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Family: Early Russian Ballistic Missiles. Country: Russia. Status: Study 1953.

B Chertok of NII-8 took the preliminary German R-15 cruise missile design and elaborated it, including consideration of the key problem of long-range automatic astronavigation. By 1951 to 1953 Korolev's design bureau had prepared an experimental design, the EKR. I Lisovich had developed a prototype astronavigation system that met the necessary specifications, and solution of basic problems in use of steel and titanium hot airframe technology had been solved at VIAM (All-Union Institute of Aviation Materials) and MVTU Bauman Institute. An expert commission in 1953 examined the EKR design and felt that there were still many technical problems to be solved, most of which were better handled by an aircraft designer rather than Korolev.

Further, Korolev had to place the highest priority on development of the R-7 ICBM. Therefore a final government decree on 20 May 1954 authorised the Lavochkin and Myasishchev aircraft design bureaux to proceed in parallel with full-scale development of trisonic intercontinental cruise missiles. The Eksperimentalniy krilatiy raket (experimental winged rocket) as designed by Korolev would have been a Mach 3 ramjet, accelerated to supersonic cruise speed by an R-11 booster. Smaller than the operational vehicle proposed by the Germans, it would have a range of 730 km with flight time of 927 seconds, a lift to drag ratio of 2.51, and a wing area 3.31 square meters.


Payload: 200 kg. to a: 730 km trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 9,500 kgf. Total Mass: 7,874 kg. Core Diameter: 0.9 m. Total Length: 21.0 m.

EKR Chronology

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- 1953 January -
1953 Feb 13 -


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