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Family: N. Country: USA. Status: Development.

Reuseable two-stage launch vehicle being developed by prestigious team of ex-Apollo managers for launch of Iridium-class comsats to medium altitude earth orbit. The launch vehicle, manufacturered in the US but using surplus N1 launch vehicle engines from the USSR, will have both stages make ballistic returns to the Nevada Nuclear Test Range launch site. Recovery will be by parachutes and air bag. Interestingly, this is the most economic scheme for a recoverable launch vehicle as identified by Mishin, chief designer of the N1. Development cost $ 500 million. LEO Payload: 4,500 kg. to: 170 km Orbit. Liftoff Thrust: 460,310 kgf. Total Mass: 363,400 kg. Core Diameter: 6.7 m. Total Length: 44.0 m. Launch Price $: 17.00 million. in 1997 price dollars. References: 134 .

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