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Excalibur -

Credit: Truax Engineering. 11,882 bytes. 107 x 474 pixels.

Family: Truax. Country: USA. Status: Design 1992.

Excalibur was a subscale version of Sea Dragon proposed by Truax Engineering in the 1990's. It featured the same attributes as Sea Dragon: low cost design (pressure fed engines), Lox/Kerosene first stage (combustion chamber pressure 24 atmospheres) and Lox/LH2 second stage (chamber pressure 5 atmospheres). Guidance would be by a combined Inertial/GPS system. An even smaller Excalibur S vehicle would prove the concept and place 500 kg in orbit.


LEO Payload: 55,000 kg. to: 230 km Orbit. at: 90.0 degrees. Total Mass: 2,366,500 kg. Core Diameter: 10.7 m. Total Length: 120.0 m.

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