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Family: Long March. Country: China. Status: Hardware. Other Designations: Long March 4A.

The Long March 4 was a three-stage launch vehicle using storable propellants. The CZ-4 was developed and manufactured by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology. Its first stage was essentially the same as that of the CZ-3 and the second stage was identical to that of the CZ-3. The CZ-4's third stage, however, is newly developed, featuring a thin wall common intertank bulkhead tankage and two-engine cluster with both engines gimbling about two perpendicular axes. The 3rd stage engine cluster connects to the tank aft bulkhead through the engine bay. The CZ-4 had two payload fairing configurations: Type-A and Type-B. The CZ-4 was designed for launching satellites into polar and sun-synchronous orbits. The CZ-4's typical payload capability is 1,650kg into a 600km sun-synchronous orbitsand 4,680 kg into a 200km circular orbit. On September 7, 1988, the CZ-4A made its first flight, successfully launching China's first experimental meteorological satellite. Another meteorological satellite was successfully launched by a CZ-4A on September 3, 1990. The CZ-4B introduced in 1999 was an improved model with enhanced third stage and fairing. It measured 44.1 metres in length with a first stage thrust of 300 tonnes.


Launches: 2. Failures: 0. Success Rate: 100.00% pct. First Launch Date: 06 September 1988. Last Launch Date: 03 September 1990. LEO Payload: 4,680 kg. to: 200 km Orbit. Payload: 1,100 kg. to a: Geosynchronous transfer trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 302,000 kgf. Total Mass: 249,000 kg. Core Diameter: 3.4 m. Total Length: 42.0 m. Launch Price $: 30.00 million. in 1994 price dollars. Flyaway Unit Cost $: 9.50 million. in 1985 unit dollars.

CZ-4A Chronology

1988 Sep 6 - - 20:30 GMT. LV Configuration: Chang Zheng 4 s/n CZ4-1. Launch Site: Taiyuan .
1990 Sep 3 - - 00:57 GMT. LV Configuration: Chang Zheng 4 s/n CZ4-2. Launch Site: Taiyuan .


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