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Hyperion Interplanet
Hyperion Interplanet
Hyperion Interplanetary Spacecraft

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Family: Nerva. Country: USA. Status: Study 1959.

Hyperion was considered in 1958 as a ca. 1970 Saturn follow-on. It used a small jettisonable chemical booster stage that contained chemical engines and the LOX oxidizer for the conventional engines. This booster stage surrounded the nuclear core vehicle with its large liquid hydrogen tank. The conventional stage would draw fuel from the main hydrogen tank until burnout. Hyperion would have doubled the translunar trajectory performance of the Saturn V and less than one third of the liftoff mass.


LEO Payload: 145,000 kg. to: 485 km Orbit. at: 28.0 degrees. Payload: 82,000 kg. to a: parabolic escape trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 1,090,000 kgf. Total Mass: 850,000 kg. Core Diameter: 8.5 m. Total Length: 85.4 m.

Hyperion Chronology

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