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Juno-5 Recovery
Juno-5 Recovery - Full recovery and reuse of the Juno-5 was planned. The structural provisions were retained in the earliest Saturn I test vehicles, but never used.

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Family: Saturn C. Country: USA. Status: Study 1958.

By 1958 the Super-Jupiter was called Juno V and the 4 E-1 engines were abandoned in favor of clustering 8 Jupiter IRBM engines below existing Redstone/Jupiter tankage. The A version had a Titan I ICBM as the upper stages. Masses, payload estimated.


LEO Payload: 10,000 kg. to: 185 km Orbit. at: 28.0 degrees. Liftoff Thrust: 682,200 kgf. Total Mass: 549,820 kg. Core Diameter: 6.5 m. Total Length: 60.0 m. Flyaway Unit Cost $: 57.50 million. in 1985 unit dollars.

Juno V-A Chronology

- 1958 -


Juno-5 AirliftJuno-5 Airlift - The Juno-5 was designed to be air-transportable and assembled at austere launch pads.

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Juno-5 Parallel StagJuno-5 Parallel Stag - A parallel staging scheme was considered for the Juno-5. This would have resulted in a vehicle similar to the Russian R-7 launcher.

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Juno-5 StagingJuno-5 Staging - The selected sequential staging method selected for the Juno-5.

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Juno-5 AlternativesJuno-5 Alternatives - Alternate configurations studied for Juno 5.

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