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Groettrup G-1
Groettrup G-1 -

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Family: Early Russian Ballistic Missiles. Country: USSR. Status: Study 1947. Other Designations: R-4. Manufacturer's Designation: R-10.

The G-1 was Groettrup's first design after the German engineering team had been moved to Russia. On 22 May 1947 he first group of 234 specialists was given the task of designing a 600 km range rocket (the G-1/R-10). Work had begun on this already in Germany but the initial challenge in Russia was that the technical documentation was somehow still 'in transit' from the Zentralwerke. The other obstacle was Russian manufacturing technology, which was equivalent to that of Germany at the beginning of the 1930's. Nevertheless the team completed the G-1 draft project and defended it on 28 December 1948. The State Commission found the G-1 to be superior to Korolev's R-2 design in many respects. However the Russian designers managed to convince the government to put the R-2 rather than the G-1 into production by arguing that the manufacturing technology of the G-1 could not be mastered immediately by Soviet Union. Several of the design concepts (integrated propellant tanks, radio-controlled cut-off, forward liquid oxygen tank) were however used by the Russians in their R-2 and R-5 rockets.

In comparison with the V-2 the G-1 used a separable warhead, duraluminium alloy construction throughout the airframe, integrated propellant tanks, and radio-controlled cut-off for improved accuracy. The result was a reduction in missile empty weight to 1.87 tonnes from 3.17 tonnes for the V-2 and a 600 km range vs 300 km for the V-2. Later improvements would increase the range to 810 km with a target accuracy ellipse of 2 km x 3 km. The G-1 was given the secret designation R-4 and overt designation R-10 by the Russians.


Payload: 1,000 kg. to a: 810 km trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 32,000 kgf. Total Mass: 18,400 kg. Core Diameter: 1.6 m. Total Length: 14.4 m.

G-1 Chronology

1946 Oct 23 -
1947 May 22 -
- 1947 Sept -
1948 Dec 28 -


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