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Goddard series L sec
Goddard series L sec - Rocket was equipped with gyro, air and blast vanes.

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Family: Goddard. Country: USA. Status: Hardware.

The L-B series were check tests of 5.75-in.-diameter chambers with fuels of various volatilities; development of tilting cap parachute release; tests of various forms of exposed movable air vanes; test of retractable air vanes and parachute with heavy shroud lines. The series ran from November 24, 1930-May 19, 1937 (L8-L15). Final results of Section B of L Series showed two proving-stand tests, and six flight test attempts, all of which resulted in flights. Average interval between tests 22 days.


Core Diameter: 0.2 m. Total Length: 5.1 m.

Goddard L-B Chronology

1936 Nov 24 -
1936 Dec 18 -
1937 Feb 1 -
1937 Feb 27 -
1937 Mar 26 -
1937 Apr 22 -
1937 May 19 -


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