by Richard K Graf


Payload: 90 kg. to a: 1850 kg altitude suborbital trajectory.

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